Crispy and Crunchy CrackleChips

How did the potato chips movement start? The man who accidentally invented potato chips was George Crum. He got complaints one day from a customer about his thick and soggy fried potatoes. In his mission to impress the customer, he sliced a new batch of potatoes very thinly and fried it until crunchy with heaps of salt. It was a hit with the customer and it became a new snack! In the Philippines, potato chips is one of the most loved nibbles. I recently discovered a new food find that uses 100% Philippine potatoes – CrackleChips.

Here’s an exclusive interview with John Wong, owner of the CrackleChips.

TF: How did CrackleChips started? What’s the concept behind it?

JW: CrackleChips started last last year during the height of the salted egg chip craze. However, instead of just riding the hype, we wanted to create a brand specifically focused on local potatoes because we wanted to showcase how wonderful our very own spuds are. We have an abundance of camote and cassava chips but locally homemade potato chips are rare. Most salted egg chip vendors also use prepackaged chips so i think using our very own potato chips sets us apart.

Bicol Crunch

TF: What is your target market? Do you plan to expand outside the Philippines?

JW: Right now, we’re planning to ramp up production and sell nationwide but if there’s an opportunity to export, we’ll surely consider. When designing our flavors, we consciously chose flavors that would be distinctly Pinoy because we believe that our flavors our world class and deserve a chance in the spotlight. Potato chips are actually also very fun carriers of flavors so we can actually play around with almost any flavor – maybe adobo, menudo, or sinigang in the future :).

Did you know that March 14th is National Potato Chip Day?

TF: Currently, CrackleChips is available where?

JW: Best to follow our instagram and facebook pages since that’s the best place to see where our pop-ups will be. Otherwise, we also do nationwide delivery. For orders: 09176803777, 09209813777, and

“We wanted to create a brand specifically focused on local potatoes because we wanted to showcase how wonderful our very own spuds are.” – John Wong

TF: What are the current variants of Crackle Chips? What sets it apart from your regular chips in the grocery?

JW: Our potato chips lineup: Salted Egg, Bicol Crunch, Himalayan Salt. I think what sets us apart aside from cooking our own chips is that all of our flavorings are actually made and concocted in-house. We mix our own flavors and build them from the ground up drawing inspiration from the food we’re accustomed to.

Salted Egg

TF: Any plans of expanding your brand outside potatoes?

JW: We’ve already expanded so far to salted egg chicharon. We’re planning to do more snacks but our main focus right now are really the potato chips.

Himalayan Salt

You can also visit Crackle Chips’ official social media pages for more information:


The Tennis Foodie Approved! I personally like Himalayan Salt and Salted Egg variants. Bicol Crunch is also a promising flavor. It’s definitely the authentic Pinoy potato chips flavor! I’m looking forward in trying the new flavors in development. Kudos to Mr. John Wong for introducing me to this fun and tasty snack!


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  1. I never knew the history of potatoes chips – all because of soggy french fries. who would have thought ha! The crackle chips look awesome Will have to try sometime

  2. These sound delicious! I love that potato chips come is such a range of flavors, and while I don’t eat them often, I still enjoy trying different options!

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