Satisfying Suman Latik from Senyor Juan

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I happened to visit the Mall of Asia branch in Pasay City. So what exactly does Senyor Juan has to offer? It’s Suman Latik or Suman sa Lihia. They have two major “Suman” categories: (1) Espesyal and (2) Fried Suman Latik. I tried all of the variants under each category. Here’s my honest assessment on each:

Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik
Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik
Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik

My favorite among the Espesyal category would be Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik and Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik. Both have traditional sweet flavors with additional Filipino fun flavors. I love mangoes and it gives additional sweetness to your suman. The ube and macapuno gives that refreshing touch to your suman. You’re like eating a halo-halo along with your suman. The Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik was also good but the leche flan itself was too sweet. It was balanced by the saltiness of the ground peanuts. I would gave the first two ACES while Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik got a HIT.

Fried Chocolate Suman Latik
Fried Cheese Suman Latik

Under the Fried category, I love them both especially the Fried Cheese Suman Latik. I really love the crispy yet not oily texture of each fried suman. Definitely an ACE for me!

Apart from these mouth-watering desserts, they also have hot and cold beverages that is best paired with their award winning suman.

Gourmet Kape Barako and Iced Cold Barako Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Mangosteen Dalandan Honey Juice and Mangosteen Juice

I love the Hot Chocolate by Senyor Juan and as well as Iced Cold Barako Coffee. The rest got a passing mark to me.

I would really recommend it to my friends and family. It’s the perfect and the most affordable pasalubong! I think one advantage of Senyor Juan is the presentation of their suman latik as well as the affordability of the items in their menu. You may visit any of Senyor Juan‘s branches nationwide.

Senyor Juan Branches (grabbed from Senyor Juan’s official website)

I would also like to thank their hospitable and friendly staff. Thank you mga ate! 🙂

The friendly staff of Senyor Juan MOA

Alternatively, you may contact them at their official social media accounts:

Twitter: SenyorJuan_ph

The Tennis Foodie approved
The Tennis Foodie approved

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  1. I never knew Mangosteen juice is so incredible.
    Thank you tennisfoodie for helping this reach out to me.
    I’ll visit this place again,again and again. Only because of the tennisfoodie.

  2. Wow! What delicious-looking treats. I wish there was a restaurant near me that served up fabulous dishes like these. You’re super lucky to enjoy such fancy desserts and beverages.

  3. Wow! That’s one delicious post. I too love mangoes when it comes to desserts, I think they enhance the flavor to another level. If given a chance, I’d try the latik with mangoes.

  4. Fried Chocolate Suman Latik and Fried Cheese Suman seem to be really exotic dishes. I am arriving at place of increasing appreciation for the diversity of our world For instance I have never had Fried Chocolate Suman Latik and Fried Cheese Suman nor could I construct these dishes from my own imagination. I am sure there is rich history behind each of these dishes. These dishes are informed by and reflective of cultural tastes and mores. One can truly explore the world through the various cuisines.

  5. the desserts look so delicious! i have never tried anything like any of those so I am curious to try them for myself. your pictures make them look great!

  6. Haven’t tried most of these delicacies and it sounds very delicious. I would love to have a taste of them too! Need to take note of this so I can try it whenever I get to see something like this.

  7. Wow what some interesting looking dishes, I really want to try the two from the fried category they both look and sound up my street yet are something really different.

  8. I’ve never heard of this before, but that fried chocolate looks amazing. Too bad that they don’t offer it in my country, I would love to try it.

  9. I love discovering other’s cultures foods, this is my first time hearing about Suman Latik. I’ve tried flan in the past and really enjoyed it.

  10. That suman latik with little chocolates sprinkled on top looks very interesting. I like how they modernized the ordinary suman latik! Will try it when I visit MOA.

  11. I already love Suman Latik but i absolutely have to try Senyor Juan’s– all the variants look delicious especially the one with leche flan.

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