What To Do In Oslo

It has been a fun European tour for me last 2017. I have never imagined visiting these wonderful cities like Bruges, Brussels and Rome to name a few. Have you ever had that experience where you have a long lay over but you don’t have any plans in particular? Well, I did the most of my 21 hours in Oslo, Norway.

Go to the city

I started from the Oslo International Airport (Oslo Lufthavn) to Oslo S station. This is the place where I met my college friend Lhyn who I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s a mini reunion!

With my close college friend, Lhyn
The city at night. Looks so peaceful!

I love the trains in Oslo! They have free wi-fi and coffee! Yes! You heard it right! COFFEE!

Oslo Lufthavn
One of the trains in Oslo, Norway

I have seen snow a couple of times but this one in Oslo was pretty special. It actually rained in snow and I was like a little kid playing with it. It was fun!

Mandatory Selfie!
Stay warm!
Always a foodie time!

I tried a Christmas meal in Oslo. It was so good. I had the Juletallerken. It was my first ever Norsk food! Yummmm!

Visit the Christmas Market

I always visit the Christmas Market in any part of Europe. It’s really fun to roam around and discover things you can buy as souvenirs or local cuisines that you can try.

I see some bright lights!
The Christmas Market

Ride a Ferris Wheel

I love riding the Ferris wheel. I was really excited as it was snowing. It gave an additional effect!

The Ferris Wheel
With Lhyn
Selfie in the Ferris Wheel

Will I go back to Oslo? Yes! It was a fun 21 hours lay over. It’s great that I have friends where I can meet here. It’s now one of my favorite cities in Europe (apart from Bruges). Can’t wait to go back!

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Till my next European Trip! Watch this space for more updates.

The Tennis Foodie 🙂

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  1. Christmas markets are some of my favorite places to go while in Europe. I’ve never been to Norway, but I hope I can go soon. That Ferris Wheel looks cool!

  2. always wanted to visit and seeing your photos just solidifies that i should start planning soon! but i think i will go over summer time as im already in freezing Canada!

  3. I would love to ride the Ferris Wheel! Looks like such a lovely adventure! Food looks amazing as well.

  4. OMG, I had no idea there’s such a nice Christmas Market in there because Edinburgh always comes to mind whenever Christmas market is mentioned. Would love to visit Oslo someday

  5. I am really enjoying your travels, and all of the things you share with us! Oslo looks cold (lol) but awesome! I have a co-worker who is supposed to be going home with a friend who lives in Norway. I will forward this post to her!

  6. You seem to be having an awesome time. I love Christmas markets in Europe, have never been to Oslo, so great to see your pics.

  7. It would be so much fun to travel somewhere and not have plans of where to go or what to see and just do what I feel like in the moment. My trips are always planned so full. I need to stop doing that. It looks like you had a great time and I’m so envious of that snow.

  8. How wonderful you got to visit so many European cities. I really enjoyed Rome and will be exploring more of the continent later this year!

  9. I love your travel posts… I really feel like booking my tickets right away :D… I wish I could travel like you 🙂

  10. A 21 hour layover is enough time to do so much!! And you seriously make Oslo look like a magical place- from the food to the decor, activities, and ambiance. I love it! I’ve never considered Oslo as a potential place to visit, partially because I didn’t know much about it, but I may be changing my mind now! Thank you for the idea! 😉

  11. Christmas feel is happening here! I wouldn’t say no for free coffee 🙂
    where is your next destination?

  12. I had a long layover in Istanbul one time and I went out and explored the city. It was super fun. I love that trains offer free wifi and coffee! It makes traveling a lot easier.

  13. You made a great use of your 21 hour layover in Oslo. Christmas markets are lit. The European food is awesome. And then the ferris wheel just topped the overall experience. Very cool.

  14. How fun! I always look for long layovers so I can explore places like you did but I never seem to get lucky with that. I may need to add Oslo to my bucket list!

  15. What a great way to spend a layover! It looks so cold for this time of year, but the food must have been a wonderful way to warm up. I love Christmas markets in Europe as well and will be adding Oslo to my list..

  16. I’ve note yet been to Oslo, but it looks so pretty especially in all that snow! It’s very cool they have free WiFi and coffee on the train. I spend half the year in Italy, so the coffee should be good! The food looks very tasty too.

  17. What a great post and perfect timing in line with the festive season. The Christmas market looks truely amazing and the snow adds to the beauty. The free coffee and WiFi on trains is certainly a winner and other big cities should learn from it. Overall s great destination I must say and one I will add to my list.

