Types and Working Process of BBQ Grill Covers

A grill cover is essential for protecting it from the elements of weather and keep it running. These covers come in a wide range of sizes and made from different materials.

  • Ideally, most of the covers are made from oxford fabric material. This ensures high durability even when the weather conditions outdoor changes drastically.
  • In addition to that, these covers come in UV resistant ability that will prevent it from fading due to sun exposure.
Pork Barbeque

The lining with PVC offers further durability of the BBQ grill covers. Some of these covers also have air vents that keep your grill and smoker dry as well as helps in keeping the moisture away.

It may have a strap system or a drawstring strap that ensure a secure and snug fir of the cover on the grill. This also adds to the long-lasting use, heavy-duty performance and additional durability. To provide you additional comfort, these covers also come with pads.

What kind of meat do you like to grill?

There are different types of BBQ grill covers available in the market made from different materials. However, the most common material used to make these covers are:

  • Polyester โ€“ It is clean, versatile and lightweight but has low longevity
  • Vinyl โ€“ It is durable and waterproof and thicker versions only ensure long-lasting use and
  • Canvas โ€“ It is cheap and durable and will keep the outdoor exposure limited.

Just make sure that you compare all the pros and cons of each material and then make an informed decision.

Factors to look for

There are a few specific factors to look for in the BBQ grill covers to make the right choice from the large variety and sizes that are available on the market.

  • Material: As said earlier grill covers are made from polyester, canvas, or vinyl and all of these works well. you must keep your purpose in mind while purchasing one.
  • Grill model: You must check your grill model to know the precise dimensions to ensure a secure and snug fit of the covers on it. It is better to buy a grill cover of the same brand as your grill.
  • Budget: Always keep an eye on your budget so that you do not have to break your bank to get a decent cover but do not settle for the cheapest option as that will cost you more in the long run.
  • Quality: This should be your topmost priority. An attractive grill cover may not be high on quality and vice versa. Keep that is mind to eliminate the chances of tears and punctures.

Also look for the tie down covers, the ones that have vents, and lining preferably with additional pockets.

The maintenance

Consider the maintenance of the grill covers when you buy. It should be washable because it will accumulate dust, dirt and grime over time. washing it will also remove the mold, mildew or any other damaging elements from it.

Know the ways to clean it as well as the cleaning products to use. Ideally, harsh chemicals should be avoided to prevent damaging the quality of your barbeque cover.

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  1. This is excellent information. Many people buy grill covers to take care of their grills, but they forget that they also have tot ake care of the cover, too!

  2. I didn’t actually know there were washable types of these covers. I have a pretty decent one actually. The grill cover is important because the grill is very important in my world. LOL.

  3. this probably sounds so silly but i didn’t know quite what PVC stood for. You gave one of the best and easiest to understand explanations. Thank you. And now that I know it makes total sense for using it in a grill cover.

  4. I didn’t knew there are so many types of BBQ grill covers are there. I’ve purchased several BBQ covers in the past and they don’t last a year. Now I will keep this information in mind before buying a new one.

  5. Holy cow that all looks so delicious. But really it could have not been done without that great grill cover. Thank you for the recommendations on what you use.

  6. It is always best to go for covers that would last longer. Even if you may think they are pricey, just keep in mind that these covers are protecting a more expensive piece of equipment – your BBQ grill.

  7. Great tips. Thank you for sharing this info. I will forward this to my husband. We have a big BBQ that needs some care.

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