Cave: Trendy Wine Bar at Conrad Dubai

It was my first time in the Middle East and I was so eager to try the local cuisine at United Arab Emirates. I had a chance to dine in at Cave. The restaurant gives off a very cool ambiance. It’s a trendy wine bar hidden on the mezzanine level of Conrad Dubai.

Cave at Conrad Dubai
Cave Menu

I had a chance to dine in at Cave in Conrad Dubai. The dish was personally cooked by my high school friend, Zarina Gorayeb, who is one of the chefs in this bar.

Cave – a trendy and chic bar at Conrad

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Here’s a look of the Cave Club Sandwich:

Cave Club Sandwich

Cave Club Sandwich is composed of stacked confit chicken leg, fried egg, duck bacon and onion jam. It includes french fries and some salad on the side. It was very filling and it was so tasty. The salad really compliments the heaviness of the sandwich as it gives lite and refreshing taste.

with Zarina

My lunch was so heavy that I wasn’t able to eat any other dish during my visit. I hope to visit back again and try the other dishes on their menu. Overall, I was satisfied with my Cave Club Sandwich. It’s definitely a HIT for me.

Cheese Alert!

They also offer different kinds of cheese for a reasonable price. I hope to try this soon at Cave.

Cave is located at Mezzanine Level, Conrad Dubai, Trade Centre Area, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is open from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM. They can be contacted at +971 4 444 7111.

Check out their website at for more promo and information.

43 thoughts on “Cave: Trendy Wine Bar at Conrad Dubai”

  1. Looks like a nice place. That cave club sandwich looks really good. I’d love to have it with a cup of coffee. 🙂 Cheers!!

  2. The Cave Club Sandwich sounds divine! I am not sure if my travels will take me to Dubai, but I will keep this restaurant in mind!

  3. The sandwich looks heavy but so good! I’d have to get one to share with salad on the side or something.

  4. The Cave Club Sandwich looks so mouthwatering! Zarina Gorayeb did an amazing job with the presentation. Thank you for sharing! 😀

  5. Oh wow! I would love to try the club sandwich! It looks amazing! I also love the atmosphere of the restaurant. It seems like it would be a great place to try!

  6. Cave sounds like a great place to go for food. The Cave Club Sandwich sounds interesting and I would love to try it. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience and the great food.

  7. Cave looks like a great place to eat. That sandwich looks amazing. If I am ever in Dubai I will definitely check it out.

  8. Oh my! Love those wine bar! Looks so modern and luxury place. I never been to Conrad Dubai. The sandwich must be super devious especially made from friend and get to enjoy company!

  9. The prices are very Dubai but the quality and quantity seems worth it, definitely a guide for travellers from the tennis foodie

  10. Dubai is such an amazing place. There is so much to explore. The Cave Club Sandwich looks so tempting. Added it to my list to try it out in my next visit to Dubai.

  11. The Cave Club sandwich sounds delicious and filling, I’ve never heard of duck bacon! How awesome that you knew one of the chefs, that must have made it a lot more special. This looks like a great experience in Dubai. I know Conrad has great properties all over the world and I’m sure their restaurants don’t disappoint.

  12. Isn’t it awesome when you head to a far away country and connect with a friend from ages ago!!! Good to know that the head chef was your school friend!
    The sandwich does look extremely filling! Onion Jam? I don’t think I’ve heard of it!

  13. I love wine and I was excited the moment I saw your post. The club sandwich you ordered looks scrumptious. The bar further endeared me when I saw your picture of their cheese. I will definitely make a stop if I am ever in Dubai!

  14. I would definitely go here for the club sandwich.The very fact that it comes with fries and a salad makes it so much filling. Never been to Conrad Dubai. So, I will give this a try the next time I am there.

  15. Wow I would love to visit Cave for that sandwich. I ddin’t know that there were such wine bars in Dubai, as I thought alcohol is not permitted there. It must have been a great experience for you to meet your school friend as the head chef!

  16. You’re lucky to have such talented friends as chefs in different cities! The club sandwich sounds amazing and an elevated version of the usual. The servings are enough to share! I wasn’t expecting a wine bar in Dubai since I assumed alcohol was prohibited.

  17. How cool to have a high school friend cook for you and you get to see what he/she is best at. Cave looks interesting. Wine bar sounds like a cool idea.

  18. This looks like an amazing place!
    We actually have Dubai on our bucketlist, going there on a cruise – so I will save you article for later, I will definatly be going there for their cheese 🙂

  19. That looks like a great place. I love the atmosphere. It’s very upscale but still welcoming and warm.

  20. That is exactly the kind of place I love for a romantic date night. An atmosphere like that and great wine is a great combination.

  21. This wine cave looks super cool. The place must be always packed. It looks like a place to go to discover new wines.

  22. The thing that makes or breaks a wine bar is the ambiance and from the pics and description you posted, Cave definitely has it. I like the ability to eat cheese (I love cheese) and the sandwich sounds good. Look forward to your review when you get to go back!

  23. Your high school friend is a chef here? Interesting! I have never been to the Middle East, but I have heard nothing but positive things about Dubai and the UAE. Once COVID is over, a visit is in store.

  24. Dubai is such an amazing place and the World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities. A great place to visit. Cave looks like a great place and I don’t mind to try the wine there one day.

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