Top Ten Hottest Female Tennis Players

I really enjoy watching Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour not just because of the on court action but also off court activities such as charity works and photo shoot. Arguably, this topic has been a debate for the longest time. has released the latest Top 10 Hottest Female Players with the following criteria:

  • Must have an active WTA ranking
  • Must have at least 2 hot non-tennis pics
  • Ranking purely on pics found

Here’s the Top 10 based on their list:

  1. Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark)
  2. Eugenie Bouchard (Canada)
  3. Maria Sharapova (Russia)
  4. Dominika Cibulkova (Slovakia)
  5. Maria Kirilenko (Russia)
  6. Daniela Hantuchova (Slovakia)
  7. Mandy Minella (Luxembourg)
  8. Karolina Pliskova (Czech Republic)
  9. Elena Vesnina (Russia)
  10. Camila Giorgi (Italy)

Do you agree with the list above? Here’s my analysis:

  1. Russia got the highest number of entries with 3 players (2 active, 1 non-active [Kirilenko]) followed by Slovakia with 2 players (1 active, 1 retired [Hantuchova]).
  2. The list was based on WTA rankings but not necessarily active players on the tour.
  3. Some of the hottest tour players to have played but with a retired status were not considered. Ana Ivanovic and Anna Kournikova were not included. Isn’t it not fun without them?
Ana Ivanovic in one of her matches last 2014
Ana Ivanovic’s last competitive match at 2016 US Open

Personally, here’s my Top 10 if I don’t consider any criteria above:

  1. Ana Ivanovic (Serbia)
  2. Maria Sharapova (Russia)
  3. Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark)
  4. Sorana Cirstea (Romania)
  5. Anna Kournikova (Russia)
  6. Maria Kirilenko (Russia)
  7. Daniela Hantuchova (Slovakia)
  8. Eugenie Bouchard (Canada)
  9. Mandy Minella (Luxembourg)
  10. Simona Halep (Romania)

I still believe Ana Ivanovic should be the Queen of this list! She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s also one of the genuinely nicest on the tour before. Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts.

41 thoughts on “Top Ten Hottest Female Tennis Players”

  1. I don’t know anything about tennis players—female OR male—but I know I’d be more interested about what they do (outside of playing tennis) rather than how they look. Like, charities they support, ways they inspire youth, etc. 🙂

  2. Maria Sharapova will always be top of my own list because she’s not just a pretty face but she have great attitude. Good to know about your list coz some of them, I am not familiar.

  3. These are all impressive tennis players, that’s for sure. I’m always impressed by how well they can play the game. I’d be worn out after 5 minutes!

  4. Hands up I don’t know anything about tennis players, tennis is something I played a little of in my childhood but I have to admit I have never watched it.

  5. I really don’t keep up much with tennis but it’s always nice to see women taking over the sport. They’re not just good at it too, they’re also very beautiful!

  6. I love how athletic and talented they all are. I admire how hard they work to be pro athletes.

  7. I’m not super familiar with tennis players. I’d much rather play it than watch it, even though I’m not good at all!

  8. I agree that Ana is beautiful but then again she has my namesake so why on earth not, plus she is an amazing player. I do’n’t know many other female Tennis players so thank you for broadening my horizons and introducing me to other players!

  9. I love anyone who has a talent and really goes for being the best with their talent. I am quite competitive and love sports.

  10. Oh wow! Now I feel so old! The only hot tennis player I remember is Anna Kournikova. I didn’t know that we have so many pretty tennis players now. haha Where have I been?

  11. I agree more with your list, and the order it is in. I remember thinking Anna Kournikova was so pretty back in the day. She wasn’t much of a player though. I also like Caroline Wozniacki, but you left off her best friend: Serena Williams!!! The greatest of all time. And if we’re talking looks, I get that she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when dressed up she’s gorgeous, and her body is TDF!!!!

  12. I think Maria Sharapova is not only pretty but has a great attitude! Shes also my favorite tennis player! Super fast !

  13. I also enjoyed watching tennis match, and yeah Ivanovic is hot! Share us your top 10 best male players too!

  14. Loved reading this list of powerful tennis players. Maria Sharapova is my favourite, by the way.

  15. I saw an insta photo of Anna Kournikova’s little ones recently. So cute, and they look just like their mama. Happy to see her flourishing, she was always my fave!

  16. I’ve never watched tennis, so don’t know any of the players you have on your lists. Since you don’t have photos here, I would have to look them all up. I’m sure there are some beautiful women in tennis just as in any other sport.

  17. I agree with other commenters. WHO cares about their looks. Really, I would rather know the person inside. This is such a judgy post and why are girls are so infatuated with trying to keep up with others. NOT GOOD.

  18. Needed to see more pics, lol :)! But I do think all those women are beautiful. Makes me want to get out and play some tennis. Good motivation.

  19. I don’t follow tennis much, so I am only familiar with a few of these names. Definitely a wonderfully talented group of women.

  20. Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki are my favorite female tennis players! They’re both hot in and out of court!

  21. Can’t say that I’m much into tennis but I’ve watched it a few times with my sister. She follows it closely and loves it!

  22. Yes
    I completely agree that Ana Ivanovic is the most beautiful and hottest tennis player
    Maria Sharapova is also in second place
    Maria Sharapova was unlucky when Ana Ivanovic became a tennis player
    Otherwise, in the absence of Ana Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova could have been the first
    The queen of tennis is Ana Ivanovic by far

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