How to Choose a Birthday Gift for a Traveler

It may be difficult to find the right present for a friend who enjoys traveling. Your gift should be something that the person will both need and find useful, as well as something that will look nice and be a reminder of your friendship. Luckily, it is possible to avoid that agony altogether. First, with pandemic around us, it is important to follow safety procedures, so a nice (possibly themed) reusable face mask is a must. Of course, you should not stop there. Here are some of the ideas that can help you choose the gift:

How do you design your gifts?

Think from their perspective

Try to put yourself in their shoes. What kind of present would be best for you if you were as passionate of a traveler as they are? What would be the best possible thing to have if you end up in heavy rain, on a windy beach, or on a snowy mountain. If you also travel a lot, remember what saved your trip. Did you need to open a can on a camping trip? That swiss knife did the job. You had several devices that needed charging? A universal power adapter may be the best gift.

Is this bag big enough?

Every traveler needs a bag big enough for carrying all the necessary things but also small enough not to be a burden. Seems contradictory? Think about what would best suit your friend’s needs. Backpacks are great for mobility and when you don’t have to worry about wrinkled clothes. Suitcases are best for avoiding damaging your stuff and when you intend to be away for some time. Laptop and small bags are great if you’re carrying a piece of technology that needs special care, but also as protection from thieves or damage.

What’s your favorite bag style?

Not every destination is the same

Is your friend a lover of hikes and camping? An outfit for long walks is the best possible gift for this kind of activity. Does your friend enjoy scuba diving and the beach? A swimsuit with a nice hat could be the best choice. Also, you could gift them a rebreather as it might be useful for their adventure and fun-seeking water activities. If you have the question, “how do rebreathers work?”, you can find more about it on several online resources. Next, do they frequently travel by airplane? A foam pillow for sleeping and neck protection can be a lifesaver.

Always while thinking of gifts, try to figure out their favorite destination, so you can find the right gift. If you need several options to choose from, check out websites such as Shoppster that have a huge selection of traveling gear.

Organization is key

All travelers know that the key to a successful journey is knowing where your things are. Does your friend love to carry gadgets? A case for sorting and protecting valuable electronics is the right thing. They love to take a lot of pictures or videos? A special bag with several external batteries and cables is a must. Likes to keep his things separated? They’ll love their new packing cubes in different sizes.

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I love organizing my things.

A place for memories

Every journey must come to an end. When your friend returns, all the little tokens and souvenirs will need to be kept safe and in a prominent place, like a nice glass cabinet. A notebook or a traveler’s journal is an excellent gift for someone who likes to write or draw, while a world travel map with push pins or scratch world map is a beautiful testimony to the places visited.

Think green

Do not forget about the environment, as well. We can all help in preventing the pollution of the beautiful places, and frequent travelers are no exception. Reusable straws are easy to carry and wash, and they keep nature clean. A bamboo toothbrush may help your friend not feel guilty for forgetting it. A solar panel charger is an excellent present for those that frequent sunny places. Since staying hydrated and healthy on a trip is important, a water purifier bottle will become your friends’ favorite gift.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such helpful stuff for travel entheusistes. It provides more tips then just finding a perfect gift for adventure lovers. Yes, gifts must suit what receiver is passionate about.

  2. These gift ideas are so thoughtful. I love seeing a gift guide from the perspective of what they really want and need and maybe wouldn’t think of getting for themselves.

  3. I have had to come up with gift ideas for travelers many times. This is all great advice. My biggest challenge was finding something they would use and enjoy but wouldn’t take up a lot of space and could travel well. That is a tall order!

  4. Great suggestions, you actually given me an idea of what to give to my friend who loves to travel a lot. Thank you!

  5. As someone who travels a lot, I do appreciate when someone thinks of what I might need or like when thinking of buying me a gift. Nice post!

  6. This is great. When my kids were in school, we always got their teachers gifts. Really good teachers can change the way kids see the world forever.

  7. Loved the last tip to pick “green” gifts! Becoming more and more important as travelers try to lessen their carbon footprint.

  8. These are definitely must-haves for every traveler. Love the fact that you added the eco-friendly part. That should also be something that all travelers should keep in mind at all times.

  9. I am so excited that you included a green call out. We must remember to protect Mother Earth as we explore (or help others to).

  10. Incredible suggestions! I’m going to try a few on my husbands next birthday. I will keep you updated xoxo

  11. What a good choice of gifts for a traveller. I myself is a traveller and I would love it if someone buys me any of these gifts off of your list!

  12. All great gift ideas for the traveler in our lives. Giving something green or that will last a longtime is important.

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