Best Food & Drink Spots in Sydney

In the past years, Sydney has distinguished itself as a premier foodie destination. The melting pot makeup of the city has probably been one of the main influencing factors. Couple it with the Australian’s passion for a good drink, the emerging coffee culture, and the bustling nightlife, and you get an exciting, vivid scene that offers amazing experiences for all the senses. But when you find yourself in a 4-million people city, how do you pick among the thousands of cafes, bars and restaurants? Well, the answer is simple! Take a look at our round-up for the best of the best.

Have a stiff drink or two

Right alongside Sydney’s myriad of restaurants, there is another exciting scene that has been booming in recent years. Premium quality spirits, small distilleries, craft beers and the finest wines are having somewhat of a moment right now. If your idea of a great night out is savouring a glass or two of superior quality, then Archie Rose is the right place for you. This distillery with a wonderful ambiance offers fine spirits and tasty cocktails. If you get peckish, you don’t have to rely on crisps and peanuts. Oh no – the snacks in this place are delicious and surprisingly sophisticated. But perhaps the most winning aspect is the knowledgeable staff who can make spot-on recommendations based on your taste, and tell you all about the ingredients and process for every drink.

Start the day the proper way

Sydney is big on breakfast culture, and plenty of places specialize, or are at least famous for their morning meal. From the staples like bacon and eggs, to fancy trendy stuff like acai bowls and avocado toast – whatever you like, you can probably find a place in the city that does a mouthwatering version. If you’re in the mood for a slightly exotic, but delicious, wholesome and satisfying breakfast, head to Shuk. This popular eatery on Bondi does an intoxicating combo of the Mediterranean and Israeli food. The breakfast favourite is shakshuka, a filling egg dish prepared in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, but there are plenty of other options too.

Drink in the view

When you think of Sydney, the first thing that pops into your mind is most likely the iconic Opera House. Just a few steps from the shell-shaped wonder of architecture, you will find the Opera Bar. The view from the bar is breathtaking – the Opera itself is complemented by the Circular Quay and Harbour Bridge. The bar frequently has live music to enhance the experience even more. The menu mostly includes modern Australian cuisine. Aria is one of the most famous Sydney establishments, helmed by the chef Matt Moran. Be warned: getting a table at Aria requires booking quite a bit of time in advance, and it won’t be cheap. But the gorgeous food and stunning view of the harbour more than make up for it.

Indulge in a fragrant cup of joe

The past few years, Sydneysiders have developed a downright obsession with quality coffee. Getting a bad cup anywhere is highly unlikely. However, there are some places that take coffee making to a new level. Coffee Alchemy, for instance, is one of these places. You won’t find much else here – no food is served at all, but the coffee is exceptional. It’s all about the brew! There are numerous kinds of beans and boutique blends, to suit everyone’s taste. The secret to the flawless taste of every single cup sold at Coffee Alchemy? Believe it or not – it’s constant tasting. The staff taste every variety of coffee they sell every single day – sometimes, when the weather conditions aren’t right, for instance – even several times a day.

Try some Asian

With a huge and diverse Asian population, Sydney is one of the best places in the world to try an Asian restaurant. Try Chef’s Gallery, for a rich and modern Chinese menu. With multiple locations, it’s easy to find one near you. The authentic flavours and pleasant setting make this place a standout. If you find yourself at Bondi Beach, and you’re craving Bangkok street food, head over to Bangkok Bites. The menu is fit for those who like being a bit adventurous with their meals, but everything is scrumptious.

The foodie experience and nightlife have become as much a tourist attraction in Sydney as any of its legendary locations. So, if you happen to find yourself Down Under, treat your taste buds to the unique taste of Sydney.

Guest Post by Peter who is a travel editor at Men-Ual magazine. Beside blogging he worked as a travel journalist for many publications around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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