Tennis Player Series – Darko Grncarov

The Tennis Foodie launches a new section called Tennis Player Series. For my first exclusive interview, I selected Darko Grncarov, one of the upcoming tennis players from the Republic of Macedonia. He had previously practiced with Gilles Simon and Robin Haase. He had stroke on his right brain previously but is now set to make waves in the ITF and ATP World Tour.

Darko’s message to his fans.

Here’s a transcript of my exclusive interview with Darko Grncarov:

TF:  How and when did you start playing tennis?
DG: I started playing at age of 4 in my country Macedonia.
Darko in action
TF: Do you have any tennis idols growing up?
DG: I definitely adore Serena & Venus and Roger & Nadal since age of 5/6 till now.
TF: If given a chance, who is your dream doubles partner? How about mixed doubles partner?
DG: Dream double would be with Roger or Murray & Mixed doubles with Venus or Serena . 
Darko with his team
TF: What are your goals for the year? Any particular tournament you want to play or win?
DG: My goals for the year are to debut and make a good result and climb as high as possible on the board & I would definitely want to do good in Miami or on a Grand Slam which I’m still in talks for.
TF: What’s your to go food before and after a tennis match?
DG: Haha well probably risotto!
Darko cooking in his kitchen

Fast Ten Questions:

  1. Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? Roger
  2. Clay or Grass? Clay
  3. Juice or Soda? Juice
  4. Boxers or Briefs? Boxers
  5. North America or Europe? North America
  6. Favorite Grand Slam? US Open
  7. Ana Ivanovic or Maria Sharapova? Maria Sharapova
  8. Favorite Color? Gray
  9. Banana or Apple? Banana
  10. Trump or Obama? Obama

Thank you Darko! Good luck to your new season from The Tennis Foodie.

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Images were taken from Darko Grncarov’s twitter profile with his permission.

26 thoughts on “Tennis Player Series – Darko Grncarov”

  1. I have several friends who follow the world of Tennis very closely . So I found this interview to be very interesting and enjoyed reading it.

  2. I like tennis so this was really interesting. I agree with Darko picking Federer over Nadal – Love Roger! Great post thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Nice interview. Great way to know some of the best tennis players out there. Hope to read more of this soon!

  4. What an awesome series to be starting, how fantastic to get to know some of the up and coming stars of the tennis world. I shall look forward to reading more and of course be looking out for Darko on the courts.

  5. Great idea for a new series! I love reading about other athletes – it’s fun to get a sneak peek into their lives!

  6. I am a huge fan of Darko Grncarov! Such amazing talent and I agree, it would be so neat to play against Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal!

  7. Aw I love that despite his stroke he is a fighter and is going into the game with positivity and optimism! I think that Serena is a great Tennis player as well!

  8. Tennis is such an interesting world, thanks for the look behind the curtain. I’m not crazy into the sport, but I do like watching every now and then with my cousin who is obsessed. Personally, I’d say Rafa FOR SURE.

  9. Wow 4 is an early age to start in to still be so passionate for it is amazing! Love is Kitchen also, looks like he makes a 7lot of home cooked meals and interesting things in there!

  10. I’m not a tennis fan, but loved reading this interview. What a wonderful addition to your blog. Now, if only we could get the opinion of the tennis players you interview to give us their food faves too :-D. Blessings!

  11. My I was little my grandpa wanted me to play tennis and he put me in lessons and really wished I was a natural, sadly I am very uncoordinated. Tennis is a very beautiful sport.

  12. I’m not a really huge fan of tennis since I’m more into football. Yet, I find this interview entertaining and informative. Really appreciate it!

  13. I think this series is going to be brilliant & it will probably even give a whole new meaning to your blog! I loved this interview, most of all the fast 10 questions toward the end! 🙂

  14. I am a huge fan of tennis, so I enjoyed reading this interview! He has the exact same list of tennis idols as I do! I’ll be looking forward to keeping up with his career!

  15. My younger brother is absolutely obsessed with tennis and has been from a young age. I hope it isn’t a phase that he grows out of as he’s really really passionate about it and is actually quite good at what he does!

  16. Fun & inspiring interview- fantastic choice for starting your new series! Do you think you can get Darko’s risotto recipe from him (lol)? It would be really nice to read a follow-up interview from you with Darko maybe a year from now and see what new goals he’s set for himself?

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