Essential Travelling Skincare Tips

While travelling is exciting and refreshing for the body and soul, it can also take a lot of toll on your skin. Spending time outdoors, sweating, burning under the sun or withstanding windy weather can potentially wreak havoc on your skin. That’s why we’ve prepared several skincare tips that will help you keep your glowing complexion and not worry about losing your skin plumpness.

What is your typical skincare routine during travel?

Slather on SPF regularly

You’ve been hearing non-stop about all the negative effects UV rays can have on skin and how the experts constantly hype about using SPF regularly and in abundance. That is especially important during travelling when you’re more exposed to UV rays than in other circumstances. Are you travelling by plane? Make sure you apply sunblock before boarding the plane because you’ll be closer to the sun than when on the ground.

Don’t wear long-lasting makeup on your flight

Forget about glamming up during your flight. Skip long-lasting lipstick on a flight because it will completely dry your lips out. Have a hydrating lip oil rich in fatty acids on hand and dab some into your pout to retain moisture. The air in the cabin can be particularly dry, so you should add a special step into your skincare routine. Soak up your face in hydrating serum before the flight and moisturize the rest of your body well too. Having anything but a lip balm on your face will clog the pores and leave you feeling not-at-all fabulous. Therefore, skip on applying your foundation, concealer and all the other makeup products during your trip.

What are your typical skincare regimens?

Mask it up

If you’ve been using Australian made skincare and cosmetics, you know how beneficial for the skin they are. For those travelling to the Land Down Under for the first time, we recommend you try some of the nourishing sheet masks and other fabulous products made in Australia. Before setting off, make sure you replenish your skin with a sheet mask. In fact, if you’re about to start a multi-hour journey, have a sheet mask in your carry on to have a full-on spa-like experience on the road or in the air.

Keep your body hydrated

Water, water, water. Drink up to keep the skin plump – that’s one of our life mottos that we’re gladly passing on to you. Always pack a bottle of water with you when setting off on vacation. Keeping your body hydrated will keep you energized while preventing your skin from losing its glow. When you notice that your skin has become dull and flaky, ask yourself when was the last time you had a sip or two of water. Skip on sugary drinks and alcohol and stick to fresh H2O instead. To add more hydration to your face, keep a face mist within arm’s reach to refresh your skin when warm temperatures hit. These are ideal since you do not have to leave your seat to re-moisturize your face.

Always keep the face clean

Every makeup lover knows how important it is to keep the face clean before and after makeup usage. One of the rules that many tend to break is that they don’t remove their makeup before bed. Breakouts and premature aging are just some of the consequences of such behaviour. It’s vital for the skin to be clean if the makeup is removed. So, to show how much you love and look after your skin, make sure you thoroughly remove all the makeup and continue by washing your face with a skin-appropriate cleanser. Use a toner afterwards to balance the skin and prepare it for a nourishing serum.

Always pick skincare products that suits your skin type.

Final thoughts

Don’t allow travelling to affect your skin negatively. Try to be proactive by keeping our tips in mind. A little bit of sunscreen and hydration from the inside goes a long way. Therefore, moisturize religiously and don’t forget the SPF. Skip on makeup during the trip and always keep your face clean.

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  1. I’m not really vain but I make sure I take care of my skin. Great tips especially for those travelers who rely on few resources.

  2. I agree that you really need to moisturize religiously and don’t forget the SPF when you go out! The UV rays from sun can be very dangerous. Always be protected!

  3. I’m not into skincare too much but I know it’s really important nowadays. I use my trusted facial wash and my sunblock. It does wonders for me!

  4. I love this article! I have been using skincare since I was 14. For me, I have my “essentials” during travel. When I’m at home (especially during the pandemic), I try different combinations that suits my skin. I also talk to my dermatologist to consult on the products that I’ll be using.

  5. These were great suggestions! I travel frequently, and I never knew not to wear long lasting make-up…thanks for sharing this! 👓👜🏨😊

  6. These are all wonderful skin care tips and hydration is the biggest thing for me. I am working on drinking more water as it makes. A huge difference too 🙂

  7. Skincare is something we can’t ignore, especially when traveling. I find these tips really helpful

  8. This is amazing! My daughter is HUGE on skin care and we go on a lot of road trips so I sent this to her!

  9. These are great skincare tips when traveling! I always travel with a clean bare face and lots of SPF moisturizer. Drinking lots of fluid to keep hydrated is also a mantra!

  10. I don’t wear makeup whenever I’m on a flight but will do my tough-up a few minutes before I landed. Best to be hydrated, by drinking more fluids (not alcohol!) and moisturizer is my in-flight bestie.

  11. I have dry skin, so I am very particular about taking care of it while traveling especially on long airplane rides, so that’s one tip taken care of. I need to be more vigilant about SPF though, I tend to miss reapplying on long, hot days out in the sun.

  12. Great tips! I have just been travelling and swear by all of the above. Also if you are on an airplane to slather a really nice facial balm on your face before leaving to prevent your skin drying out.

  13. This is such a really informative post, such a great tips! I really enjoy reading this post!

  14. These are really great tips, so helpful specially since we are planning to go on a vacation this coming Holidays!

  15. These are helpful tips. I did not realize that hydrating can help with skincare but yes, it totally makes sense. Thank you for reminding us to put on sunscreen as well.

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