Lunchbox Diet Changed My Life

Few months ago, I made a huge decision. I have changed my diet and discovered a very convenient way to eat healthy & nutritious food without the hassle of preparing it.

Check out my previous progress with Lunchbox Diet:

LBD – Week 1
LBD – Week 2
LBD – Week 3
LBD – Week 4
LBD – Week 5
LBD – Week 6
LBD – Week 7
LBD – Week 8

My Seventh Day Meals (Vegetable Sticks w/ Ranch Dressing + Zucchini Pizza + Black Coffee)

Here’s my honest assessment of my 8 weeks (60 days challenge) with LBD:

  • Super convenient. No need to prepare your own packed food.
  • It will be delivered to the address of your choice.
  • It goes in a sturdy and cute paper bag.
  • Each meal is packed individually.
  • The menu is sent a week before so you’ll have an idea what kind of food you’ll receive for the incoming week.
  • It never repeats the same meal within the same month. You get variety and different flavors each time.
  • It’s all about the portions!
  • Sometimes it can be bland but the sauces and dips compensates for the flavor.
  • It can be prone to spoilage if not properly stored. Make sure once you received the delivery, store it properly as per the instructions.
My Eighteenth Day Meals

Here’s some of my before and after photos:



Miami Denim Shorts and Aegean Blue Ponte Vedra Polo Shirt
Playing in denim like Andre Agassi
Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt and White Cumberland Shorts
My Cucumber Orange Cupcake
More cheesecakes soon!
Selfie inside the Belfort Tower

I’ll always be thankful to Lunchbox Diet for giving me the opportunity to be at my best fitness again. I’m really happy with the results but I’m not yet satisfied. I plan to continue it this January and make sure I will be faithful to it till the end of the year. I stopped last November and December since I had several trips to Australia and Europe (Germany, Belgium, Norway and Hungary). I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues, friends and family. I would really like to thank all the staff, nutritionists and the personnel behind LBD. You guys made it possible in all your small ways. I’m just excited for my meals this year. It will surely be a good preparation for my 2018 season in tennis.

Lunchbox Diet is located at 100A Scout Lozano Street, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City, Philippines 1103. You may contact them at +63 2 372 9543 (telephone) and +63 917 809 3196 (mobile).

Alternatively, you may check their official social media accounts for any promos or updates:

Instagram: lunchboxdietph
Twitter: lunchboxdietph
Facebook: Lunchbox Diet

44 thoughts on “Lunchbox Diet Changed My Life”

  1. Yes, Damián. If you eat healthy, that really fills you with the energy your body needs for sports and life. You can live a lot and share your joy with your loved ones. You know what they say, you are what you eat. So, be healthy one.

  2. eating healthy and portion sizes are what helps but i struggle with motivation it looks like you have plenty of that, the lunch box diet look delicious and ideal for someone like me nice job!

  3. Congratulations to you for eating healthy and staying active! I need to get back on a better diet as well and get more active, I loved playing tennis as well!

    Marriah Tarango

  4. A lunchbox diet is such a great idea. I currently am suffering on getting things right regarding my body weight and how it looks. Will think of doing the same.

  5. oh wow, so this really works. I’ve been seeing this and not sure if it’s good. Is it expensive? I hope it’s budget friendly 😛 Thanks!

  6. I have never heard of the lunchbox diet, however I can see how it would help someone lose weight. I started dieting a few months back, and found it better to food prep on Sundays, and pack everything for the next week. I think I might try doing this.. and packing my snacks and all together as well.

  7. It’s important to find balance in everything we do, that includes eating and exercising. Glad you found the results you wanted! Good luck on the rest of your journey

  8. Congrats. It looks like it was a huge success. I would love it for the convenience of not having to make it myself and the variety would be great. I would be able to taste so many more things if someone else prepared it.

  9. Wow! kailangan ko to! hehe… I wish I can accomplish one of my goals this year (yearly goals actually) : I want to see my cheek bones again. I’m not into rush dieting, I’m just limiting my food intakes and starting say no to junk foods. I’d love to try this lunchbox diet.

  10. What a great accomplishment you did. LBD sounds extremely convenient and seems to work well. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and good luck on your journey.

  11. Eating healthy is so important and and being a good food organizer is such a great idea. Such a greay way to stay fit this year.

  12. Having access to healthy & nutritious food without having to prepare it yourself is a everyone’s dream. I think the Lunch box idea is not only good for dieters but also for the working persons workers would appreciate the access to nutritious already prepared and organized meals at their convenience,=.

  13. Wow, this sounds great. I wish i could have this service here. Things will be easier for me

  14. These meals look so good but take time and preparation to get ready which is something I can struggle with. You have done a great job though – thanks for the motivation!

  15. Congratulations! Food a such a big part of our lives and how we choose to nourish our bodies can really be a game changer. Cheers to you and I’m sure you will continue to do well in your progress! You obviously have great dedication and motivation! Keep it up!

  16. I love this idea! I’d be down for getting a wide variety of healthy, pre-made food delivered to my door.

  17. Oh wow! I would love this. It would make my life easier and convenient. I would love to try this food delivery service.

  18. I like that it’s prepared for you. I also like that it’s delivered. Very convenient.

  19. I love seeing people preparing their own food. 🙂 That lunch box looks amazing. I have a friend who is boasting about her lunch box to me every day. Stay healthy.. 🙂

  20. you have done great. seems like it’s working for you. i will have to forward to a friend of mine that is looking to loose some weight.

  21. Programs like this are so great for weight loss. It’s so much easier to do if you have pre-portioned meals from a place that knows what is healthy.

  22. This sounds like a great diet program to try and I am super happy for the result of it on your body. I will try this for sure, thank you!

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