Best Broas Sticks: Pasteleria Manila

What comes into your mind when we talk about good pastries? I usually think about nicely baked warm bread with strawberries and cream on top or maybe a wide selection of artisan bread baked to perfection. Recently, I discovered a unique baking venture that will surely capture your hearts – Pasteleria Manila.

Broas Sticks

I got intrigued with their box sets of Broas Sticks. It was available in three flavors: Red Velvet, Ube and Dulce De Leche. I got to try them all for an afternoon snack. My verdict? Well, I simply love all of them to be honest. Let me give you my scores below:

Dulce De Leche (brown), Red Velvet (red), Ube (dark violet)

Dulce De Leche Broas Sticks – This was my most favorite among the three variants. It was not too sweet yet it has that creamy caramel like taste to it. It was also my family and friend’s best pick. I’ll give it an ACE.

Broas Sticks with Cocio Dark Chocolate

Red Velvet Broas Sticks – I think red velvet is a nice flavor although I’m not digging it too much. It has the balanced sweet and creamy taste. Surprisingly, it is best paired with Cocio Dark Chocolate drink. Isn’t it yummy? I’ll give it a HIT.

Broas sticks with Cocio Classic Chocolate

Ube Broas Sticks – Who doesn’t like purple yam or ube? It’s my favorite flavor especially on pastries. I love how it really taste like ube. I also love the deep dark violet color. It’s best paired with a Cocio Classic Chocolate drink It’s an ACE for me.

Brazo Cups

I think this was the cutest dessert I have tried so far this year. My younger brother really loves it and he wants some more! I love how the brazo de mercedes are cut into tiny squares and places in a cup. The flavor is well balanced: not too sweet, not bland. I also love how you can just spoon it away! It’s a perfect serving for parties or cocktail events. My score? Of course an ACE!

Brazo Cup

Mamon Bitz

What I like about Mamon Bitz is that it was soft and delicate even when it was stored for few days. It was lite and fluffy. You can taste the lemon/vanilla flavor on each bite. Isn’t it lovely? I’ll give it an ACE.

Mamon Bitz, Choco Chunk Cookies, Brazo Cups and Broas sticks

Choco Chunk Cookies

It was relatively thick yet very chewy in texture. I love it because it has generous amounts of chocolates. From the name itself, it’s chunky! My verdict? A HIT for me.

I want more!

Pasteleria Manila is a home based bakery that created Brazo Bars, Broas Sticks and Mamon Bitz. It is located at August, Congressional Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines.

You may also contact them via their official social media accounts:

Facebook: pasteleriamnl
Instagram: pasteleria_manila

47 thoughts on “Best Broas Sticks: Pasteleria Manila”

  1. I do like how they are presented. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything like this before. I do love my chocolate though so I’m sure I’d be a fan!

  2. Broas is like lady fingers if I’m not mistaken? It’s awesome that you found the best place to get it and it looks so good too. The packaging is lovely and would be a nice gift as well.

  3. Nice presentation! its look like fresh just taken out from oven. I love artisan food and the taste of homemade.

  4. I’ve never heard of Pasteleria Manila, but it sounds like something I might want to try. Red Velvet Broas Sticks sounds tasty.

  5. I love trying out different kinds of pastries! This one sounds delightful and I also like how they packaged it. It’s a nice gift for loved ones as well.

  6. These all look super delicious! When I think about pastries I instantly think of Danish pastries and iced fingers!!

    Louise 🙂

  7. I want to try this dessert box! Red velvet is my least favorite in any capacity. I did think the caramel broas sounded good.

  8. These are new to me. I have never heard of them before but they look tasty. I love sweets and I believe that these would please my sweet tooth LOL. Great packaging!

  9. It is funny, because in my country “Pastel” has nothing to do with desserts or cakes (that’s from Spanish where “cake” is “pastel”). Rather, here “Pastelerias” is a fast food place where they sell the dish “pastel” which is a thin crust pie with various fillings (usually non-sweet like cheese, vegetables and meats), fried in hot vegetable oil. 😂😂

  10. I haven’t ever seen a box like this before out here. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong area. This does look and sound delicious though. I realize they are an at home bakery but I will have to see if any of the markets near me carry this or something like it locally.

  11. This looks cool packaged in a bento-style. Would be nice as souvenir or homecoming gift 🙂

  12. Dessert is my favorite meal of the day. I would love these sweet treats! I love all things Dulce de Leche, so I would definitely start there.

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  14. Mmm, the Brazo Cup looks amazing. I love Philippine sweets! They have a lot here in the UAE as well.

  15. Philippines food are really the best for me. Too bad its pandemic now and i cant buy any of this broas. Stay safe always.

  16. It looks delicious! I wish I could tray all these sweets! I will need to visit Philipines just to givee it a try

  17. Love the set up! I love broas! And I am so curious with the Brazo Cups! They look so good!

  18. The wee box they came in is so cute. I’ve never had these before but it’ll be something I’ll keep an eye out for.

  19. Wow! This is a nice modification to the usual broas. I would love to try dulce de leche broas sticks. It’s like the fusion of my 2 favorites.

  20. I have never had the opportunity to try these but they do look very delicious and like something I would enjoy.

  21. I ran across this post and boy am I hungry now! I would love to try some of these one day!

  22. They look beautiful, and I love the way they are packed. I would love to try them out. Pretty looking yet delicious!

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