Dining Room Wall Art Ideas

In the world of home decoration, it is almost impossible to overestimate how important the dining area is. Beyond the furniture, the great meals, the company, there exists an atmosphere your dining room creates. 

This article will teach you how to turn your dining area into a designer space by the simple use of wall arts. With our team of professionals in conjunction with expert designers as the source of inspiration, this article details how to choose the best prints for your dining area.

How important is the dining room?

The dining area is perhaps the most important, after the living room. The living room sets the tone for how the dining area should appear. Wall arts are famous for setting the mood in any gathering. Set the mood for a nice flow of conversation by hanging wall arts. You could put up a large piece of art to make it the focal point.

One of the techniques in design is to stick to at least three shades.

The perfect color combination

It is advisable to start with a neutral base. Add colors according to your taste and desired aesthetics. Blue, beige, and red are classic colors but choose contemporary colors like brown or purple for a more popular look.

In decoration, color patterns are very crucial. They are inarguably the most necessary aspect of home decoration. Colors add beauty and light, set the tone and mood, and provide an excellent sight.

When choosing the color palette for your dining area, reference the classy 60-30-10 technique. It is a simple decorating process that will help guide you to pick the proper color scheme. This scheme suggests 60 percent of a dominant color, 30 percent of an auxiliary color, and 10 percent of an accent shade. This method helps you maintain a perfect balance of colors, revealing a touch of professionalism to your home design.

Shapes adds additional dimension to each designs.

The shape of the wall art

ElephantStocks has compiled a detailed layout guide for your wall arts. Match your chosen aesthetics with their layout guides to create a perfect canvas for your wall art.

Do not professionals advise that wall arts should sit about 2-3 inches apart. It should appear as one continuous whole, creating a gallery wall with just enough space to create a unique appearance. Putting too much distance between corresponding artworks makes it seen awkwardly disconnected.

A guide to getting the perfect art size

Your wall art should take about 75 percent of your available wall space. Elephantstock has come up with the ultimate size guide. Measure the height and width of the wall; then multiply the measurement by 0.6 and 0.75, respectively.

The result will reveal the range of canvas print sizes to grace your walls.

Do you like contemporary art? How about modern ones?

Contemporary and stylish dining room wall decoration

Tips from Elephantstock’s interior designer Elimae Lobo Saenz advise creating a warm atmosphere, a bright and delicate dining room. Spaces like such are great for gatherings or to enjoy a nice and quiet time, accompanied by a cup of coffee. Implement the use of light-colored woods and a touch of color in detail to brighten up your dining space. Learn to put together organic materials and infuse a personal touch by using elements that pique your interest.

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  1. I love contemporary design. I would like to incorporate these tips at my living room. I’ll definitely check out Elephant Stocks. Thanks for the info!

  2. The formal dining room is not very popular in California. Personally, I love a comfy and casual room that encourages conversation and connection.

  3. If i am going to design my kitchen, i think i will go to that contemporary style. I also love minimalistic approach too. I personally think it makes the place more spacious
    Thank you for sharing thesd design ideas

  4. I didn’t realize art was to take up that much room on a wall. I have photos but no wall art. I’ll probably get some when we get around to moving.

  5. I”ll probably use these ideas to spruce up my family room walls. My dining area is open and not a lot of wall space there.

  6. Oh, yes, the dining room is one of the most important rooms at home. We decorated our in more neutral colors like beige, with pieces of wall art. Thanks for your ideas! We will consider them by the next renovation.

  7. I didn’t know that about the percentage that wall art should take of your wall. It makes sense but I hadn’t even thought of that! I will keep these ideas in mind when we redecorate!

  8. Thank you for cool ideas. We bought a new house 6 months ago and I still decorate it. We definitely need more wall arts.

  9. Hhhhmmmm…alright then! The dining-area, just like you have said, is the second-most important place to me in a house and I need to put more emphasis into it! Thanks for the ideas you’ve shared.

  10. Yes… I agree. A dining room is an important place where the family gets together to enjoy dinner after a day at work and spend precious time together. Your decor ideas are lovely!

  11. Artwork makes any area look better. And having artwork in the dining space makes it conducive to greater mindfulness, which is important so that you don’t rush through your meal.

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