4 Tips for Beginners to Perfectly Cook Meat

Many beginner cooks find that cooking a good piece of meat is not as easy as they might’ve thought. Even though there are plenty of ways to cook a piece of meat, some things apply to almost all cooking techniques.

If you keep in mind these four things tips mentioned below, you can easily follow any recipe and cook like a professional.

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Make Sure the Cut Matches How You Intend To Cook It

If you have a desired method of cooking in mind, then you need to make sure the quality meat you buy from The Meat Store matches it.

That means not every cut is suitable for a particular type of cooking, as you will learn below. If you are getting a tough cut, which is from the shoulder, rump, or other heavily exercised areas, then you should slow cook. That refers to roasting, barbecuing, or even stewing.

The tender cuts, on the other hand, are better cooked faster. These areas are not as exercised, meaning the meat is not too rigid. So you can try some quick and dry methods like grilling or roasting.

Use High Heat for Flavor

When cooking a piece of meat, you would want to have a deep brown appearance with crusty sides. That is the best way to get as much flavor as possible, and it’s done right over high heat.

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That is why you should preheat the pan and make sure it is burning hot. But before you put the meat in, you must dry it with a paper towel properly.

If you are cooking more than one piece of meat, then try not to crowd everything together. It’s better to cook in batches and do it properly, instead of crowding everything in there and ruining it.

Use Low Heat on Larger Cuts

If you have bought some larger cuts, then you might want to keep the heat low and slow cook the meat. The reason is that high heat will cook the outer layers, but the insides might not get properly cooked.

I use low heat for my larger cut meats.

So instead of burning the outer layers to cook the inner ones, you should try to use low heat. If you do try this way, you can have one added benefit. That is, the juices won’t be lost as much, and the meat will retain much of its moisture. 

Let It Rest

After you are done with the carryover cooking, you should take out the meat and it rest. If you are not familiar with the idea of carryover cooking, it’s the temperature at which you should take out the meat from the grill, oven, or pan. You can find the temperature chart anywhere online.

I like a good barbeque.

Since all the juices of your meat collect in the center while cooking, resting the meat for a few minutes allows the juices to redistribute across the meat. That makes it much more delicious.

You can rest a tender cut for 5 to 10 minutes, and the tough cuts taste better after 15 to 20 minutes of rest.

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  1. These are excellent tips. I’m a big fan of meat, and I’ve always appreciated really good cuts of meat when they’re cooked well.

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