5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Coffee Business Packaging

Many coffee companies upgrade packaging to give products a fresh look or to keep up with design trends. Whether you are planning to expand your product line or just want to experiment with the latest innovations in custom coffee packaging, here are five reasons to consider upgrading the packaging for a coffee business.

Do you care about the packaging of your coffee?

Brand Promotion Package

The materials you use to present coffee products or for packaging snack items should make your brand stand out. If your current packaging does not promote your brand with consistent logos across product lines and custom designs for each SKU, you should consider upgrading your packaging for brand promotion.

Upgrading coffee business packaging is a relatively small investment when you consider that the total coffee and tea market is expected to rebound to an average growth of 9% yearly for a total market value of over $191 billion by 2023. New packaging can help to keep a coffee brand competitive in an expanding market.

Maintain Freshness

If you sell whole bean or ground coffee, maintaining freshness is imperative. Any packaging you use for coffee products should be airtight to prevent loss of aroma and flavor and reduce the risk of spoilage. 

How do you like your coffee roasted?

Brands that still sell coffee in packages without degassing valves can benefit from an upgrade. Coffee beans give off carbon dioxide after roasting, which can undermine freshness and flavor over time. A degassing valve allows CO2 to escape without admitting oxygen. 

Increased Competition

Whether you sell or buy coffee, you are likely aware of the presence of many more options on the market. In order to stand out, many brands are turning to next-generation materials such as Mylar packaging

Coffee products are conventionally sold in center seal bags, though other options are also available. The size and shape of coffee packaging is important, but package colors, content, and design also contribute toward consumer appeal.

A Changing Market

There are always new trends in the coffee market. It is worthwhile for coffee business owners and decision-makers to do market research on the competition and their demographic. Some brands market to younger coffee drinkers while others target connoisseurs. 

There has been numerous coffee trends recently in the last 2-3 years.

The expectations of every demographic also change over time. Packaging designs and marketing materials that were well received by customers ten years ago may not get the same reception today. It is important to account for changing tastes in terms of the products you offer and how you present these products.

Connect With Customers

Customers should be easily able to find out more about coffee beans, roasting methods or brands from packaging. Smart packaging involves printing Quick Response or QR codes on packages where customers can scan these codes with smartphones and learn more.

If your current coffee packaging does not stand out or preserve the aroma, flavor and freshness of your products, you should upgrade packaging sooner rather than later. Following trends in coffee packaging technology and design can ensure that your product packaging looks and feels cutting edge and that the contents stay fresh.