Thermogenic Treatment at SvelT’i

Burning calories has been on my mind since few weeks ago. I had made some changes with my diet and exercise regime. Let’s face it, it’s not enough to remove the unwanted fats and excess weight in your body. I’m starting to increase my exercise in the gym and my tennis matches per week but it really takes a lot of effort to sustain these activities. The thermogenic treatment at SvelT’i safely and effectively burns fat by increasing the body’s metabolic process. It promotes relaxation and better sleep during rest hours, while energizing your body during the day. It is a convenient and alternative way to burn all those fats away!

SvelT’i clinic
Waiting area

I had a privilege to try one session of thermogenic treatment at SvelT’i. In the clinic, they will first assess you and get your body measurements & vital statistics. It was surprisingly convenient and fun at the same time. You have an option to do read a book, sleep or even use your cellphone during the treatment. A nurse also assists during and after the treatment.

Thermogenic machine
One of the treatment rooms in SvelT’i

The thermogenic machine hastens the patient’s metabolic rate thus expediting the fat reduction and weight loss. To see better results, a once a week session is recommended. The thermogenic treatment also improves the patient’s cellular oxygenation, skin condition and blood circulation.

Thermogenic treatment
You can relax or sleep during the treatment

I really recommend this treatment. It’s shedding the fats without any effort. Try it now at SvelT’i.

I feel refreshed and slimmer after the treatment.

SvelT’i is located at 61 Timog Avenue Quezon City, Philippines 1100. You may contact them at 0918 878 3584. Their clinic is open from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday.

To know more about SvelT’i and their services, check out their official website:

Alternatively, you may contact them through their official social media pages:

Instagram: svelti_ph
Facebook: sveltiph
Twitter: svelti_ph


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  1. Hey I need this treatment so much! I need to burn some calories too. Btw you looking sexy there :p

  2. I’m not familiar with this treatment, but I will certainly look into it. It sounds intriguing!

  3. This is pretty interesting. I’ve never heard of this type of treatment before. I will have to see if it’s available here in the United States.

  4. This sounds pretty cool. I would give it a try. As a marathoner I struggle with weight because long distance and being slow means I don’t always burn calories efficiently.

  5. This looks like such an amazing treatment. I know that I would love to try it out for myself.

  6. This sounds interesting. I would give it a try. I’m trying to lose some weight as well.

  7. I need that, too. As I grew older, I found it hard to remove excess fat. I used to be thin when I was younger even if I didn’t exercise or diet but when I turned 35, maintaining weight became an effort.

  8. That looks amazing and relaxing. I have never heard of this kind of treatment before. I will have to check where the nearest place like that is here in the States where I live.

  9. This sounds like an amazing supplemental tool to help burn more fat in addition to eating healthy and being active. I would love to try it.

  10. Wow i didn’t know that there is a fat burning machine like this because i need this so badly right now.. The pandemic lockdowns are not really working well withbmy diet lols. And this is just in QC. I just wonder how costly this treatment is and how many sessions you need to get your desired result

  11. Thank you so much for this reco. I myself need to shed my covid gains in a “fast” way haha

    Also, you might want to double check the link of their website. Its being pointed to a 404 site.

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