5 Reasons Why Craft Beer is Better

Beer lovers all over the globe are united in their love for this amazing drink, agreeing that it’s probably the best thing the world has ever seen. However, there’s an issue they don’t agree on – whether craft beer is better than mass-produced beer or not. They have different opinions and focus on different things, but it seems that fans of craft beer are getting the word out and letting everyone know why this beer is superior. So, if you too are a fan of craft beer, here are five reasons to support this idea and start drinking more craft beer than before.

Have you tried any craft beer yet?

A lasting impact on society

Even if you don’t notice it, the fact is that craft beer is introducing a major change in our society and influencing all sorts of people. From small breweries run by beer enthusiasts who just want to do something they love to local bars serving different craft beers, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. This usually starts as a hobby, but soon turns into a proper way to make a living, and it’s a wonderful way to take something you love to a new level and show the people around you why it’s such a great idea.

Higher alcohol content

There are lots of different beers in the world, and they’re presented as the most gnarly drinks you can have, but the truth is that most of these beers aren’t that full of alcohol at all. Beer usually has between 2% and 5% alcohol by volume – and that’s not really a lot, especially if you know that certain wines are stronger than that. Luckily, craft beers are full of alcohol – up to 30% or 40% alcohol by volume! – which means they’re a real treat for those hard-core fans. After all, that’s just one of the perks of brewing your own beer, but it’s something people love the most!

Can you tolerate beer with higher alcohol content?

Homely feeling

Craft breweries often open their own small pubs where they can serve their beers and hang out with their customers, and spending time in this type of establishment is something we all need every once in a while. It’s all about the homely atmosphere and feeling good while enjoying your favorite beer, and this is a philosophy lot of brewers in Australia are supporting as well. That’s why you can try tasty craft beer in Margaret River, but also spend some time in a welcoming and enjoyable company, enjoying life and simply doing your body and your soul a favor – and that’s not an option if you drink mass-produced beer.

A part of the community

Speaking of spending time in a nice atmosphere, this is a feeling you can achieve only with craft beer. Yes, you can always go to a bar or a pub and have a few drinks there with your buddies, but it’s not the same as drinking craft beer with other aficionados. Sharing your time with the people who understand the philosophy behind brewing your own beer means spending time with those who share your view of life and understand the world around them the same way you do. Craft beer brings people closer and helps you make friends with those who are like you, and that’s way better than drinking at a random bar with a bunch of strangers.

Let’s cheers to that!

Beneficial to your health

Many people know that your beer is good for your health since it comes with a number of benefits – giving you vitamins, feeding you antioxidants, boosting your serotonin level, making you feel great, etc. – but very few know that craft beer is even better. The reason for this lies in its production method: craft beer receives more love and care and is, therefore, richer when it comes to useful vitamins and minerals. That doesn’t mean craft beer will solve all your health issues, but it will do you a lot of good.

You don’t even have to be the biggest fan of craft beer in the world to appreciate the value of this amazing drink and understand why it’s so good for your body. But, if you really are a fan, now you know why this beer is so much better than those mass-produced beers everyone around you is drinking.

37 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Craft Beer is Better”

  1. My husband and I both love craft beer. It just tastes better. These people and companies care about their beer, and they treat the environment better as well.

  2. Craft beer is our beer of choice. We like it because it’s from local breweries, and we like to support local. There’s something special about the taste that you can’t get from the bigger brands.

  3. The business of craft beer has really boomed . I prefer them more than the standard store brands. I’ve been a fan since my first IPA and Pumpkin Ale.

  4. If craft beers have higher alcohol content as you’ve mentioned, how come it is beneficial to our health? This area is quite confusing though.

  5. I have a friend who is a beer lover. Not sure if they have heard about craft beer. Well, I must share this post with them. 😊

  6. I was never very meticulous about my beer. However, when I tasted a craft beer before, you’ll notice the difference. :0)

  7. The time and energy people put into is what I like about it. Mass production ruins integrity!

  8. My husband only drinks craft beers. We find ourselves exploring more local breweries these past few years to try local craft selections and to support the community.

  9. I am a fan of craft beer and I totally agree with all your reasons. I really like the health benefits it comes with, which is almost equivalent to wine.

  10. I agree with your thoughts on craft beer. Small, backyard breweries are better because of the focus and attention they give in the production of their beer.

  11. I am a fan of craft beer. Everytime I go to other towns and cities and have a chance to drink beer, I always ask for some local carft beer to see what new flavor I can discover!

  12. This gives really good info on craft beer. I have friends that LOVE craft beer and would love reading this.

  13. I love the atmosphere of the pubs that offer craft beer. It feels a lot more personal and you can appreciate the character that is so different from mass-produced beer. There are really a lot of very talented small brewers around these days that produce a superior product that more and more people are starting to appreciate.

  14. Yay! Finally I find some one share the same thought. I love craft beer and plan to jump into the industry but haven’t had the skill and experience. Anyways, my love to craft beer will lead the way

  15. i am not a beer fan myself , as its to bitter for me , i know that there are sweeter options , i am yet to find one that suits my tastebuds

  16. I am a huge fan of craft beer and I completely agree with all your reasons. In fact, I don’t touch regular beer anymore. Thanks for the article.

  17. I’m a big fan of craft beer. It tastes much better and I love to support local breweries and businesses.

  18. To be honest, I’ve always wondered about the difference between regular beer and craft beer. This is all good to know!

  19. is craft beer the stuff that you get from tap? versus bottled beer? or a specific brand versus another?

  20. Call me a beer snob, but being from Charlotte, all I drink is craft beer! It taste way better than the watered down commercial stuff! Great post!

  21. It’s good to know why someone loves something. I have purchased craft beer before for a beer loving friend of mine. It makes for a great gift.

  22. Love it too! Also our favorite pubs somehow have been those that serve craft beer, the vibe is just something else, fun yet so cozy.
    And the taste of it is hands down better than the bottled ones.

  23. My choice is craft beer any day and it’s been like that from the time it was launched in our country. I love the taste and of course because of the alcohol content. What’s a beer if you don’t get a little high.

  24. I could not agree with you more. My other half is big into his beer and would well recommend craft over any other for sure

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