Travelling Reinvented – How To Travel Safely During The Pandemic

2020 has been a weird and challenging year, for many people and many industries, with the pandemic affecting the travel industry probably more so than any other. As lockdown rules and restrictions have been easing up, borders reopened and flights have started to take off once again, more and more people have slowly started to ease back into travelling – particularly for the European summer.

But while summer holidays have resumed, the travelling experience that we knew and were so used to before the virus struck is very different now, but that shouldn’t mean that you should have to throw that well-deserved break out of the window.

Traveling has never been the same!

Here are three tips for traveling safely during the pandemic this year safely.

Remember the basics

It’s been a while since any of us have traveled so we’re all out of practice. Therefore, make sure you double check that you’ve got all the usual things ticked off your list before you start planning anything else. Have you booked your dog in for Dog Walking Kingston while you’re away? Do you know where your passport is? Do you know what the weather forecast for where you’re going is? Don’t let the fact you’re so excited to finally be going somewhere new get in the way of the fact you need to be prepared for the trip.

Carry all the essentials

In this new Covid-19 world, our essentials list has rapidly changed. While keys, wallets, (in this case, when travelling – passports) are all still considered essentials, don’t forget about the new additions that are must-haves in your carry on. Hygiene is now of the utmost importance, so carry disinfectant alcohol wipes and a bottle of hand sanitiser, as well as a pair of single-use gloves just in case. Face masks are now mandatory on all flights and in all airports, so bring at least two reusable cotton or several single-use masks with you, particularly if you will be travelling for many hours, and have several stops on your way. Carry with you a clean container when you need to store your mask to avoid them getting dirty, or potentially contaminating other objects in your carry on. If you want to go the extra step, you can also place your documents and devices in polythene bags while passing through security. Use your sanitiser regularly and use your wipes to wipe down areas around you such as tray tables on flights, armrests on coaches and trains, etc. 

Long stays

While it may seem odd to recommend staying away for longer during the pandemic when it comes to travelling this can actually be beneficial. First of all, extended stays do not increase your risk of contamination any more than they would if you were still at home. It will also give you more time to get to know the local area meaning that you can figure out the areas and places that are more populated and potentially subject to a greater risk of contagion than others. Not only this, but you will also get to know the area’s regional rules when it comes to the pandemic. As we know, each country and government is doing things slightly differently, so the longer you stay, the more equipped you are, and the knowledge and time you have to learn your new regulations. Lastly staying in one place for longer is a lot better than city-hopping, particularly if you are travelling around Europe. This used to be a popular way to see a few countries and cities in one go, thanks to their close proximity to one another. However, the more you travel between one city to the next, the more you expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Stay in your chosen destination longer to discover the local sights, language, culture, and people and actually relax instead of continually being in a hurry.

Have you tried Airbnb?

To ensure the best accommodation for your more extended stay, look into long-term accommodation such as Airbnb or renting such as this beautiful hdb flat to rent in Singapore for a home away from home.

Stay close to home

If the thought of travelling at the moment scares you, makes you feel uncomfortable or downright anxious, then put a pin in your thoughts of travelling for the moment. Travelling while not feeling confident will only result in an unpleasant trip and, therefore, a waste of money and time. Still want to have a break though and go somewhere a bit more exciting than your back garden? Why not look into a staycation instead? On the rise in most countries, staycations have become increasingly popular this year and are considered a safer way of taking a break. They also help you rediscover your home area and the country’s beauty and tend to cost a lot less than travelling abroad. Discover hidden gems and spots that you didn’t even know existed on local beaches, countrysides, cities, and forests, together with your families, friends, and loved ones. Not only does it minimize travel time, saves you money, and helps contribute to your local economy, but for those with a furry friend, it also lets you bring your pet – something which is much more challenging and not done when travelling abroad. By staying in your country or the local area, you are already familiar with government regulations, and with good planning, you can maintain social distancing for a safe holiday that reduces your chances of contagion.

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  1. Thanks for these tips! I agree, choosing destinations closer to home is a wise choice! Now is the best time to explore hidden treasures near one’s place! 🙂

  2. I honestly cannot wait till we’re allowed to travel again. Australia still has a travel ban and my state is still in Stage 4 lockdowns. I miss travelling and exploring new places but it will definitely be a new experience post pandemic.

  3. Living in Toronto, I’ve been trying to do more day trips around Ontario, as opposed to travelling abroad (or even leaving the province, like I normally do in the summers). It’s actually been quite the adventure, nonetheless!

  4. We traveled a few times toward the end of this summer and all of your tips were things we figured out along the way. This is a great article to help people prepare for beginning travel again!

  5. Good post, these tips are now essential in the New Normal. Things have changed a lot due to the pandemic

  6. good post and well thought out. i definitely think people are sticking to vacations that are closer to home. RVs seem to also be a very popular vacation mechanism this summer to help protect and provide distance.

  7. This is useful. It’s been tough for me to come to terms with not being able to travel as I usually do, but hey, it is what it is. I’ve been able to enjoy a few staycations.

  8. I admit that my current summer holidays, which I recently finished, have not been too affected by the pandemic. Indeed not at all and it was wonderful because normality has always been there for me.

  9. Travel looks a lot different these days, but it can definitely be done. These were really great insights into how to do it safely.

  10. These are all great ideas for traveling safely during the pandemic. I haven’t done any air travel yet, the only travel I have done is I went camping which was about a 4 hour drive to the camping location. It was nice to be out in nature.

  11. Great post and awesome tips. We really want to travel but the risk of infection is always a hindrance to our plans. My husband and I both have co-morbidities, so it would be best for us to just ride out this storm and wait for better days. My children think the same way too. I am sharing this post with my grown up nieces. They have started doing short vacations so I think this post will be of help to them.

  12. This is such a helpful guide! It would go a long way if keep our safety a top priority. With places that are already open to tourists nowadays, it may be best to still choose to be closer to home.

  13. This is a great guide and anything that helps promote safe travel gets a big plus from em for sure x

  14. We are flying to Missouri and traveling to Illinois and Indiana while we are there. I have heard that we cannot go to Chicago unless we quarantine for 14 days, so we will have to travel around it. We have a few one night stays but also one that is 2 nights and another 4 nights. I hadn’t thought about how much better it would be to stay in one place. I also didn’t really think about taking extra masks. I always have 3 in my purse, but my husband will need a few extra. Thanks for the ideas.

  15. Currently we are visiting local villages, putting onhold plans traveling abroad. Indeed masks and sanitizers are new addition to daily essentials.

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