5 Must-Do Things When Visiting Miami

Miami is a city that doesn’t need an introduction. Thanks to its reputation of glitz, glamor and fun, and its world-known beaches and sunny weather, this city will make you fall in love with everything it has to offer. The beauty of the architecture and the city’s natural riches will hold you in its spell for a long time and make you return to its loving embrace. While Miami is filled with glamour to the brim, if you spend a little more time here, you can see that there are so many adventurous and fun things hiding under the surface. Or you just let go of all troubles and let the luxury of Miami overtake you. No matter what your style is, here are some things you must do when visiting this gem of Florida.

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Visit the amazing Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This Italian Renaissance-style villa is built in the middle of the lush and chill Coconut Grove. Its flawlessly landscaped gardens, bayfront terraces and beautiful living quarters take up a total of 43 acres of land to explore. You need to visit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to snap some fetching photos with a breathtaking backdrop of the city. It also has a cool collection of European antiques and decorative works. Vizcaya is also home to some of the most amazing floors and staircases that will boost your Instagram’s interest. This villa has a super-packed calendar and you can enjoy free activities all year round (tickets included on Go Miami Card).

Stroll the Española Way

If you want to enjoy a slice of the old world of Europe in the middle of Miami, you need to stroll down the Española Way. This charming pedestrian strip is lined with shops, eateries, bars and cute hotels on both sides and they will transport you to some other time and some other place. While in the past, Española Ways was overshadowed by the larger Lincoln Road, our charming corridor is more popular today than ever before. You can experience Paris’ café culture, some amazing Spanish food and classic Miami laid-back culture all in one place. While bar-hopping, you can stop to enjoy live music and people watch.

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Go on an Everglades airboat tour

One of the biggest mysteries of South Florida is definitely its marshes of Everglades. You can visit this attraction by booking an excursion with Miami city sightseeing tours and get a thrilling airboat ride, alligator show and jungle hike far away from the city. Friendly guides will teach you many things about the area and its wildlife, and show you the most beautiful natural spots of the marshlands. From the safety of your boat, you can see various species of alligators, crocks and snakes and learn about their unique characteristics. This adventure is fun for all tourist types and all age groups.

Hit the famous South Beach

South Beach is a neighborhood that doesn’t need an introduction, it’s famous all over the world. The beach area was developed all the way back in 1910, and the neighborhood is still in the center of activity and sightseeing in the city. South Beach offers the best restaurants, nightclubs, bars, boutiques and hotels and you will always find something to do and see. Of course, you must not skip the beach itself. Its bright blue waters lined with lounge chairs make this spot a perfect place for relaxation.

Miami South Beach

Have fun at Jungle Island

This spot is one of the most popular attractions in Miami and for all the right reasons. It’s located on Watson Island. It used to be known as Parrot Jungle and it even welcomed Winston Churchill in the ‘40s. The best thing about Jungle Island is the fact that it’s only minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami, so you can hit it whenever you feel like adventure and discovery. It also has daily shows that will capture your attention.

You will never be bored in Miami, especially if you visit these must-see spots. Get ready to come back to Miami many times, since it will call on you no matter where you are and tempt you with adventure, fun and relaxation.

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