What to do in Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium where European Union Headquarters is located. It is part of the French and Flemish community. My visit to Brussels is part of my second European trip last 2017.

So what did I do in Brussels? Check out my photos below:

Brussels – Midi station
It was a winter wonderland in Brussels last December.
Did you know that you can find a Smurf statue at Brussels-Capital region?
It was just my fourth time to see snow.
Strike a pose!

I went to see the Grand Place at night. They had a giant Christmas tree and a light show. It was an amazing experience.

Grand Place with The Tennis Foodie
Old Church in Brussels

You can also check out Christmas markets in Brussels. I also had Gluhwein here same as what I had in Frankfurt.

One of the Christmas markets in Brussels
I can’t miss my chance to do a selfie in the “Selfie Point
It was a rainy winter day at Brussels.
I’m reaching for the Ferris wheel!
The Ferris Wheel sponsored by Lotto The View

Too bad it was raining. I went to see the famous Manneken Pis which is an iconic 17th century bronze statue of a boy urinating in a fountain basin.

I went here to have a selfie with the bad boy!
I’m drench in the rain but it won’t stop me from taking some hilarious pictures.
One more time!

I also went to several pubs and food finds. Never miss a good ol’ cold draft beer and of course different kinds of Belgian chocolates.

Selfie first!
Me and my draft beer!
I love a cold beer!

I was so lucky to try the authentic Belgian chocolates. It was so yummy! I want to take them all home!

They can make any shapes that you want. Even a wrench or a horse shoe!
Lots of sugar coming right up!
I want to munch on these goodies.
It was indeed a chocolate heaven in Brussels!
Passion fruit flavored chocolate. It was so good!
Seashell shaped chocolates from La Belgique Gourmande
Did you know that the reindeer here is made of pure chocolates?
It was a fun time checking and trying some of the authentic Belgian chocolates.
I wish I can bring them all home.

Apart from the chocolates, I also went to an Asian restaurant. I tried Thai-Vietnamese cuisine.

Look at my pho!
Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. My ultimate favorite appetizer!
My chicken pho (pho ga)
Look at that noodle pull!

Will I go back to Brussels? Yes! For sure! It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe (apart from Bruges) and it’s definitely picture worthy!

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Till my next European Trip! Watch this space for more updates.

The Tennis Foodie 🙂

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  1. I would pig out on those chocolates. I miss Brussels. I was there years ago and got to check it out. I remember going to the giant movie theater called Kinepolis. They had the best sugar popcorn.

  2. I’ve been to Brussels once when I was a teenager, but don’t remember much about the food. Wish I did – yours looks great!

  3. I love love love Brussels!
    I visited Belgium last year and absolutely loved it! I hope to go again and this time to a couple things on your list.

  4. Shame about the rain but regardless it looks like you had an amazing time! I love the sound of the Christmas markets and the Smurf Statue looks pretty cool dosent it?

  5. That place , decorations, food and chocolates make me feel like booking my tickets right away… would love to visit this place for sure ☺️👍🏻

  6. Rainy winter days are typical in Belgium, it’s a rarity to see blue skies and sun in winter..We went last weekend and had a pleasant time. You need to drink Genever next time!

  7. I’ve never been to Germany, but I had an uncle that was stationed there years ago (military), and my cousins were born there. He always spoke highly of it. It seems like there is a lot to do, and the food you posted looks so amazing!

  8. I have not visited Brussels yet, and this post has only increased my desire for this city. I’ll have to put it on my bucket.

  9. I want to take the next flight to this place. I would love to experience that place and the food!!!

  10. Glad you don’t let a little rain put a damper on things (haha, see what I did there?). 🙂 I’d def. want to try the chocolate if I was there!

  11. Brussels are not my first choice of European cities for the winter but I’ve been there before and it’s lovely. My husband liked it too!

