Crispy and Tender Squid at Kraken Bites

Can’t get enough of squid? You should visit Kraken Bites. I recently discovered that they serve deep fried flavorful huge squid that will surely left your belly satisfied.

Kraken Bites
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I tried the deep fried flavorful huge squid in salt and pepper flavor. I paired it with honey mustard, sweetened vinegar and sour cream powder.

Deep Fried Flavorful Huge Squid

My assessment? It was an ACE. Even after an hour, it is still tender. It’s not oily too. Very crispy and perfectly golden brown.

I like it with honey mustard and sour cream powder

Kraken Bites is located at Buendia Food By The Court, 34 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Makati, 1234 Metro Manila, Philippines. You may contact them at 0905 390 7015 (mobile). You can easily reach their vicinity through LRT1 Buendia Station. The stall is open from 5:00 PM to 12:00 MN, Monday to Sunday.

Get yours now until supplies last!

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18 thoughts on “Crispy and Tender Squid at Kraken Bites”

  1. That sounds so good! Squid is one of my favorite seafood options. I love the flavor, especially when it’s prepared like this. I’d love to try that.

  2. I’m not too sure how I feel about eating fried squid. I tried it many years ago, and it was rubbery. Didn’t appeal to me at all.

  3. I’ve tried squid before, and it’s different, at least to me. I didn’t dislike it, but it’s not something I order a lot. It’s an acquired delicacy to me.

  4. Oh gosh. Squid lovers will certainly love this dish. They will salivate with delight!

  5. i do not like squid in any form but my dad is a big fan of seafood! i shall challenge him to give this a try hahaha

  6. I love crispy squid! Goes really well with garlic fried rice. I haven’t tried it with that kind of dip though. I will try it next time, or better yet, I should just drop by Kraken Bites to have my fix.

  7. My brother would love this. He is a huge fan of exotic food; especially seafood.

  8. I’ve been to different restaurants already and what I usually get is squid! I love how this looks so tender! How much is it again?

  9. I have tried squid and it is surprisingly tasty. When I imagine it in the ocean, it does give me pause.

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