How to Eat Healthy Without “Dieting”

In recent years, fitness has become a very important aspect of our lives. The fitness industry is growing by the day and producing many influencers and trainers who teach us about healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle in general. The best part about those fitness journeys is that there are no strict diets that you have to follow. The next few steps will teach you something about this.

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Diet doesn’t equal starving

When you hear the word diet, you automatically picture a plate with some peas on it, fruit, and water, when in reality it is far from that. Diet actually represents healthy, moderated eating. Many foods that are incorporated in every diet actually have a high caloric value, keeping you energized and full for a long time. Meanwhile, they are not bad because they don’t contain refined sugar, but rather complex carbohydrates which take more time to absorb. You should know that to follow a certain diet does not mean feeling hungry all the time and eating small portions. Healthy food is normally expensive, and that is why people opt for fast food in most cases – to get their money’s worth. However, there are some tricks you can use to save a few bucks on food while still eating enough.  

Healthy foods can be delicious

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Healthy food is often thought of as flavorless and plain. The biggest trick you have to learn is to prepare it the right way. For starters, you can master a few dressings and sauces and spice up your vegetables or salads with that. They can be made from fresh and seasonal ingredients and many different spices that are both healthy and delicious. Mix meat with sweet sauces made from fruits, or add a sweet-sour mix to your salad for more flavor.

You can eat healthy food even when ordering in

Sometimes our lives get pretty hectic and busy, and we resort to ordering food. Working, going to school and the gym and making time for your friends and family is time-consuming on its own without spending long hours in the kitchen. If, however, you are training and don’t want to break your healthy eating habits, there is a way to have fitness meals delivered. You can even choose the meal based on your goal. A mix of meat and vegetables is just one option, but will give you enough protein, healthy fats and minerals. It’s as easy as it sounds because the menu is designed for people who are into sports especially. Another good option is to prepare food in advance. It’s best to choose foods that can stay in the fridge for a few days. That way, if you are in a hurry, you can just reach in and take your meal to go.

Healthy replacements for sweets

If you have a sweet tooth, it is probably hard for you to maintain your diet. Cravings are normally hard to resist and control, but once you try replacements for your favorite sweets, you will come to love them. Besides protein bars that you can buy, there are certain tricks you can incorporate in your routine. Replace regular chocolate with dark chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa. Cut down on unnecessary sugar whenever you are making something. Opt for cakes and cookies that have more egg whites or wheat and less flour and butter. Nowadays, there are even flavored whey protein products. You can mix them with bananas and almond milk, for example, and eat that as a smoothie, or freeze it to get delicious ice cream. You won’t even feel a big difference when compared the sweets you usually eat.

I love healthy food. How about you?

A healthy diet is actually supposed to be tasty, because it is based on fresh ingredients that are normally baked or cooked, not fried. Along those lines, it is also supposed to keep you full because it usually involves lots of protein, good fats, sugar and even fiber. The culinary profession combined with fitness has given us substitutes for almost any unhealthy food that we like to eat. Now we don’t have to give up something that we like for the sake of dieting.

32 thoughts on “How to Eat Healthy Without “Dieting””

  1. I like the concept of healthy foods can be delicious that you mention. It takes a little effort but can be done.

  2. I quite love this article. I think you are spot on – and perhaps if we could convince the world that diet refers to the food you eat, not the food that you don’t eat 😉. Great post

  3. I struggle with taking sweets out of my diet, I like your suggestion about cutting out unnecessary sugars, I am going to try this.

    1. I love sweets so much and I too struggle but I think I’m the end it will be worth it.

  4. This post really helps eliminate the stigma of dieting. I don’t like the use of the word “diet”, but rather, “changing my eating habits”.

  5. This is such an awesome post! Dieting is about denial and rigidity. Lifestyle changes are the only thing that work.

  6. Thanks for this article! I am honestly on a diet now but I feel like I am starving always. Hahaha. Thanks for this!

  7. I’m all for everything in moderation, and a healthy dose of exercise, fruits, and vegetables. That works for me.

  8. Thank you so much for your informative tips.

    all we think healthy foods are boring. but it does not have to be as you mention in your article.

    thank you.

  9. Eating healthier is still difficult for me especially if there are people around you who are not restricted in their diets.

  10. It is always better to make healthier meal choices than to deprive yourself of certain food. That is not an effective way of dieting because it will make you give in to your craving. Portion control and good, delicious filling food is the way to go.

  11. It’s true, you can totally have a healthy lifestyle without dieting. It’s all about the choices that we make, and honestly buying fresh food is not that much more expensive than the pre-packaged stuff.

  12. I couldn’t agree more with your statement on how healthy doesn’t mean you’re starving. There are a variety of good fats that fill you up.

  13. This is so helpful, seing as I’ve been struggling with the idea of dieting for awhile. I too always think of eating healthy as less but that is far from the case!

  14. i’m not a dark chocolate fan but the other options are great suggestions. i’ll have to bookmark this and go over it again soon.

  15. No matter how many famous influencers shared their so-called effective dieting, it is a no no to believe what they say especially if they have zero background in this matter. Only consult to a dietician or nutritionists.

  16. Love the thoughts, I want to try this since staying Healthy is way harder than we think it is. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love these tips. When I discovered that I could find delicious, healthy food at restaurants when we ate out, it was a total game changer for me.

  18. I always struggle with my sweet tooth but mostly strive for whole foods as much as possible. I’ve also been learning to incorporate a more alkaline diet.

  19. I love love this post! I always tend to crush and always go to dieting, this opened my eyes in a new way!

  20. When I was a teenager, I tried to go on a diet (a.k.a. starve myself) to lose some of that baby fat. My mom told me, “Don’t you know that the meaning of DIET is “DIE with a T?” It made me realize that I was doing things the wrong way. Dieting is all about healthy food choices.

  21. Healthy foods can definitely be delicious! My main focus when I cook is to make healthy food desirable!

  22. I’ve always wondered why some of the people I know call starving themselves as diet. Totally agree with your post and there are plenty of great things to learn from this.

  23. Yes, it is really possible eating healthy without dieting. I don’t really like dieting, and starving myself, so I researched about this topic a long time ago, and I was also enlightened.

  24. Thanks for sharing these healthy eating tips which will be useful to all those who read this and serve as an inspiration to cut down on junk food.

  25. This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing. Dieting is truly different for everyone.

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