Tips To Create Modern Kitchen Space Ideal for Cooking

The kitchen hosts some of the essential day-to-day activities at home. So, it needs to look good while you maintain its functionality. The kitchen should be an exciting place you would love to be either cooking, eating, cleaning, or even entertaining. 

Interestingly, creating a modern kitchen that makes cooking comfortable is not as difficult or expensive as we think. It only involves the creative and strategic arrangement of this functional area. Are you in need of an ideal setup and décor tips for your kitchen? 

If you plan to renovate or redesign your kitchen, the tips below will help you create a great kitchen space. It works for both small and large kitchen spaces in modern homes.

Do you like fresh paintings or photo prints in your kitchen?

Remove All Wastes 

It is normal to have a lot of wastes coming from the kitchen. However, it is best to get rid of these wastes as they come to prevent clusters. It will also create a clear Path for steps. Put the dirty dishes in the dishware and other trash in the right places. 

Design Wide Workways 

Workways are essential in the kitchen because it helps you to coordinate traffic movement around your kitchen. They will not only give your kitchen a neat layout, but they will also mitigate the possibility of accidents. Designing wide walkways make your refrigerators more accessible and ease the movement of hot items.  

Use Appealing Décor

Décor is essential in any home space with kitchen décor inclusive. It makes the area more appealing, and most times, it also enhances the functionality. There are several elements of kitchen décor, including lights, furniture, and wall arts. Using wall arts will make your space colorful and more appealing. It also creates a focal point and adds texture to your kitchen. Feel free to check out some fantastic wall art ideas for your kitchen at ElephantStock. Using light colors will also work better for small spaces because dark colors will shrink up small spaces.

I love kitchen tools in my kitchen.

Plan Landing Space Near Your Appliances 

Landing spaces near your appliances offer you a safe place to drop or place items while cooking and preparing ingredients. It is best to put this consideration in mind when designing your kitchen. Consider leaving a 15 inches space on the countertop at each side of your cooker and refrigerator. 

Use Quality Cooking Appliances

Using quality appliances plays two roles in one. Firstly, these appliances help you to create a modern kitchen space. Secondly, they allow you to create a functional kitchen space. Doubling up these appliances might be essential if you have a large family or more people coming into your area. 

Be Smart When Storing Kitchen Utensils 

Storing kitchen utensils, especially those we frequently need, is one of the most challenging parts of kitchen setup. It is best to arrange so that they will be within easy reach without causing clusters in your space. For instance, it is best to hank your knives on a magnetic strip tacked to a backsplash. This consideration will also help you ensure that the kitchen is safe for you and others, particularly children.

I love colorful prints!

Use Suitable Lights 

Lighting is quite essential in every kitchen space. Apart from its role in kitchen décor, suitable light is also necessary while cooking or doing other activities. The type of light cam also depends on your kitchen type. 

Ensure That All Kitchen Surfaces Are Sparkling at Every Point 

Cleanliness is one of the most crucial features that you shouldn’t lack in your kitchen. Since you use the kitchen almost every day, you should also consider cleaning as much as you use it. Ensuring that your kitchen is sparkling will make it more appealing. It will also ensure that the food you make in the kitchen is safe and healthy.

I like fresh designs as it gives lighter feel in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts 

The kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in the home. It is common to regard the kitchen as the powerhouse in modern homes. So, as we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we have to make it as beautiful and functional as possible. The tips above will help you to create the modern kitchen of your dreams!

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  1. Oooh… I love that mango background. Great tips! I’ll check Elephant Stock now since I’m renovating my house.

  2. I always love to see inviting kitchen.. While many of us will focus more on decorating the living room, i do think Kitchen deserves the same treatment. I imagine myself having a spacious kitchen someday with a nice countertop on the center where i can do all the baking and cooking.. Thanks for these tips

  3. We are planning to redo our kitchen sometime in the future. I will keep these points like the landing space one in mind when we are designing!

  4. I agree that we should clean the kitchen as much as we use it. A sparkling look to this part of the home is everything.

  5. As much as possible I like my kitchen to be neat and minimalist even though I’m not the one who usually uses the kitchen, but my hubby. Having proper light is best, but if necessary use natural light in the daytime.

  6. These are great tips. I think too many people only focus on aesthetics, and they don’t take into account workspace or workflow.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this article! I’m currently moving into a new space and am fortunate enough to start completely from scratch. However, its a 1bdr and quite tricky, so I need to force myself to focus on only the most important necessities, your tips really helped me what to focus on 🙂

  8. Great post! I love the wall arts. It gives vibrancy and life to my future kitchen space. Love it! Merci beaucoup!

  9. I recently moved to a new place and even though everything is set, I am having quite a hard time to make my kitchen look good. Thanks for the tips, I will include them to make my kitchen look better.

  10. Yes To the Landing space near appliances. My mom didn’t have any and it was so difficult to cook.

  11. There are some really sound and sensible suggestions here for sure. Using lighting is a great way to create a modern look x

  12. Lights and decor are a big thing when it comes to your kitchen space. Because it’s mostly filled with essentials, wipeable surfaces etc, it’s important we decorate it to appeal to our senses.

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