How to Enjoy Delivery While Eating Gluten-Free

Many people have dietary restrictions either by choice or necessity, and while there was a time when these restrictions limited your food choices to self-prepared, home cooked meals, that is not the case today. Therefore, while the thought of food delivery near me may have once brought you to the point of ripping out your hair when searching for gluten-free options, there are numerous restaurants and national chains that now offer these choices on their regular menu.

Have you tried Papa John’s yet?

Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services are specialized services that offer chef-prepared meal plans that are delivered to your door weekly. While these delivery options offer highly customized meals, they are among the most expensive delivery options available. Also, while these plans offer unique dishes, most require you to do the cooking, which may be a significant drawback.

I love pepperoni pizza. How about you?


Though takeout is not precisely delivery, there are potential options for delivery through third-party apps. However, some restaurants do offer delivery options. The great thing about takeout is that the meals are usually better quality than fast food and the portions can be generous. Also, unlike meal services, the food is cooked and prepared for you.

I want a slice right now!

Fast Food

Similar to takeout, there are third-party apps that offer fast food delivery. Also, while there weren’t many gluten-free fast food options only a few years ago, even fast food has evolved to make specific options available. Most national fast-food chains now offer gluten-free options.


Pizza is probably the best option on the list. Not only do they offer gluten-free options, but most pizza places also provide delivery. Also, as any Papa John’s menu will show you, every pizza is made fresh to order, and as a bonus, many restaurants are now offering a pizza rewards account, which earns you rewards with every purchase.

Eating gluten-free was once a challenge, especially when searching for delivery options. However, as the demand has increased the availability of such options has as well. Now, there are delivery services, take out, fast food and pizza options. What are you waiting for? Get dinner out tonight.

22 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Delivery While Eating Gluten-Free”

  1. It seems like every restaurant is finally realizing that there is a HUGE market to tap with gluten free people. I’m so glad they’ve finally seen the gluten free light.

  2. The food industry has through it’s innovative customer focused strategy & options given that element of enjoying outside food without the guilt. Great chains above & my favorite home delivery is Piazza.

  3. It’s great that gluten-allergic people can enjoy to eat out, without getting always worried about what they’re eating !

  4. You made me crave for Papa John’s pizza! Now I have to wait for a few more hours to call for delivery! Haha. Anyway, I am glad that many major food chains have incorporated gluten free options in their menu. It would be nice if they would also include warnings on their food packages like “contains gluten” or “this contains peanuts.” Hope they also recognize the need for such food labels for people with sensitivities to certain food.

  5. I too agree when someone follows gluten free routine it becomes difficult to dine out.

  6. I have my designated favorite places to hit up that I know are a-ok for my diet. Pizza is definitely NOT one of them. But sushi and shawarma are on the list for sure!

  7. A few of my friends can only eat gluten free foods. One of them has celiac disease, and she is very particular about the restaurants she goes to.

  8. I do love pizza, I was already salivating before I even started reading your post. Just pictures got me thinking about how would like to have a taste.

  9. I think it is great that we have so many more options today than we had say 10 years ago. I see all sorts of delivery services now that cater to all sorts of food restrictions.

  10. I love food delivery. With tons of great choices that you present, I can eat gluten free!

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