Traveler Tips: How to Take Care of Your Pearly Whites on the Road

When traveling, you need to consider many things, from planning your routes to finding accommodation, doing currency conversions and watching out for potential threats. How can you find space in your brain for dental hygiene? Well, taking care of your teeth is a necessity that’s not hard to pull off as long as you know what you’re doing. So here are a few tips all travelers need to know about dental hygiene and how to properly pull it off even when hiking, camping, road-tripping or being a long-term traveler: 

How do you take care of your teeth?

Pack your toothbrush and toothpaste well

You might have a habit of putting your toothbrush in your toiletry bag when packing for your trip. However, what kind of protection are you offering to that toothbrush? Is it floating around your toiletry bag freely, or does it have a protective cap to keep the bacteria away? Brushing with a dirty toothbrush can cause gum infection and cause you a lot of trouble when on the road. Plus, your breath will be less than pleasant even after brushing. 

No toothpaste, no problem

In most places, you can buy regular toothpaste and continue your dental hygiene. This toothpaste might not be of the same quality as your preferred one, but it will definitely do the trick. However, even if you find yourself in the middle of a jungle hike without toothpaste, don’t skip brushing. Brushing with water and a toothbrush and you’ll still get to remove a lot of debris and plaque from your teeth—some brushing is always better than not brushing at all. Similarly, if something happens to your toothbrush, just use your finger to spread the toothpaste around and give your teeth a gentle scrub. This provides a gentle massage to the gums and still removes some bacteria buildup.

How often do you schedule dental exams?

Schedule regular dental exams

If you haven’t had a dental exam and cleaning in a while, make sure to see your dentist at home before you embark on your trip. Your dentist will check your teeth for any issues and take care of them before you go so you can travel without pain and stress. It’s really not practical to have a dental emergency when you’re away from home. However, in case that happens, make sure to be calm and collected and contact a local dentist. If you find yourself in Sydney or Melbourne, you don’t have to worry, because Australia is famous for amazing dental care. As long as you find a dentist who’s working with the best dental lab in Australia, you can rest assured your teeth will be fixed in no time. Even if you need crown and bridge work, restorations or aligners, you can get them from a good dentist. 

Watch your diet

No matter if you’re on a casual holiday or on a life-changing world trip, you’re probably not eating as you should. You’re probably super excited to try out local delicacies, many of which are full of sugar and dairy. Of course, you should enjoy new culinary experiences, that’s what traveling is all about, but make sure to stick to one or two sweets a day, focus your diet on nutritious foods and brush your teeth after. 

Stock up on gum

Sugar-free gum is a great way to give your teeth a nice clean and reduce the risks of tooth decay while you’re away from home. In many cases, you’re not able to brush your teeth right after eating, but you can always grab a gum. This move boosts your saliva production and kills bacteria from your teeth. And the best thing about this is that gum can fit in any pocket, it’s easy to pop into the mouth and makes your breath fresher. Still, make sure to brush when you arrive at your accommodation—gum is not a replacement for a toothbrush. 

As a traveler, you can still take good care of your teeth and come back home with healthy, white and strong teeth. Plus, your smile will dazzle everyone you meet during your adventures and make you look stunning in your Instagram posts.