  18. It looks like you made great use of your long layover! I would love to visit Oslo someday soon as well as its Christmas Markets! Riding the ferris wheel in the snow sounds magical! I am also a fan of Bruges. 🙂

  19. My brother shifted to Oslo, so planning very soon for it. Your snow photos are lovely and make me tempted to do some snow fun. Traveling on train looks very comfortable and ideal ride. Also visiting Christmas markets with glittering lights in white snow must be beautiful thing to do here.

  20. Visiting Norway and Oslo in general is a dream of mine. Looking at your pics I would definitely want to visit during the Christmas season. The snow and the Christmas markets is completely different experience amd nothing can replace that.

  21. I think it would feel so magical riding the ferris wheel in the snow! Looks like you had a great Oslo trip, and lovely that you had friends to see there as well!

  22. I have been wanting to visit Oslo for years-Christmas markets are actually something I’d travel for! Also that’s amazing that they offer free coffee and wifi in the train stations 🙂

  23. What a great way to spend a layover! The coffee on the train I can especially appreciate. They have a similar venue on the trains in Japan. Additionally, they hold a Christmas Market in every European themed festival I’ve been to in Japan. It must have been incredible to witness an actual one! P.S. I love the name of your blog!

  24. I’m of Scandinavian heritage, so I would love to venture to Oslo. I definitely love your recommendation for visiting the Christmas markets. I love the manmade snow castle with the lights — so quaint and beautiful. I also like the idea of seeing the market and city from above on the Ferris Wheel. Great suggestions!

  25. Still never visited Norway, sounds like you enjoyed your short stay there. The Juletallerken sounds yummy, and you can’t beat a Christmas Market, I was in Prague last year in December and it’s so festive. I’d love to go the ferris wheel, I bet it was cold up there in the snow.

  26. I’ve been in Oslo just once, it was August and the city totally surprised me – so beautiful and warm! Now I would love to visit again in winter, as it must be a completely different feel! And then I love visiting Christmas markets, just like you 🙂

  27. I’ve not yet made it to Oslo, despite only being a 1 hour 30 minute flight! You’ve listed some nice places to see like the christmas market, and it’s definitely somewhere I’d like to visit one day soon. I know it’s crazy expensive, so I’ll need to save a bit before visiting!

  28. The Scandinavian countries are always a treat to visit with its natural beauty and Oslo certainly is a great city to visit. Its great to visit during the winter months where you can experience the Christmas markets. It is overall a great destination but like most Scandinavian countries they are a bit expensive compared to the rest of Europe but totally worth a visit. Thanks for sharing oslo with us and one i have added to my bucket list.

  29. After reading your Oslo blog posts, I am tempted to book my tickets to Oslo. It is great that apart from free Wi-Fi, we get a complimentary coffee while traveling through trains in Oslo. Christmas market looks fun thing to do here and also I love the snow castle with lights.

  30. Christmas markets are one of my goals to visit while in Europe. We’ve never been to Norway, but I hope we can go soon. That Ferris Wheel looks cool and my family would love to go on that!

  31. Norway is my most favorite European nation of all that I have visited till now. And Oslo was such a wonderful experience. Relived our trip with your post.

  32. I would love to see Oslo one day. We’ve been trying to get a trip to Norway together, but we haven’t been able to make it happen yet.

  33. Oslo is such a beautiful city. I had a trip scheduled there once before but my plans fell through. I’ve been trying to get back ever since!

  34. I really love your travel post. Wish to visit there someday. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Oslo, Norway is such a great place and I am sure that you really had a lot of fun exploring that place.

  36. Your pictures are so cute! I can feel the brisk cold as I look at them. Oslo looks great and the food looks yummy!

  37. I have heard and read about Oslo a lot. Thats in my planned bucket list. Lovely snaps and nice article.

  38. Ooo yes please take me there right now. Oslo looks like an amazing place to visit for sure x

  39. I have never been to Oslo but it looks so beautiful, just perfect to relax and refresh. Thanks for showing me another great place to add to my bucket list.

  40. It seems like you had a great experience there. and free coffee in a train station? wow, first time to hear about that. Wish our train station have that too. Lol! and Christmas Market is my next dream vacation now. Thanks for sharing your experience there.

  41. I like the concept of a Christmas Market. I would also like to get on the ferris wheel.

  42. I’m glad you had a great time in Norway. I’ve never thought about visiting and think I should add it to my ‘Places to Research’! I will be soooo happy when the pandemic is over to resume my travels!

    Candy Rachelle
    Keeping Up With Candy

  43. Oslo is such a nice place to visit with the family. I would definitely love to go there one day. Thanks for this lovely virtual tour.

  44. Oslo seems like such a wonderful city.
    Especially now around Christmas when there’s special holiday lightning everywhere.
    It’s probably really cold, though?

  45. I usually think of cold, snow, and the midnight sun when I think of Norway. I’m not a fan of cold temperatures, but I could handle them for a vacation trip and I would love to visit this area.

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