6 Reasons Why the Philippines is Great for Year End Vacation

The Philippines is surrounded by truly captivating nature especially the sea and mountains. Not only for natural and religious tourism, but also the interesting history available even included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. So it’s not wrong to make the Philippines a vacation destination at the end of 2023.

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Reasons the Philippines is a Great Choice for a Holiday Trip

Cheap Travel

As part of Southeast Asia, the cost of living in this country is relatively cheap. It’s very different from countries on other continents. So, traveling to the Philippines also doesn’t cost a lot!

Starting from transportation, cuisines, tickets, and tourist destinations, Philippines is really affordable. If you want to save more, buy a plane ticket that comes with the hotel. In addition, buying it in advance is also important because the price will be much cheaper. 

Stunning Historical and Cultural Tours

A  lot of history can be extracted from visiting various historical tourist attractions in the Philippines. Moreover, this country was also colonized by Spain for 333 years and the United States for 40 years, so its former colonies are still imprinted here.

This makes the Philippines a multicultural country rich in culture. Many historic buildings and structures can be visited such as the National Museum of the Philippines, Manila Cathedral, Rizal Park and Fort Santiago to name a few.

Muslim Friendly

For those of you who want to vacation in a Muslim-friendly country, the Philippines can be an option. The country has a large Muslim community in Mindanao, so welcoming Muslim visitors to the country is not uncommon. In fact, in some places they have provided special places for Muslim worship.

Beautiful Marine Tourism

As an archipelago with lots of seas, the Philippines is a country with the most popular water tourism destinations. You can even do water sports such as diving. 

The Philippines has a lot of beautiful beaches and islands to choose from.

Even in 2021, the Philippines was awarded The World Leading Dive Destination Award from the World Travel Award. It is also reported that one of the islands in the Philippines was once the shooting location for a Marvel film, namely Avengers Endgame. 

So for you sea lovers, marine tourism here is the right choice. The vast, blue, and clear sea, not to mention seeing the beautiful and unique beauty of underwater biota, can make you refreshed. Some of the famous beaches in the Philippines are Samal Island, Bantayan Island, Mactan Island, Boracay Island, El Nido, Panglao Island, and Coron Island.

Locals are Welcome to Tourists

The friendliness of local residents definitely adds to the joy of the holidays. The Philippines is a visitor-friendly country, in fact the country really welcome tourists who come with performances in special places. 

The activities carried out in the events are lively with songs and dances. Tourists will certainly be entertained by such activities. In addition, the people in the Philippines are familiar with English so foreign tourists don’t need to worry about not being able to communicate or get information as the language is common.

Many Festive Festivals, Especially at the End of the Year

The Philippines is the right country to serve as a vacation spot at the end of 2023 because many festive festivals will be held. One example will be the Philippines International Hot Air Balloon.

The event will feature a massive cultural festival. This festival was once one of the best cultural performances in Southeast Asia. Other festivals that can be visited include the Bamboo Organ Festival, Tuna Festival, and the Kadayawan Festival.

The Philippines is truly a lovely destination.

The Philippines has also received the Safe Travel Stamp award from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) because this country has met international standards for safety, health and hygiene. So it is safe for local and foreign tourists who want to come to the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Those are 6 reasons to make the Philippines a vacation spot at the end of 2023. To order all your vacation needs such as hotels, transportation, attraction tickets and more, you can check out the Traveloka website now!