5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Men

If you’ve played All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey at least once in the last couple of days, it means that the holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking what present to buy for your loved ones. Choosing and buying a present for a woman is quite easy; they will gladly tell you what they need, or you can choose from a plethora of different, yet very original, options. However, choosing a gift for a guy is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, they have no idea what they need or what they actually want, and the pool of presents is slightly smaller. Take a look at these five ideas if you need any help in getting your boyfriend, brother or father a Christmas gift!

1. For the sports lover

Since most men fall into this category, let’s start with it first. Anything that’s sport-related will make any sports lover extremely happy, but you have to know what sports he’s into and what size he’s wearing. For example, if he’s a gym rat, getting him a new sports bag or gym sneakers is an excellent gift. However, you might also want to consider if there are any other sports he likes to do in his free time. Many guys tend to like tennis a lot, so if this is the case, getting him something tennis related is a great gift to be left under the tree. On the other hand, if basketball or football are his sports, getting him a ball might also be an excellent idea.

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2. For the foodie lover

It might happen that you don’t know what your guy’s passion is, but sometimes the answer might be right in front of you. Does he like to eat and cook? If this is the case, then you know you simply have to gift him something connected to food. The first option would be to get him a good cookbook that incorporates recipes from different cuisines of the world, but if he just likes to eat and not cook, then you should narrow down your choice. A dinner at his favorite restaurant once a month is an excellent gift that you will be able to enjoy as well.

Want to dine in at your favorite restaurant?

3. For the guy who has everything

More often than not, we stumble upon a guy who has everything and doesn’t need anything else. If the guy you’re getting the present for is one of these, then you are in trouble! However, the point of festive gifting is to show that you care, so choosing special online Christmas gifts might do the trick. These gifts are always very original and quite thoughtful, so there’s no risk of making a mistake. You can choose anything from various unique and witty T-shirts and socks, to gadgets and appliances that your guy will like, and which will match perfectly with his personality and home interior.

4. For the travel lover

Another gift that at least two can use is a trip somewhere nice. In case your man likes to travel the world, or has a specific destination he would like to visit, booking him a plane ticket there is a very thoughtful present that he will definitely like. On the other hand, you can browse several exotic travel destinations, see which tickets you can get at a great price, book two and go together! This way, you will be gifting yourself the same thing!

Explore new places with your guy!

5. For the fashion lover

Finally, your last resort can be getting your man a fashion item, which is a wonderful idea if he’s into fashion. There are two ways in which you can play this – you can either take him shopping with you and get him something that he likes, or browse online and try to find good but generally unknown and new clothing brands, and support them by getting him something that you know he will like. It’s not only the big brands that have good clothes; doing your research and finding a good clothing item by an unknown brand shows how much care you gave into choosing the right present.

Give your guy a new shirt or two!

Even though it’s easier said than done, finding a good gift for the most important men in your life is really not rocket science. Just think outside the box, mind our tips and there you go!

Guest Post by Peter who is a travel editor at Men-Ual magazine. Beside blogging he worked as a travel journalist for many publications around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

22 thoughts on “5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Men”

  1. I’ve found that my husband actually loves it when we go shopping together for his Christmas gift. It takes a little “magic” out of the morning, but it’s a great bonding experience to get out together, and frankly, he knows he needs the help. 😉

  2. Yeah, it’s hard to shop for my husband. He’s not into a lot of material things, however, he enjoys getting cologne every Christmas. Great list of Christmas gifts for men!

  3. The special online Christmas gifts is a great idea. I always have trouble with getting gifts for my guy friends and family members, and I would love to purchase some interesting and witty clothes and socks for them. I love how they are original and creative.

  4. Some might consider that thinking of Christmas now would be a little early, but I’m pleased I’ve seen this post now. Mainly because my partner is not easy to shop for as he falls into the ‘I have everything I want’ category. So I am constantly looking for some inspiration so that I can surprise him with something that he would really like. This is likely to take a bit of time so I look forward to looking through the various options and links you have shared here.

  5. These are such a nice suggestions, my husband doesn’t want anything about fashions but I am pretty sure that he will like the gift of a nice place for a trip.

  6. Those are all great Christmas gift ideas. I love to eat, so gift cards to restaurants are always awesome. Or Amazong gift cards. lol Some people hate gift cards, but I love them. I also like getting new gadgets for my kitchen.

  7. Great suggestions. My husband is a bit of a foodie so I know he’d definitely appreciate the restaurant dining gift. Thanks for this.

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