Startup Highlight: Champloo Sweets

One of the goals of The Tennis Foodie is to highlight emerging startups that changed the game in the business. Recently, I connected with Champloo Sweets, a husband and wife operated dessert company that specializes in French macarons and other bite-sized confections.

I had the privilege of interviewing Asia Lalas, one of the owners of the business. Please see the exclusive interview transcript below:

TF: Can you introduce yourself?
AL: Yes! My name’s Asia, and I run the business with my husband, Fred. 

One of the character macarons from champloo sweets.

TF: How did you come up with this business?
AL: I loooove baking! I’ve been baking since I was young. I went through job after job seeking for something fulfilling, and I wasn’t finding it. I was getting paid very well before, but I wasn’t happy. So I told Fred I wanted to bake and be my own boss, and it’s blossomed from there!

It’s a perfect Christmas gift to your friends and family.
Yummy! Which is your favorite macaron flavor?

TF: Why is your brand called champloosweets?
AL: Champloo, means “to mix” in Okinawa. It’s also one of our favorite anime, “Samurai Champloo” which mixes a traditional Edo period with Hip Hop elements. On our business, we wanted to infuse our own culture with our desserts and also use non-traditional flavors you might see at other bakeries. That’s what makes our desserts Champloo!

Care for some ube cupcakes?

TF: What are your current offerings?
AL: We specialize in French macarons. We also offer flat pan cookies, cream puffs, and our house made cookie butters.

Ube cookie butter anyone? It’s so yummy!

TF: Do you have any plans on expanding the selections soon?
AL: Yes! I have so many ideas in my head that I just have to focus on executing them one at a time.

Turn any occasion into something magical. Check them out!
Champloo Sweets can customize your macarons as per your requirement. It’s perfect for any occasion,

TF: If there was one order that you really loved so far, what is it?
AL: Probably our most recent wedding! The bride asked for an ombré macaron tower and she put her caterer’s cake on top of it. It turned out beautifully and the project was so smooth from beginning to end.

Ombré Macaron Tower was a big HIT! I would give it an ACE for sure!

TF: Do you plan to put up your space soon for your regular customers?
AL: Ahhh, that’s always the hardest question. I want a shop space, yes! But I just haven’t found the perfect place yet, and I also want to keep building my foundation and following before I open my doors. So it’ll be private orders and farmer’s markets for a while! 🙂 

Isn’t this pretty?
I would go for any flavor right now! Yum!

To know more about their creations, you may follow them at the following social media platforms:

Get the best deals now for your favorite macaron. Check out the social media platforms below and follow them!

Facebook: Champloo Sweets
Instagram: champloosweets
Youtube: champloosweetsTV


23 thoughts on “Startup Highlight: Champloo Sweets”

  1. Such creative and beautiful desserts! It’s always so inspiring to see small businesses being unique and going after their dreams.

  2. Emmanuel, can I have some ube cupcakes please? Well, I find it inspiring, to read about people giving a second chance to their dreams, and to themselves. And at the same time, promoting gender equality in practice!

  3. I love hiphop and mixing hip hop elements to the name is such an amazing idea. Baking is sooo fun and these sweets look sooooo amazing. I wish I could try them.

  4. Such delicious and colorful macaroons and other delicious treats! This is a great post, showcasing up-and-coming businesses, specializing in amazing foods!

  5. I love these colorful French macarons. The photos make my mouth water, and the interview really shows how the business came about.

  6. What beautiful displays, almost too good to eat. I love how they came up with the name of the business. Very creative and thoughtful, while honoring their roots. These macaroons look delicious, now I’m hungry!

  7. Everything looks so good! I am a bit of a sweet addict and this all just looks so divine. And all so pretty.

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