Strawberry Mamon from Pasteleria Manila

Few weeks ago, I discovered the best broas in Manila from Pasteleria Manila. I really love Pasteleria Manila. Just today, I won my doubles match in tennis. I played against the 10s and 12s champion in one of the recent tournaments. After I got home, some goodies from Pasteleria Manila knocked on my door.

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My rewards today from Pasteleria Manila!

So what’s my take on it? Check out my review below.

I started with Strawberry Cheesecake Broas Sticks which was in mini form. I like it because it is bit size and you won’t get tired of it. It was placed in a Valentine’s Day heart canister (red color). Isn’t it a good Pre-Valentine’s Day gift? I gave it an ACE.

Strawberry Cheesecake Broas Sticks

I also had a chance to try their new Strawberry Mamon Bitz. I like the strawberry twist from the classic Mamon Bitz. It was just so yummy! I love the consistency and texture too. It was soft, non-gritty and fluffy (which is the necessary test needed for mamon). I’ll give this one a HIT.

Strawberry Mamon Bitz with Strawberry Cheesecake Broas Sticks

Last but not the least, I had my daily dose of Brazo Cups! It is definitely my favorite. I love it chilled so I taste it last. It never disappoint. The brazo de mercedes inside the petite cup is paired with a small wooden spoon. It was placed in a tan colored Happy Hearts Day heart canister. Wouldn’t you fall in love with this? This is definitely an ACE for me.

Brazo Cups

Pasteleria Manila is a home based bakery that created Brazo Bars, Broas Sticks and Mamon Bitz. It is located at August, Congressional Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines.

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You may also contact them via their official social media accounts:

Facebook: pasteleriamnl
Instagram: pasteleria_manila

54 thoughts on “Strawberry Mamon from Pasteleria Manila”

  1. Who doesn’t love pastries for Valentine’s Day? The strawberry flavor sounds so yummy and the packaging is super cute!

  2. I adore the packaging on these, very fitting for Valentine’s day. The bite size appeals to me too as I’m trying to cut down. They look really nice

  3. These look like a perfect Valentines day treat and well deserved after your tennis tournament!

  4. Those look like such fun Valentine’s Day gifts there. I wish we had something like this here. Pretty much the only thing which comes in heart shaped containers is chocolate, which is kind of sad.

  5. Yum! Nothing like Valentine’s sweets. Those longer pink candies and the brown ones with white filling look delish. Are the pink ones chewy like taffy?

  6. Ugh… Quezon City. We hardly ever pass by there if ever we are in Manila. Does Pasteleria have other branches? Seems like their products are awfully good!

  7. Aw congratulations on winning your doubles tennis match that is amazing you should be very proud. And what better way to celebrate than with some delicious broas from Pasteleria? Hope you enjoyed them!

  8. These are such cute containers! And the sticks sound so yummy. What a fabulous place to stop by and get a treat for sure! 🙂

  9. These look so great! I would really love to grab a few of these and try them out.

  10. those look delish! i seriously wish i had some right now! someone please get me a few dozen lol.

  11. So creative – I had never heard of this or tasted it! It’s great to learn about different cultures and foods!

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