  12. I have been all over Europe, but Brussels is one place I haven’t been but always wanted to go! Your pictures make me actually want to go in Winter, too! The food looks great. Pho for dinner and chocolate for dessert – cant go wrong!


  13. I was only in Brussels for a couple hours and it was in the dead of summer. I would love to return when there is snow, looks beautiful!

  14. I spent a day in Brussels last year. I wish I had a resource like this! I missed some good things, but I was able to eat lots of chocolate.

  15. Your trip looks like such an adventure! And those chocolates, they look so yummy! I’d probably have to be rolled onto the plane coming home.

  16. If he is less stuck to the wing and in a position to score, with more and more experience, he can score fifty goals per season.”

  17. Oh geex those varieties of chocolates are so sinful! Which of them are your favorites? Brussels is a gorgeous city in winter, I guess it is also fabulous during the summer, what do you think?

  18. Brussels is a great place to visit, even though a bit boring at night. The thing I miss the most about it are the chocolates. Your article brought back a lot of nice memories. Perhaps it’s time to visit again. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

  19. Haven’t yet been to Brussels, but am sure as hell going to check it out on my next Euro Trip. Experiencing Brussels through your eyes was a treat for the eyes.

  20. I have been to Brussels but it is high on my wishlist. I loved how you enjoyed happily in the Christmas markets of Brussels, as I have heard that Brussels have great Christmas markets in Europe. I love chocolates and therefore I would have loads of Belgian chocolates when I visit Brussels. Thanks for sharing detailed post.

  21. We are yet to discover this part of the world and have added Brussels to our list after seeing this post. I have loved eating Belgian chocolates and ice creams and would want to have the authentic ones here. Smurf statue looks so nice and huge. The views in the rains are amazing especially with the lights shining bright. Surprised you managed to find pho in Brussels. Looks like a lot can be done here from seeing fantastic places and relishing yummy food and of course, chocolates!

  22. It’s been a while since I was in Brussels but I remember thinking how small the statue of the Manneken Pis was! And of course in Brussels you’ve got to enjoy both delicious beer and chocolate. I’d like to go back to see some of the Christmas markets. The snow added to the winter ambiance.

  23. European Christmas markets are definitely something I want to experience more. I have only been to one in Finland. I love it! And yes, for sure the Belgium chocolate is the way to go if you are there. Hope to visit that country soon.

  24. I love this compact travel guide to Brussels. I love that so much can be explored in a short time that too in rain. Last time i was in Belgium i skipped Brussels and missed the Belgian chocolate too,so I will make sure to visit this amazing country again

  25. You have just given me an idea of where to spend Christmas 2019! Ever since I spent my Christmas in Austria last year, I decided to spend the holidays somewhere in Europe every year. This year, I’ll be in Budapest and Brussels sounds like a great plan for the next time. I’d love to walk those streets, have some roasted chestnuts and Gluhwein! It’s the perfect charming city to enjoy a lovely Christmas!

  26. I would love to visit at Christmastime and see all those cute little Christmas markets. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Brussels!

  27. this post came at the perfect time – i’m planning a european trip in the summer and brussels is one of the cities i plan to hit! thanks for the great recommendations – can’t wait to see some of these amazing things in person!

  28. I’ve never been to Brussels. It looks like a wonderful city to get “lost” in. I can imagine going there during the holidays and taking in the culture.

  29. Brussels is my list of places to visit. Your article will really serve a good guide for the place. Loved your ideas and the photographs too.

  30. I sadly wasn’t able to go to Brussels during my Eurotrip. Headed to Bruges though to enjoy fries and chocolate! Took advantage of the free taste options too from chocoloate shops! Haha!

  31. Wow… What a beautiful place to visit brussel. Thanks for sharing

  32. I will definitely include Brussels to my Europe dream travel! I’ll wait for my Australian passport so I wouldn’t get issue regarding visas. Celebrating Christmas here would be amazing!

  33. I can’t wait to start traveling again! saving this pin so i can try some of your recommendations. Great pics!

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