Ara Chackerian: Co-Founder of TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor and a certified philanthropist. He has been a healthcare entrepreneur, executive, and investor for over twenty years.He invested on TMS Health Solutions. Prior to that, he was involved with investments and entrepreneurship. He served as board member to several healthcare startups in San Francisco, USA. He was also the co-founder, President and CEO of BMC Diagnostics for diagnosing imaging services and Board of Director for PipelineRx which caters for telepharmacy services. He also founded Embion/ProviderLinks. He served as an Executive Chairman of Pipeline Health Holdings, LLC until May 4, 2017 and serves as its Director. He graduated with a degree in Marketing and Business Management from Florida State University.

As digital healthcare came to rise, it was the perfect opportunity to learn and invest on this field. His long time business partner extended their experience in building and providing quality healthcare services to people. TMS Health Solutions is the leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which is a highly effective, FDA-approved, non-invasive therapy for patients who haven’t responded to oral antidepressants and other known treatments. They have adequate qualified clinicians that will cater and schedule your consultation in one of their convenient locations. Currently, TMS Health Solutions has helped thousands of patients for the relief of depression. With Ara Chackerian’s investment, it has helped thousands of people in recovering from depression.

Ara often brings ideas from life experiences. He mentioned that there should be a conscious effort to engage life, then ideas will come. His parents trained him and encouraged him to this behavior which helped him be the man he is today.

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  1. Very inspiring. He is such an interesting person. Oral antidepressants doesn’t work many times, this treatment is really helpful for people suffering from depression. Great post.!!

  2. Ara Chackerian is such an inspiration. What a great achievements in life he has. His story is very interesting.

  3. I believe he is a well-trained man from his parents and a very disciplined one. He also has this very good wisdom wherein he gain.

  4. Such a great post. Ara Chackerian is really a great inspiration for all us, he always show loves and cares to others by everything he do.

  5. This is my first time hearing of Ara Chackerian. I am always inspired by people whose mission it is to help others.

  6. It is wonderful to hear stories of highly successful people who are using that success to make positive change beyond their own bank accounts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Quite interesting information…TMS Solutions sounds to be taking FDA approved solutions for depression one step ahead
    – Nandita

  8. I like reading stories like this. They are really inspiring indeed. He sounds like a really great man.

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