Best Vitamins for Frequent Travelers

No matter how exciting traveling can be, it inevitably takes a toll on your body and mind. That’s especially true for those who spend a lot of time in various time zones and face jet lag regularly. However, one crucial step in your everyday routine can successfully prevent your body from feeling exhausted, making you feel revitalized instead. Taking a mixture of vitamins during traveling is the safest way to feel vigorous and prevent any health issues. Check out the best vitamins for frequent travelers according to experts.

What kind of vitamins do you take regularly?

Probiotics for calm tummy

A change in eating patterns and trying out new food doesn’t turn out to be the best experience for everyone. Upset stomach and nausea are common problems that arise on a trip. To prevent feeling nauseous and protect your bowl, Australian experts advise you to pack on probiotics. They will keep your gut healthy by maintaining good bacteria in your body. Disruption in the sleeping pattern is often a problem as well. That can consequently lead to disruption in the digestive system and appetite. Precisely due to that disruption, the digestive system goes through a shock that probiotics can help with.

Vitamin B

Vitamins B2, B5, B6, and B7 are vital for every traveler. Namely, melatonin helps regulate your internal clock allowing you to have a good night’s sleep and Vitamin B6 is the best melatonin stimulator. Do you often get anxious and stressed when you travel? Introduce more Vitamin B5 supplements into your daily diet to keep stress at bay. It also alleviates inflammation and itchiness. Vitamin B2 promotes red blood cell formation while supporting healthy liver, skin, hair and eyes. That is especially important for people who travel frequently and don’t always have time to take care of their skin and hair the right way. To promote digestion, start taking more Vitamin B7 to stimulate metabolism.

Do you drink Vitamin B complex regularly?

Vitamin C for the immune system

Fueling your body with Vitamin C is vital when traveling and even more so these days when we’re learning how to live with the pandemic. Whether you’re traveling from or to Australia, you should stock up on vitamins and supplements from the Land Down Under. You’ll find the best vitamins in Australia and supplement your body with enough nutrients to keep you going through your trip. Vitamin C fights viruses and colds, allowing you to stay healthy for the entirety of your trip.

Vitamin D for overall health

In addition to Vitamin C, Vitamin D will also protect you from other people’s germs that can accidentally end up on your clothes after a person sitting behind you sneezes. It’s vital to take more Vitamin D during winter because you won’t get enough of it from the sun during the cold months. Vitamin D also aids in bone health, supports muscular function, and reduces inflammation. Vitamin D is great for fighting depression, and it will help in improving muscle function.

Vitamin D deficiency

Magnesium to beat jet lag

Always have a bottle of Magnesium supplements at hand when traveling. This vitamin is especially important for sleep quality. Jet lag is the worst enemy of travelers’ because it prevents you from having enough shut-eye once you’re finally at your dream destination. Pack on Magnesium supplements and take some before the trip to help your sleeping pattern on time. Don’t worry about adjusting to any time zone changes because Magnesium will help you battle the infamous jet lag efficiently. If you plan to party a lot during your trip, put Magnesium on a must-take list every day to compensate for lost magnesium after taking alcohol and caffeine galore.

Final thoughts

The next time you start listing items to bring on the trip, include an array of vitamins too. Your health always comes first, so do your best to keep yourself healthy and energized throughout an entire trip. Don’t risk getting ill or having trouble sleeping just because you didn’t know which vitamins to bring with you to your next adventure.

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