EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Treat Huey

Last January 14, 2018, The Tennis Foodie launched a new section called Tennis Player Series. For the second installment of this new series, I selected a player close to my heart. He’s a former world no. 18 in the ATP World Tour doubles rankings. He’s a Filipino-American player which represents Philippines internationally. This is no other than Treat Huey, winner of 8 ATP World Tour titles in doubles.
Treat Huey, winner of 8 ATP World Tour titles
Here’s a transcript of my exclusive interview with Treat Huey:
TF: How’s your life away from the tennis courts? Any updates on your injury?
TH: I am doing a lot better now. I have been working out and practicing full for the last month now and I can’t wait to get back on tour. 
Treat Huey in ATP World Tour Finals
TF: When are you planning to come back? Any special tournament where you’ll start your season?
TH: January for the Australian Open.
TF: The last few events, you didn’t have a regular partner. Anyone in particular you’ll play with?
TH: Not 100 percent sure yet but I am looking now for a good partner or partners for the start of next year. 
Henri Kontinen of Finland winning the doubles title in St. Petersburg, Russia with Treat Huey.
TF: You had so much success with your previous doubles partners. Who’s your favorite doubles partner? Any special titles?
TH: Max Mirnyi for sure. In 2016, I had my best season with him. We won in Acapulco, made the quarterfinals at the Australian Open, the Semifinals at Wimbledon and qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals at the end of the year.
Treat Huey (PHI) with Max Mirnyi (BLR) winning Acapulco last 2016.
TF: What’s your most memorable win in your career?
TH: When I won my first ATP event in Washington DC. I spent a lot of my childhood 20 minutes away and went as a fan to the tournament every year.
Treat Huey (PHI) winning the Washington D.C title with Dominic Inglot (GBR).
TF: Who’s your dream doubles partner?
TH: Roger Federer
TF: How about mixed doubles partner?
TH: Serena Williams
Treat Huey with the living legend, Serena Williams during IPTL in Manila.
TF: Any favorite tournament? What is it and why?
TH: Australian Open. The energy of the tournament and in Melbourne during those two weeks is incredible.
TF: Toughest opponent so far in the tour?
TH: Playing Roger and Rafa during the IPTL was amazing but I would have to say the Bryan Brothers because they are the greatest team in doubles history I think and they always seem to find a way to beat me.
Treat Huey winning Los Cabos last 2017 with Juan Sebastian Cabal of Colombia.
Another title with Dominic Inglot! This time at Aegon International Eastbourne.

Thank you Treat for the interview! I really hope to play tennis with you in the future.

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*All photos grabbed in ATP World Tour and Treat Huey website.

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