Kabisera: Where Good Friends Dine

A good restaurant knows how to preserve memories and tradition. I grew up more than half of my life in Batangas where I studied till high school. Back then, there were less restaurants and cafes to celebrate with your family and friends. One restaurant brings back old family recipes to your table. Now, I found the perfect place where good friends dine: Kabisera.

It is well ventilated and adequately lighted.
It is perfect for hangout with friends and family.
This is where good friends dine: Kabisera Restaurant

It’s no doubt one of my favorite restaurants in Lipa. There’s always new offerings to their menu. Check out the list of food I have tried so far:


You can’t discount a good bowl of Lomi. You can add freshly chopped onions & soy sauce and you’re good to go!

Pancit Guisado

It’s a staple merienda in Batangas. Pancit Guisado is made from noodles, vegetables and different selection of meats (pork and chicken).


It’s one of my favorite viands of all time. Bistek or Beef Steak Tagalog of Kabisera is sweet and not too salty. It’s a perfect lunch selection. It comes with a cup of rice per order.


It’s a sizzling hot snack which you can also pair with rice. Dynamite comes with a mayo-catsup dip. Inside this fried chili wrapped in lumpia wrapper would be a generous serving of cheese and ground pork. Yummy indeed!

Crispy Chopsuey

It’s a bowl full of sauteed vegetables and topped with crispy pork cubes.

Sweet Glazed Hipon

If you’re into seafood especially shrimps, this is the perfect viand for you.

Crispy Kare-Kare

Your favorite Filipino food with a twist! Best paired with bagoong, twice fried crispy pork cubes with peanut sauce. Yum!


If you’re a sweet tooth like me, you’ll definitely love this dessert!

Overall, Kabisera Restaurant exceeded my expectations. Apart from the homey and family vibe, they have a very helpful and friendly staff. A collection of preserved family recipes  also made their mark during my visit. I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends and family especially those living in Batangas area.

Kabisera is located at Unit 1 ELN Centro, Paninsingin, Tambo, Lipa City. They are open from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM everyday. You can also contact them at (043) 7064405.

You can reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: Kabisera Restaurant
Instagram: dinesakabisera

The verdict: It’s an ACE!
The Tennis Foodie’s favorite: Lomi, Crispy Chopsuey, Pancit Guisado

22 thoughts on “Kabisera: Where Good Friends Dine”

  1. I’m a huge fan of seafood especially shrimps.
    I’m going to try this one for sure.
    Thank you tennisfoodie,cheers!

  2. What a great sounding restaurant I love that it is somewhere you like to dine with your friends and the food sounds as though it would be absolutely delicious.

  3. Yum, this food looks delicious and the place looks inviting! I really want some of that yummy looking shrimp!

  4. It’s always fun to go to restaurants that have new options available. The ones around here stick with the same menu year after year. Kabisera Restaurant looks like my kind of place.

  5. This looks like a cool place to visit. Having dinner with friends is just so much fun and perfect to catch up. The food looks very good!

  6. I have never heard of half of this food but the pictures make me want it. I really want to go!

  7. Never been in this restaurant but your photo shows amazing food. I love any Filipino Food and I would want to try that crispy kare-kare –it sounds really exciting. Did they use chicharon or bagnet?

  8. I want to try their Lomi and Crispy Kare-Kare.it looks delicious!

  9. Good to know about this restaurant. Every dish looks so tasty. I am happy that it is located in Lipa, my mother’s hometown. Maybe when I get the chance to visit my mom’s relatives in Lipa, we can dine in this restaurant. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  10. I lived in Batangas for about 5 months back in 1998, haha. I don’t remember much of the restaurants or places to eat. But Kabisera, looks like a great place to dine.

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