Tips For Choosing the Fresh and Best Beef

We all have to eat a healthy diet, and for this, we need to choose our food wisely. Most of us, when they come to eat meat, they believe it is not healthy and unnecessary, while they consider chicken healthier and more tasty. But trust me, this analogy is not entirely true. For those who have cholesterol issues and gain weight easily, choosing the right and fresh meat is very important.

How do you like your meat?

On the other hand, some people love to eat meat. They like to start their day with a dish made of meat, or they satisfy their meat craving at dinner.

So here we have come up with the basic guidelines which you all would need when you next time shop meat.

1.      Choose the Right Shop

When you decide to eat healthily, you need to choose those shops that sell quality food items. You may find around a lot more shops that sell meat, and might claim quality, but you have to make sure of it yourself. And when it comes to the meat shop, most people hesitate to shop it in person, or they ask someone else to bring them meat. So if you are the one you don’t need to ask anyone, you can shop online as you can find many online shops that offer meat delivery services in Melbourne.

2.      How to Get the Right Cut

 The right cut means which part of an animal you want to buy. You might not know, but the good part of the meat comes from the back of an animal that is from the rump, loin, and rib. Back parts of an animal are usually tenderer than the front parts, including flank, shoulder, and flank. Back parts’ meat is usually more in demand and available in smaller portions and which is high in demand and more expensive. Moreover, the front parts’ meat takes more time to get cooked as compared to the back parts. Meat from back parts gets cooked on high flames faster.

What cut do you usually buy?

3.      Bone or Boneless Meat

This is completely a personal preference, whether one wants boned or boneless meat. There are few benefits of meat with bones, such as it takes less time to cook as compared to boneless meat. You might not know, but bone meat is a good heat conductor, and bones help to get heat spread while cooking. Some professional chefs also used to say meat with bones has a better taste as compared to boneless, and it also takes less time to prepare and also cost less.

I like it boneless most of the time.

On the other side, some people like boneless as they find it hard to trim the meat off the bone. So again, it depends on preferences.

4.      Appearance and Color

While purchasing meat, you should consider the color and appearance of meat. It should be high in juiciness, tenderness, and flavor. Also, it should be free of bruises, broken bones, discoloration, and feathers. Meat should be brighter in color and remember one more thing stale meat looks grey or brown in color. 

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  1. Great tips! Now that Father’s Day is around the corner I want to get my husband a nice steak. Didn’t know about the benefits of buying with bone than boneless. Thanks!

  2. Great post. This is really helpful for choosing a fresh beef. I’ll always remember this for my next purchase. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good tips there for choosing beef.As I said before in a previous comment I am a butcher and I really love beef. Give me another important tip is to listen to your butcher when he has any advice for you They know what they’re talking about

  4. I’ve always believed in choosing the right place to get a great quality meat. I think you have to be very aware on how they operate. I always have my favorite shops for this.

  5. Since I don’t buy or cook meat, I can certainly share these tips with some people!

  6. Great tips. I really love a good cut of beef and I’ll be more careful when I buy some to make sure I have the best cut

  7. This is so informative. My hubby loves beef so I will definitely use this as a reference next time we a shopping for groceries.

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  11. These are really great tips. Thank you for sharing. I always buy from the same butcher but will remember your advices next time I’m buying.

  12. Thank you for these tips! I don’t eat a lot of beef, so I usually send my husband to the store when we need some because he is more knowledgeable (and more picky) about meat. But sometimes, I do have to go myself so will keep this in mind!

  13. Yes, I definitely love meat, and for me, dishes with meat taste better. I haven’t used online meat shopping until now. I usually buy meat from butcher shops and prefer to choose the meat pieces that I like. Thanks for your tips! 🙂

  14. YES!!!!! Our family actually uses a local butcher for our red meat. Hands down the best cuts and quality of meat. We use to buy in the grocery stores and I just couldn’t get to the same quality of meat.

  15. These are all great tips for picking out the best beef. It definitely depends on what you are making. Having a local butcher shop is awesome too, because you can usually get exactly what you want.

  16. Honestly, i am not really a picky eater and i don’t have the idea how to pick the best meat but i do enjoy boneless meat most of the time. It’s always my mom who do all the shopping and she’s quite meticulous about the food she picks (that’s why i often don’t join her lols). Thank you for these shopping tips..

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