My Fitness Journey with Lunchbox Diet – Week 2

So recently, I discovered a convenient way to eat healthy and nutritious food without the hassle of preparing it. I’m on my Week 2 with Lunchbox Diet.

Check out my previous progress on Week 1. My fitness journey just started…

Here’s the menu for the whole second week:

Day 6: Eyes were fireflies

It was amazing to feel good after a productive Week 1. I have to be honest, it wasn’t an easy task to lose weight. I started off this week on a high and I want to maintain the momentum.My meals for these day were some of the best from LBD so far. I especially enjoyed the Oatmeal Champorado w/ Cashews, Raisins & Almonds.

Oatmeal Champorado w/ Cashews, Raisins & Almonds
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Pork Tenderloin w/ Apples, Onions & Sweet Potatoes
My Sixth Day Meals (Trail Mix and Yogurt as Snack)

Day 7: The Food is music to my ears

I’m on a roll! My food for this day was more colorful than ever. LBD makes sure that I get well balanced diet while making my food more fun to eat. It’s always a challenge for healthier alternatives. I really enjoy Cauli Rice now. I’m no longer craving for white rice.

Vegetable Omelette w/ Cheese Slices + Toast Bread
Spiced Beef & Vegetable Medley
Bangus w/ Asian Sesame Slaw + Mixed Quinoa & Cauli Rice
My Seventh Day Meals (Vegetable Sticks w/ Ranch Dressing + Zucchini Pizza + Black Coffee as Snack)

Day 8: A shot across the bows

For this day, I really decided that I would totally change my diet for good. No junk food, just healthy food. I knew I really have to be serious for this plan to work. I’m really thankful that LBD is always there to guide and support me along the way. What a daunting task it was! LBD’s Fish Fritti w/ Vegetable Match Sticks & Ranch Dip was really good. It’s perfectly seasoned and there’s no guilt on each bite.

Shanghai Roll + Mixed Cauli-Quinoa Rice
LBD’s Fish Fritti w/ Vegetable Match Sticks & Ranch Dip
Chicken & Vegetables Stir Fry + Corn Cob
Dorset Cereal Coconut Cookie + Mixed Fruit Jelly
My Eight Day Meals

Day 9: Thoughts are a storm, unexpected

I wasn’t at my best at this day physically. I felt a bit sick because of my hectic schedule. Luckily, LBD was there to help supply nutritious food for me. My new fitness coach also demanded a more serious work out. It was intense! It was so difficult. My body is starting to give up but my mind isn’t yet.

BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap
Tuna & Tomato Pasta w/ Garlic Bread
Hainanese Chicken
Vegetable Pinwheels
My Ninth Day Meals

Day 10: Choices are crossroads

It was a tough day. I felt really ill but I was managed to recover the next few days. Thanks to LBD, I got nutritious food for this day. Five Spice Tilapia w/ Citrus Ponzu Sauce was my favorite the whole week. Definitely an ACE for me.

Beef Lettuce Wraps
Five Spice Tilapia w/ Citrus Ponzu Sauce
Herbed Pork Adobo
Fruit Jelly
My Tenth Day Meals

So far, I lost 2.2 lbs last week with LBD coupled with strenuous exercise (after Saturday weigh in). It was a difficult week but I managed to get through. I hope to achieve my target weight for this week. I have high hopes with the program and so far I saw some positive results not just physically but mentally as well. I’m much more confident with my new diet. I hope to inspire more people with this blog post. 🙂

ACES: Oatmeal Champorado w/ Cashews, Raisins & Almonds, Pork Tenderloin w/ Apples, Onions & Sweet Potatoes, Bangus w/ Asian Sesame Slaw + Mixed Quinoa & Cauli Rice, LBD’s Fish Fritti w/ Vegetable Match Sticks & Ranch Dip, Vegetable Pinwheels, Five Spice Tilapia w/ Citrus Ponzu Sauce
MISSES: Zucchini Pizza ( I love Zucchini. I wish it was a bit more cheesy and crispier)
HITS: Vegetable Omelette w/ Cheese Slices + Toast Bread, Dorset Cereal Coconut Cookie, BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap

Lunchbox Diet is located at 100A Scout Lozano Street, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City, Philippines 1103. You may contact them at +63 2 372 9543 (telephone) and +63 917 809 3196 (mobile).

Alternatively, you may check their official social media accounts for any promos or updates:

Instagram: lunchboxdietph
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Facebook: Lunchbox Diet

21 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey with Lunchbox Diet – Week 2”

  1. What a great food options and with a variety of healthy food, I am considering what to make for lunch today. Perhaps I will make something out of corn and vegetagbles too.

  2. I’ve always wanted to join one of these ready-made diets! Mostly because I’m lazy about cooking but I would love to have a yummy variety of healthy food delivered and ready to eat.

  3. Lunchbox Diet sounds like an excellent way to eat more healthily. I love how tasty the food looks. That’s key to staying on a program.

  4. Delicious is always important when you’re trying to eat healthy and stick to it. If you don’t like the food, you WON’T keep doing it.

  5. Good on your for sticking to the lunchboxes! The first week is always the hardest and I think once you past that, it’s easier. Craving for white rice is a massive problem for me. Like, I need it all the time! Amazing you could overcome that. Keep going and every bits helps!

  6. Globally the trend with healthy eating has continued to grow along with the emergence of convenience foods and diet groups. Lunchbox Diet certainly looks to have an attractive offering that is also healthy. Best wishes as you continue your journey to reach your diet goals.

  7. These pre-prepared dishes look amazing. And healthy too based on ingredients.
    I’d definitely devour them like nothing!

  8. You gave me a lot of meal prep inspiration with this post! I feel like i always run out of ideas of how to eat clean! There are so many great snacks listed here!

  9. Never heard about it before today but i am on a look out for similar service. might give them a try. Thanks

  10. This is my first time to learn about this and I am actually looking for one. I need to get back in shape so I guess I should include already proper and healthy diet. Seems like they have a good offering too.

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