Elgorriaga Biscuit – Custom Meets Modern

Merienda has always been my favorite time of the day. I usually eat cookies or biscuits along with a nice cup of tea. Recently, I discovered a biscuit where custom meets modern – Elgorriaga.

Elgorriaga is a company in Spain that was established in 1770. It has dedicated itself to create uncompromising quality of biscuits and chocolates. It has built itself as one of the leading brand and pioneer in its industry and as a prominent trademark in Spain. In the Philippines, they are being distributed by Golden Acres Food Solutions.
This is my favorite merienda!
So I tried two flavors from their roster: strawberry and lemon.
Here’s my take on each flavor:
strawberry flavor
I personally like strawberry and it’s really an easy choice for me. It was creamy but not too sweet. It gave the refreshing classic strawberry flavor. It is perfectly matched with a cup of warm tea. My verdict? It’s a HIT for me.
Strawberry is perfect with your afternoon tea.
Lemon on the other hand is really an interesting flavor. It’s a bit sour and zesty in taste but I really like it. It’s not your usual / traditional flavor and I was really happy that I tried this variant. Also, it’s very fragrant when you open the outer packaging. It’s definitely an ACE for me.
lemon flavor

Overall, I think Elgorriaga did not disappoint. It’s a traditional biscuits perfected over time. It introduces modern flavors that will surely tickle everyone’s gastronomic appetite. Also, it’s easy to find. It’s available in any leading Robinson’s supermarket and any 7-Eleven stores. Talk about convenience! My overall verdict? It’s a HIT!

You can alternatively reach them through their social media page for any updates or promos:
Facebook: ElgorriagaPH

28 thoughts on “Elgorriaga Biscuit – Custom Meets Modern”

  1. Oh this is interesting snacks. I should check this. So they are distributed by the same company with McDonalds here in the Philippines.

  2. Ohhh I love cookies with filling right in the middle. I would usually separate the two sides and lick the filling and then eat the biscuits. Such a fun thing to do.

  3. These cookies look so delicious. I would love to give the strawberry ones a try first. I will have to look for some to try on the weekend.

  4. I have had these cookies before. I like the strawberry and lemon flavors. I din’t now they were made in Spain as I din’t check to see where they were made.

  5. My brittish friend told me cookies there are called biscuits. These buscuits definitely look like cookies I would love to indulge in.

  6. There is something so comforting about a cup of tea and a biscuit! I don’t believe I have ever tried those but the lemon sounds so refreshing!

  7. Elgorriaga bisquits are available in all 7 eleven and Robinsons supermarket. Check out fb page @elgorriagaph

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