6 Detox Superfoods to Cleanse & Detox Your Body

Every now and then we catch ourselves thinking about how good it would be if we could cut our losses and start fresh. This is especially the case when we look at our bodies or the numbers on the scale and wish to go back in time and be a bit more careful with our diet and workouts.  If you’re hoping to jump-start your recovery and help your body get rid of all the toxins that have been piling up over the last weeks and months, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of 6 superfoods that will help you cleanse and detox in no time.


Seaweed happens to be one of those vegetables that are incredibly nutrient-dense as well as packed with antioxidants. Not just that, but in Chinese medicine, seaweed is used to treat an array of conditions, from urinary tract infections to tumors. There have been studies on Asian women that discovered that women who eat more seaweed have low breast cancer incidence, so feel free to eat some seaweed and help detox not only your blood but your kidneys too. Australians who live in coastal cities are fortunate because they have easy access to fresh seaweed whenever they want, while others have to choose dried and imported ones.

Seaweeds anyone?


Not only are beets packed with perfectly natural plant chemicals which are able to help our bodies fight infections, but they also cleanse the liver and purify the blood in the process. In addition to this, they help stabilize the body’s pH, which further aids in the detox process. Still, people don’t have too many ideas when it comes to preparing beets and many will just roast or boil them before they toss them in a salad. You can also add them to smoothies and soups and you can use special tools to cut them into spirals and eat them as noodles…

Additionally, if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to cook, you can order delicious healthy meals to be brought for you and your family.

Beets are the way to go!

Shakes and smoothies

People love shakes and smoothies because they’re very convenient to make and drink when we’re in a hurry. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also delicious, and they will flush your body of toxins while helping you boost your metabolism at the same time. The best thing about these beverages is that you can use any fresh fruit and vegetables you want and you can add milk or Greek yoghurt (or coconut milk if you’re going vegan). Raw food restaurants as, well as juice and smoothie bars, have been steadily replacing sugary doughnuts and high-calorie burgers all over Australia, so it’s evident that this is not some sort of passing trend.

I just love a healthy dose of strawberry smoothie!

Matcha green tea

Matcha green tea is a potent anti-carcinogen, and it also boosts your metabolism, helping you lose fat. Matcha is rich in caffeine too, which means that you can take it in the morning instead of your usual coffee with cream and sugar. Keep in mind that there are different matcha powders on the market, but the high-quality ones have a brilliant green color and leave a mildly bitter taste in the mouth afterwards. You can drink matcha green tea hot during colder months and cold during the summer.

I love matcha drinks especially during summer.


You can jump-start your day by drinking a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade with a few ice cubes and a peppermint leaf. On the other hand, you could also try drinking a glass of warm water in which you’ve squeezed half a lemon. Lemon water is full of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and copper, and after you’ve drunk it, your body will also absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat during the day. Lemon water is also known to stimulate the liver and helps the body flushing out the toxins.

I recently became a big fan of lemon water. So refreshing!

Bone broth

The elderly are very much familiar with the good sides of eating strong broth that’s been prepared with chicken meat and bones. These broths are a great basis for hearty soups and they are excellent for your immune system. Doctors recommend bone broth to patients with leaky gut syndrome but also to those who struggle with the health of their joints. In addition to this, a good bone broth will boost one’s immune system.

Why not try a good bowl of Pho for dinner?

There are many people in the world who have tried detox and cleansing diets and who swear by them, and fortunately for everyone, there are many ways to reach your goal. Many fear that they will have to drink juices for days, but it’s not the case. There are excellent natural ways to cleanse your body of toxins and get back on track with healthy diet and habits, so don’t hesitate to try out some of these amazing cleansing superfoods.

Guest Post by Helen Bradford who is a student from Sydney, Australia who enjoys writing about beauty, health, food, and lifestyle.

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  1. I’ll have to give these a try. I know that as humans, we absorb toxins through our food and even the air around us. Foods that help filter some of that out sound great to me.

  2. I am all for consuming more foods to help detoxify the body. I’m going to put more of these into my diet and less sugary junky over the holidays. I don’t want to go into the new year feeling bloated and sluggish. It’s best just to start now.

  3. I love Matcha green tea. It gives me a sense of calm and well being, I can’t even explain why. Maybe because it is getting rid of the toxins in my body? I don’t know, but I will continue to enjoy cup after cup!

  4. With COVID 19 around right now, this is a great reminder at this point while many of us are at home, often eating the wrong things with limited exercise. Being mindful of choosing foods that actually help our bodies function better will result in us being in better shape when we can go out again. Great list and I enjoyed reading the reasons behind each one.

  5. I love and use all of these except for seaweed. I have no idea why I don’t like that because I love salty foods. But at least I have a pretty good detox food list besides seaweed.

  6. I love to add kale to my smoothie it is super healthy and you don’t even taste it.

  7. Lemon and bone broth are my two top favourites in this list. I really should try some seaweed and matcha tea, the health benefits sound amazing.

  8. I didn’t know most of these could help with detoxing! I’m thinking about trying one.

  9. Seaweed and beets are my absolute favorite. So the fact it is on your list of 6 Detox superfoods to cleanse is great to hear. I will eat more of them.

  10. I dont know if I had a bone broth, i do think they use it as base in soups, but i do like matcha green tea.

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  12. I’ve been learning more and more about detox. I find it super important, and this was very informative!

  13. We love eating beets (kahit minsan nagmamantsa sa damit!). We add beets to our meal, and even to our sandwiches. Lemons are super too!

  14. I absolutely need to start eating some of these. Over the course of the stay at home order, I’ve sort of let myself go.

    1. Yes you should, it’s good for the health, it can boost your immune system aside from cleansing the body, in these times we must be more careful on what we eat and take good care of our body

  15. Nice article with such wonderful information. Yes detoxification is ver important for our body.

  16. I really love seaweeds and fresh smoothies. Perfect for body detoxification.

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