Mighty Fortress Church, Minnesota’s Best

Mighty Fortress Church is one of Minnesota’s best and vibrant worship houses.The congregation lives by the biblical principles. Each of the church event is filled with God’s love. People from all walks of life, any age, lifestyles, cultures, and races are welcome here, in a unifying atmosphere.

What’s unique about Mighty Fortress Church is that it is a safe place to check out the claims of Christianity and know who Christ really is. It changes lives through authentic style worship services and through practical Bible teaching. They encourage you to come as you are. No pretensions, no too formal style. Mighty Fortress International welcomes anyone in the community irregardless of race or gender to be a part of these life – changing, transformational services. They have developed an atmosphere that is loving and sensitive to others.

Mighty Fortress Church is led by Bishop T. R. Williams who is an apostolic and prophetic voice for this time. Bishop Williams has been an active member of the ministry for more than thirty years. He is also the senior pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries.

On a personal note, Bishop Williams is a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from North Central University in Minneapolis, a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, MN, and two Honorary Doctorate Degrees from Midwest Christian College & Seminary and from St. Thomas College in Jacksonville, Florida. Bishop Williams is happily married to Mrs. Sabrina R. Grant – Williams. They are both proud parents of three children. They have fully committed their lives to God, family and ministry.

The focus of the Church is to become a model the best servant leadership ministry and reach as many followers through communication and information dissemination.

15 thoughts on “Mighty Fortress Church, Minnesota’s Best”

  1. I’m so glad I came across this post. I’m visiting Minnesota this summer. I would love to stop by this place for worship. Pinned for future reference, thanks!

  2. I am not a christian by religion but its nice to have read about the church and the practices.. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Wow, he’s definitely well credentialed. 🙂 I’m glad you found a non-pretentious (important) place to worship.

  4. Although I am not a Christian, I have always visited churches as I studied in a Catholic school. I get a lot of peace connecting to Jesus Christ. This church looks so nice & serene.

  5. I am a Catholic but I am love learning about other Christian beliefs and other religions too. The minister of this church looks like a great leader! Thanks for writing about him and the Mighty Fortress Church.

  6. Hmm, not really sure how to react to this post but it’s nice to know that you are into spreading the word of God.

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