What To Do In Budapest

Hungary has been in my travel bucket list for a long time. Last December, I managed to get a cheap ticket and spent few days in Budapest.

There’s so much to see in Budapest. It’s one of the cheapest European city. You don’t need to spend a Hungarian forint to see the attractions. Check out the attractions and fun things to do in Budapest:

One of the railway stations in Budapest
One of the local trains in Budapest
Selfie with my Hungarian friend, Balint
Train selfie!

Did you know that there are luggage lockers in Budapest? I found one in the city. It’s very cheap. It may only cost around 300-800 Hungarian forint depending on the number hours you’ll keep your luggage.

Luggage Locker

During my trip, food will always give me energy to start the day! I tried the Langos from Hazi Palacsinta. It was so good! I like with more cheese on top! So yummy! Definitely, a great food find for me.

Hazi Palacsinta

I went to Buda Castle to check out the Budapest skyline. It did not disappoint! I fell in love with it immediately. The best time to go there is during the afternoon. Watch out for the sunset. It was really worth the hike!

My own Budapest postcard. Haha!
One of the trails in the Buda Castle
Buda Castle
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
Budapest Skyline

I walked in the Széchenyi Chain Bridge to be able to go to Buda Castle. It is a suspension bridge that spans Danube River between Buda and Pest. It was breath taking experience to actually walk here. They also have love locks like in Seoul and Paris.

If you’re into museums, make sure you visit Országgyűlési Múzeum. It’s free and you get to take home some memorabilia photos.

Inside Országgyűlési Múzeum
Országgyűlési Múzeum memorabilia
Don’t forget your ticket (which also saves your photos)

Make sure you also visit the Girl from Buda which is located at Széchenyi Square.

Széchenyi Square
Me and the Girl from Buda

You can also take some snaps at Parliament. It’s best to see in the morning or afternoon time.


Will I be back in Budapest? Yes! It’s one of the cities I really enjoyed exploring through walking. The architecture amazes me and it’s not too expensive compared to Paris, Oslo or Rome.

Here are some other photos around the Budapest grounds:

Budapest at night

Say cheese!
Strike a pose!
I can look at this view in forever!
Love the Hungarian architecture!
Don’t forget the mandatory statue selfie
I should bring a selfie stick next time! Haha!

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Till my next European Trip! Watch this space for more updates.

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  1. Budapest is definitely on my list of must-see places. I love all the pics you took, which showcase the city very well. How cool that you could meet up with a friend, too!

  2. There are great deals to Budapest where I live, because it’s relatively close. We’re planning on taking advantage of them at some point, but probably not during the winter – European winters are harsh. How cold was it when you were there?

  3. Oh wow it sounds like you had an amazing time in Budapest, I love that they have luggage lockers that is such a fab idea. And the views you saw look amazing.

  4. Budapest looks amazing, it’s definitely on my bucket travel list! I really like that the museum is free 🙂

  5. Sounds like it was a good trip, even if it was a short time. It’s good the lockers aren’t too expensive. And the food looks great too. I really do hope to make it back to Europe in the near future.

  6. I was never really interested in Budapest but your post has ignited a spark. Thanks for the info and I think I might end up going there myself.

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  8. I love traveling on budget. Congratulations on the well done job.
      Budapest is a wonderful city. There is definitely something to be seen in this old town.
    Thanks for the shared tips.

  9. I love it when you post pictures of your travels and especially the foods you try. I hope you have more fun travels in the future.

  10. Another dream destination. Although it is freezing in the winter time but very beautiful

  11. A really good read! Have not visited Budapest. Have looked at the more popular city breaks. Will definitely add this to my list. Thank you.

  12. It sounds like you had an amazing adventure in Budapest. The Budapest skyline is beautiful and the Langos looks so yummy, I agree with you on the extra cheese!😊

  13. Awesome trip to Budapest! I think this is a nice guide for people who would like to go to Budapest. So many beautiful places to explore, it’s definitely worth the trip.

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  17. I envy you and your travels! hahaha The young and single life. Budapest is not exactly in my list, but your photos sure look convincing. 😀 Wish I may…in the future. 😀

  18. I went to Budapest last month and I find it (again) amazing! I think the fisherman’s bastion is one of the best panoramica place in Europe and I loved the ruin pubs area, pure magic!

  19. I’m actually Hungarian living right next to Budapest, so I’m super happy that you’ve enjoyed your stay. Budapest has indeed a lot to offer, and even if you travel on a budget it’s a great fun to be here. One advice: next time avoid those luggage lockers as far as you can…they aren’t the safest place to store your valuables at.

  20. My husband keeps telling me we should go there someday. I think I may let him take us, lol!

  21. Budapest is on my travel bucket list! I love the village feel of the towns, and you captured the essence of the city so beautifully. I can’t wait to go!!

  22. Budapest is certainly very beautiful and really special – having a great history and a certain old socialist charm to it. Still, I feel quite uncomfortable there – to much political oppression, terrible attitude towards the refugees and – I’m saying this as a journalist – no freedom of press. I simply cannot ignore that when I’m travelling a country – whether Hungary, Turkey, etc.

  23. Budapest is such a beautiful city! It looks like you got to see and experience a lot in a short amount of time.

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  30. I love Budapest, having been there a few times. You’ve highlighted a few things I’ve not done. Great post, sure looks like you had an amazing time!

  31. I also loved seeing the Buda Castle while visiting Budapest. I simply loved the ornate architecture and how just the appearance of the castle told a unique story. I, unfortunately, didn’t get good lighting as you did during my visit. Your photos are wonderful and I’m sure the view was even more impeccable as the sun peeked around. I found that the local trains were very easy to use in Budapest. Great tips on the luggage locker!

  32. Hungary has so much to offer! The langos looks amazing. I love cheese and can’t wait to try it. In terms of view, the Buda Castle and the Bridge are incredible. Lastly, we have luggage lockers here in Japan, so handy!

  33. Hungary has so much to offer! You are lucky to have been able to explore it so much! The langos looks amazing. I love cheese and can’t wait to try it. In terms of view, the Buda Castle and the Bridge are incredible. Lastly, we have luggage lockers here in Japan, so handy!

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  35. Hungary has so much to offer! You are lucky to have been able to explore it so much! The langos looks amazing. I love cheese and can’t wait to try it. In terms of view, the Buda Castle and the Bridge are incredible. Lastly, we have luggage lockers here in Japan, so handy!

  36. Budapest has been on my travel list for ages and I have just not yet made it there. I can’t wait to wander around the squares, enjoy crossing the bridges and visiting Buda Castle. I also can’t wait to enjoy the local cuisine.

  37. Budapest is a lovely place and the gateway to Eastern Europe. We have planned for a big Eastern Europe trip for some time now with of course a couple of days in Budapest, but it has not materialized yet. There is so much to see and experience in Budapest which has the old world charm of European towns and cities. I really like the fact that you have luggage lockers in Budapest, so useful when you are in transit.

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