Rafael Nadal – Favorite at French Open 2019

It’s the clay season! Rafael Nadal has been always the favorite in this time of the year. This year, he reached the semi-finals of Monte Carlo (l. to Fognini) and Barcelona (l. to Thiem). He lost to both the eventual champions of the clay court events so he’s still a HOT favorite among the current ATP World Tour roster. An 11-time champion at Monte Carlo, Nadal holds the Open-Era record of eight (8) successive titles in Monaco between 2005-2012. He is regarded as the best competitor in clay.

Rafael Nadal at Barcelona Open 2019

From the second quarter of this year, Rafa will be defending a huge 4,680 ATP Ranking points after winning the titles in Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, Rome and Paris (Roland Garros / French open) last year.

Rafa’s booming forehand

Rafael Nadal (AKA the “King of Clay”) is always a favorite at the French Open and here’s why: his preparation.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Alfonso Jimenez/Shutterstock (9709249at) Rafael Nadal celebrates his winning against Dominic Thiem French Open, Roland Garros, Paris, France – 10 Jun 2018 Roland Garros 2018 Final Men, Rafael Nadal wins against Dominic Thiem

He makes sure that he is injury free by not overplaying in the tour. At Mallorca (his hometown), Rafa follows a certain routine: (1) practices early in the morning; (2) heavy breakfast after practice. It is usually fish and rice combo; (3) rest in the afternoon.

Rafa eats heavy breakfast!

Apart from these reasons, Nadal also has the best statistics on second serve on clay courts. He also capitalizes on the forehand side returns where he is famously standing far back behind the baseline to take a huge swing at the serve, then redirect himself according to where his shot lands. He uses a lot of spins on his shots too.

Would you like to eat with Rafael Nadal in Paris?

So at the end of the day, who are you rooting for at Roland Garros? For me, it’s definitely Rafael Nadal!

21 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal – Favorite at French Open 2019”

  1. I’d just like to eat in Paris. 😉 I smiled at the part of not overplaying to try to stay injury-free. I bet that is the hard part because people love to just get out there and go!

  2. I love to watch him play tennis. He really leaves it all out on the court. He’s like the Deadpool of tennis. Maximum effort!

  3. We have a clay court at the Tennis Club we were members at and I love playing on clay. I am not sure why, but it is always my best game.

  4. Playing on clay would be soooo hard! But maybe not as hard as grass! Haha. I admire athletes and thoroughly enjoy the game of tennis! I also admire that breakfast!

  5. The energy and fitness level of Rafael is amazing.
    Interesting routine that he has by: (1) practices early in the morning; (2) heavy breakfast after practice. It is usually fish and rice combo; (3) rest in the afternoon.
    …I wonder if this is key to his enduring stamina.

  6. It takes a lot of hard work to be the best of the best. He’s proof that dedication and hard work pays off.

  7. I have never heard of Rafael Nadal until now. He seems like a great tennis player to watch.

  8. I like reading about athletes who are performing well in their chosen sport. I am more of a basketball and volleyball fan but it was nice to learn about Rafael Nadal. Maybe I can watch his match sometime.

  9. That is one big breakfast! Well, as much calories as he burns with every game, I guess he can eat as much as he would like. I have not actually seen him play tennis, but I will check out videos of him playing. He sounds like he is one good tennis player!

  10. I used to watch tennis all the time years ago. I have lost touch with it and don’t even know most of the names involved. I would love to get back to it someday. And start playing with my kids again.

  11. He is really awesome player of Tennis. I really love watching him to play. Never doubt why he’s the favorite at french.

  12. One of my favorite players and I love how he inspired so many people in his professional career. Thanks for sharing his story with the world, too – Knycx Journeying

  13. i love tennis but i wish i was better at it lol. such a fun sport to watch.

  14. I had no idea Rafael Nadal was the best known player for clay courts! I hope to see him play in person one day when I’m able to travel again!

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