Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen Food Review

What comes into your mind during rainy and cold season? Well for me, it has to be lugaw or rice porridge! It’s really comforting and filling. I recently discovered an authentic Bulacan regional food stall at Taste Asia. It’s the Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen. It’s a fast paced casual eatery that serves delicious regional comfort food in an urban setting.

I had the privilege to try several best sellers during my visit. I started off with the traditional Lugaw at Tokwa’t Baboy (LTB). The lugaw was served hot and dashed with onion chives and garlic roasts. You can definitely smell the aromatic odor it emits. The porridge was well cooked and very tasty. I added calamansi to give it a tangy kick.


The Tokwa’s Baboy was very crispy. It was best paired with their in-house suka (vinegar). The secret to the crunchiness of the tokwa’t baboy lies on the part of the pig that they use. They marinated and fried to perfection the pig’s mask. It was complimented with deep fried fresh tofu. They gently cut it to smaller pieces and serve it immediately to customers. It’s a HIT for me.

Tokwa’t Baboy

I also had the chance to try their famous Sisig. It was garnished with red siling labuyo (red chili), calamansi (Philippine lemon) and siling berde (green chili). My verdict? Well, it was so good! It’s also not too oily which makes it less guilty to eat. It was actually my favorite! Definitely an ACE for me!

Pork Sisig

Lastly, I tried their Dinuguan. It is best paired with puto (steamed rice cake). It was spiked with sampaloc to make it a bit sour. It’s basically a pig blood stew. BLK uses blood from freshly killed pig along with the finest boar internal organs and meat. I’m not fond of dinuguan but it was so good. I’ll give it a HIT.


Overall, I’m really happy with my dining experience with Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen (BLK). It’s tasty and affordable! Their goal is to eventually be 24/7 to serve all customers especially those working on graveyard shift. I’ll definitely come back and try other dishes soon.

Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen is located at Taste Asia, Sunset Avenue, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines. They are open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 MN everyday. You can also contact them at (02) 9871718.

You can alternatively reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen
Instagram: bulacanlugawkitchen

Overall verdict: It’s a HIT!

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  1. I’ve never had lugaw before, but I LOVE rice pudding! Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen looks like a fantastic place to stop for a bite to eat during the cold winter months.

  2. I’ve never heard of any of these dishes, but I am willing to try them all. I love porridge and stews when it gets cooler too.

  3. That was a wide variety of food you tried. Some of the dishes sound good. I like when places I enjoy eating have late hours but 24/7 will be nice.

  4. I personally love to try new foods and new flavors. I have not heard of many of the foods and spices you are speaking of, but I do know that I love tofu. I wish I could go there to eat with you.

  5. Thank you for sharing those delicious recipes. I would love to try the first dish.

  6. I love Lugaw paired with tokwa’t baboy. Yummy! Perfect food on rainy days but I also eat lugaw in the morning whenever I crave for it. Bulacan is a bit far from home though so maybe I’ll just eat home made.

  7. It looks really delicious and just like home food. I have never tried Dinuguan. Would love to try it sometime. Cheers!!

  8. This looks so yummy! I really want to try it all! please share the recipes if you can! id especially love to try the porridge. am always intrigued by the variations of porridge available out there.

  9. Wow what a interesting post , I love the photos and the food looks amazing , I have never tried a lot of the food but it looks great .

  10. These dishes are all very different from what I’m used to, but I am certainly intrigued! I’ll have to see if I can find some recipes and make some myself!

  11. Never tried at this place before but the food looks really enticing. A fan of porridge during rainy and cold season, feels like having one now 🙂

  12. You have an amazing collection. Sounds more like antique collection.. I personally love to try new foods and your collections open up so many yummy options.

  13. Wow! That tokwa’t baboy sounds satisfying. I haven’t really tried authentic tokwa’t baboy of the Tagalog regions so I am definitely having some this coming March during our family trip.

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