How to Get Over a Breakup: A Man’s Survival Guide

If we were to name one of the toughest experiences an average person has gone through, a breakup would be a common answer. It doesn’t matter if the relationship was short-lived or lasted for years, how a person reacts is not defined by the length of the relationship. The intense emotions bound to happen after the first few weeks post-break are normal, especially for men. If you need help navigating this post-break-up period and the rollercoaster of emotions that follows, we’ll help you with this guide. Knowing how to navigate breakups and deal with emotions will ultimately improve your love life.

Break free from toxic masculinity norms

Every breakup is a shock, even if we initiate it. However, there’s a slight difference when you’re the one who’s blindsided by a breakup. You will feel the surge of all emotions, both expected and unexpected. This is the time to let yourself feel all the emotions, as this is the first step to healing. Break free from toxic masculinity norms and go through all the emotions without any shame.

Go off the grid

While you’re going through all of these changing emotions, from hurt to anger to shame and the feelings of immense loss, go off the grid. You might be inclined to post things on social media that can be intentionally spiteful or clearly with a hidden message. We’ve all done that. However, during the first month, try to go off the grid.

Go off the grid and focus on yourself!

Get support

Most of the time, guys will just go straight into partying heavily, drinking too much or simply shutting down for days and eating junk food after a breakup. Even though sometimes you’ll need a distraction so, going out with friends can be a good idea, and excessive and destructive behaviour certainly isn’t. So, find support when emotions take over your abilities to make sound judgements. Talk to friends, talk to your family and find professional support. Seeking support is a strength, not a weakness. Surround yourself with a network that understands and uplifts you during this challenging time.

Time to reflect

Before you hop on different singles guides to dating, devote some time to reflect on this past relationship. Try to do this without any blame by looking at your part in the relationship and consequently on the breakup. This is the time to find closure within yourself, so you’ll be prepared to open up again without any emotional baggage.

Friends can be a source of distraction (in a good way)!

Moving forward with confidence

The first step to moving forward is to find closure. The second step is to open up to new possibilities. One of the steps you can take to boost your confidence and improve date quality is to go to a matchmaker. Dating again after a breakup can be hard, so finding a matchmaker anywhere from a dating agency Sydney to anywhere else in the world can be the first great step. Take the right steps toward moving forward confidently, knowing this breakup is a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Rediscovering your identity

People often lose themselves in relationships, especially men, so a breakup can feel like a loss of identity. That’s why you need to reconnect with yourself by exploring hobbies and passions. Maybe you’ve wanted to travel more, but your partner didn’t. Now, you can even try dating as a traveller, as many apps offer the travel mode. You can pick a destination, book everything, set your app to travel mode and set up a few dates before you even land on your destination.

Embrace this sudden change

After people grieve the relationship, they can objectively look at their relationship and isolate the exact moment when the dissolution of the relationship began. But this change that happened should be embraced. Any change in life is an opportunity for personal development. Adapt to your new circumstances and draw inspiration from stories of men who survived and thrived after a breakup.

Reflect on the lessons learned

If we don’t learn from our experiences, we’re bound to repeat the old behavior. To get over a breakup, you should also reflect on the lessons you learned. Adopt a growth mindset and think about how you can choose or act differently in future. All of these lessons will shape your future relationships.

Navigating the complexities of a breakup can be particularly difficult for men as they are always told to man up and basically ignore their emotions, Instead, go through every step of this guide and embrace the lessons so that you can emerge from this experience as a stronger and wiser.