How Personalized Merchandising Changes Retail

With digital age on the rise, all fashion choices are unlimited within the touch of your fingertips. Several brands have been competing with each other through personalization.

Personalized merchandising is all about offering the best tailored fit products to the right people at the appropriate time. Personalization has its key benefits. It can also boost sales and decrease returns on unwanted merchandises. Consumers want more merchandise personalization as it increases the brand loyalty of the customers. For an instance, personalized merchandising can be based on a customer’s previous in-store purchases.

Personalized Merchandising

Recently, I discovered Sentient. It is an AI-personalization company that offers a platform which is compatible and designed for mobile phones. You can do personalized shopping in a snap! As they say, every customer is unique so the personalization solution of this platform will help you decide on what to purchase based on your unique behavior. Unlike other platforms, they use historical data or cohort analysis which is not personalized. This also helps increase the shopping experience as it is built for speed. It is much more enjoyable and fast which helps customers to have their goals met on time.

A classic example of this would be Sunglass Hut, an eyewear company. They had faced the issue of limitations of search language. The online eyewear store uses Aware’s visual search technology to enable the “My Frame Finder” tool. This interactive feature requires the customer to choose some of their favorite styles from a small selection of graphics, then it will intelligently curate further recommendations that are personalized to the visual tastes of each customer. That is what we call a personalized trend in fashion. You can read more about the case study conducted by the company.

Customer focused businesses with the aid of this platform produces a competitive edge by making their customers like VIP. The automation makes it easier for these brands to sustain their business and gain much more profits in a larger scale.

17 thoughts on “How Personalized Merchandising Changes Retail”

  1. I like how convenient online shopping has become aside from easy to purchase items, you get to really customize like the eyewears that Aware’s visual search technology offers. It’s amazing.

  2. I’ll be checking out Sentient because personalized shopping saves time for browsing through hundreds of items that just aren’t your style. This would be a great tool for companies to have in order to excel in the marketplace

    Sondra x

  3. That’s pretty unique. I actually like personalized merchandise better, and the fact that The Sunglass Hut uses that technology is amazing. I like the idea of answering a few questions or picking out a few styles, and then styles are picked based on my likes.

  4. I like this idea, but I also like to branch out at times. Sometimes certain people don’t like certain things, so you have to go beyond the norm.

  5. I think personalized merchandising is a great idea. Sentient sounds like a great company. I will have to check them out. I like that it is designed for mobile phones.

  6. It sounds almost too good to be true! I want to go shopping and have a personal assistant with me to help me out, this would be just as good!

  7. Personalization lets people express their own uniqueness and interests rather than trying to fit into a standard box. I definitely recommend businesses put more thought into it!

  8. I like the idea of personalizing merchandise. Everyone is unique and different in their own way and it’s nice to be able to customize my stuff especially when it comes to monogramming.

  9. I think personalized items are awesome! I think for those with unique name spelling it’s super cool too! I think it’s smart to have the option to personalize

  10. Sentient sounds so neat! I have never heard of AI personalization while you are shopping! It’s such a good way to get results that are tailored just for you!

  11. I know that merchandisers are trying to reach people where they are at and what their interests are. I just worry about how much knowledge has to be gleaned to fully understand things.

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