Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips

Recently, I stumbled upon the first and only banana chips made of giant saba and cooked in coconut oil – Banana Chief’s. This is perfect for those individuals who are into gluten-free, vegan and organic diet. The banana chips are rich in Potassium and Fiber which are good for your body.

The Tennis Foodie visiting one of the stalls in Robinsons Magnolia.
Ella from Ellatopia posing with Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips.

Saba, a variety of banana, originated in the Philippines. Its official designation is Musa acuminata x balbisiana (ABB Group) ‘Saba’. It is usually eaten raw or cooked into various desserts such as turon, maruya and banana chips. Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips features three signature flavors: Ripe, Salted and Pinoy BBQ. I was able to try the last two flavors. Here are my take on each flavors:

Pinoy BBQ

I love barbecue flavor since I grew up as a heavy meat eater. It was not too smoky in flavor and it had the right amount of kick to it. The bbq flavor did not overpower the taste of the banana chips. It was crispy and lite. I can recommend Pinoy BBQ flavored Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips as a healthier alternative to potato chips. My verdict? I’ll give it an ACE.

Pinoy BBQ flavor


I’m not a fan of salted chips since I’m an advocate of low salt diet. Surprisingly, I loved the Salted flavored Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips. It was not too salty and oily. My score? I’ll give it a HIT.

Salted flavor

If you’re into snacks which can be a healthier alternative to potato chips, try the Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips. See the big difference and enjoy the nutritional value without compromising the taste. It is a proud Filipino product that can boast world class quality. Make way for the chief of all banana chips – Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips!

To know more about the brand, follow them at their official social media accounts:

Instagram: bananachiefsph
Facebook: Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips

47 thoughts on “Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips”

  1. Hello Emmanuel,
    I am so glad I ran into your website, and I’ll be coming back. Here is the thing. I’m always looking for snacks that are a healthier alternative to potato chips. Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips featuring salted and Pinoy BBQ seem perfect snacks. Like you I ‘m not a big fan of salty chips, but no salt chips always seem flavorless. It seems that the salted Banana Chips have the right amount of salt. I also sure that I’d like the BBQ flavored Banana Chips because I like BBQ.

    I think this post will also help people who like potato chips but have to limit their intake because of high blood pressure. Now they can take something that’s healthy without sacrificing flavor. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Emmanuel. A couple of years ago, a friend on a business trip to Philipines bought me some snacks. It was banana chips and another packet of dried mango (if not mistaken). I could not remember if the banana chips were this brand you mentioned but it is definitely not oily. I will get my friend to look out for this during his next trip there. Cheers, Sharon

  3. Emmanual,
    I have never tried banana chips. Sounds like a great snack. I have had baked Kale and frozen bananas. Both make great nutritional snacks. Frozen bananas are also very good for adding to a smoothie.
    I will look the next time I go to the store for some of these banana chips, I think I will try the BBQ ones first. I will see if they are available in my area.

  4. These look great! I want to try the Pinoy BBQ flavor. Banana chips are one of my favorite things! I can’t wait to try this brand.

  5. Those look so good! I keep banana chips in the house all the time for a healthy snack for my three boys. They love them. I’ll have to get some of these.

  6. I am following a gluten free diet. And I love banan chips 😋 will have to give Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips a try.

  7. I love salted banana chips. I grow up eating them while watching TV, and get so addicted to it. I will purchase lots of banana chips when I vsiit Philippines.

  8. This looks like an awesome snack for on the go. My kids love bananas, so they would probably eat these up like candy

    1. It was awesome to know that our simple homemade snacks substitute to candies are now getting a huge hit. There’s a lot of food to make using banana 🙂

  9. This is a new brand of snack for me! They sound do good and I love the flavors available!

  10. I love banana chips. I like them ultra thin and crispy! I have not tried this brand yet, but I will be looking for them in our local grocery store tomorrow!

  11. i love bananas but oddly enough, don’t care for banana chips. maybe i’ll change my mind after trying these! xx

  12. This is one of my favorite healthy snack, my friend always gives me this when she gets back from the Philippines.

  13. I LOVE banana chips. I’ve never tried flavored banana chips. The salt looks like a delicious & interesting flavor.

  14. I enjoy banana chips, as well as my kids. We have only ever had your ‘natural flavored ones’. I look forward to trying a few of these for a healthy alternative.

  15. I love banana chips. Haven’t had them in a while and I’m keen to try these.

  16. Banana chips are such a delicious snack! I would love to try these monsters out!

  17. These look really good! I hate the cheap ones; I would love these!

  18. I love banana chips. They are one of my favorite snacks! I’ll have to check them out!

  19. I have never had banana chips like this before. They do look like they would be such an amazing snack to have on hand!

  20. I have had banana chips before, but not the banana chief giant banana chips. I will look for them because I love banana chips

  21. I love banana chips, these are quite healthy options for snacks. I used to give these banana chips to my daughter as a substitute of salty potato chips

  22. I do like the sound of the BBQ ones. They sound like they’d be interesting. I’ve only ever tried plain ones before.

  23. Hhhhmmmm…I think I will love this kind of chips, too. We have something similar here….only that the chips are in the shape of banana peelings, more or less!

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