Scintillating Jaffles at Spiffy’s Grove

Spiffy’s Grove is a great hangout place with a very cozy and chill vibe. It earned its reputation as the only bar in Metro Manila to have brought quality, craft international hard ciders. If you’re into al fresco or casual dining experience, you came into the right place.

Spiffy’s Grove

The bar is ventilated and well-lighted. All of the furniture and store signs are do-it-yourself from locally sourced materials. It provides parking space for its customers.Once you get to the premises, you’ll see a combination of art and gastronomy.

Art + Gastronomy at Spiffy’s Grove

So everyone is asking me, what are jaffles? Jaffles are a type of sandwich cooked in a device with long handles connected to hinged concave plates (jaffle iron).The bread are placed in the opened plates butter-side down on each side with any sumptuous filling. It will then be clamped with the jaffle iron to seal the edges.

In Spiffy’s, they make their jaffles fresh upon order. You can select sweet or savory jaffles for late lunch or dinner depending on your preference. They usually change their menu occasionally so that people will have a lot of options.

Margherita w/ Chicken Jaffles
Banana & Nutella in Cinnamon Toast Jaffles

Apart from jaffles, they also serve homemade dumplings which are the best selling item on their menu.I was lucky to try different flavors: chicken and creamy pesto, pork and green apple and nacho beef to name a few.

Different kinds of homemade dumplings

A wide selection of international ciders are available to choose from. Spiffy’s made their own guide in selecting the right cider:

International Ciders from Australia and New Zealand with Spiffy’s cider guide

Overall, I’m really happy with dining experience. I really love the golden crispy jaffles freshly served with side salad. It’s best paired with an apple cider. Thanks Gladys and Nick for a wonderful gastronomic experience!

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Spiffy’s Grove is located at 412 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque. They are open everyday from 3 PM – 12 MN. You may contact them at +632-501-7765.

You can reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: Spiffy’s Grove
Instagram: spiffysgrove

The verdict: It’s a HIT!
The Tennis Foodie’s favorite: Margherita w/ Chicken Jaffles, Nacho Beef Dumplings

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  1. Looks so good! The pictures show quality presentation to entice one to rush to this place. I want to taste these dishes!

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