Top Four Tips for Achieving Fitness Success

With winter holidays just around the corner, it is the right time to set some realistic fitness goals and start building a sexy physique. Still, a surprising number of people fail to reach their idea of fitness success, and the reasons for this vary greatly. Nevertheless, one of the main culprits for failures and mishaps along the fitness route lies in improper planning. If you are looking to achieve your fitness goals with minimal hassle and risk of failure in tow, here are the top four planning tips to help you along the way.

Have you considered going back to the gym?

Set clear and realistic goals

One of the most common reasons why fitness pursuits fall short of the mark is lack of clear objectives. For instance, your goal may be to lose weight but this objective alone is neither specific, nor properly framed. When setting a goal for your fitness quest, make sure it is specific and adapted to your time expectations. Instead of shedding fat, your objective may be to lose five or ten pounds each month. To reach this objective, you can segment it into a few smaller milestones, such as losing one or two pounds each week. This will be highly motivational and it will also allow you to track your progress all the way.

Consider cross-training

Following a strict fitness routine is not exactly fun, and it is one more reason why many people fail to achieve their goals. Instead of going to the gym five or six times a week, you can mix up your workouts and go cross-training on most days. For instance, your strength training will work miracles if paired with swimming or jogging once a week, or your cardio routine might work just a little bit better if combined with yoga or pilates on weekends. You can experiment with dancing classes, bike riding, zumba, body pump, and other workouts out there, just be sure to give multi-sport fitness agenda a go. Also, make sure you adapt your diet to optimize workout performance and eat all the colors of the rainbow.

Have you tried cross-training?

Enlist a fitness buddy

Being responsible fitness-wise is not a given, and many people seek the help of a fitness coach just to have the feeling of obligation to keep them on the right workout track. If you do not want to enlist the assistance of a coach, it might be enough to just find a fitness buddy and have them by your side as you pursue your top shape objectives. Or, if you cannot find a reliable buddy to partner up with, you can try one of the virtual training programs such as Humango sports training app to help you lose weight and get in shape fast. After all, technology can be your best friend when it comes to workouts, so don’t be afraid to enlist virtual help you can get if offline companions seem to hard to find.

I always drink at least 8-10 cups of water daily.

Drink More Water

Last but not the least, water is another aspect of your workout routine which you can step up to speed up top training results. Make sure you drink more water during the day, and if necessary, up your intake of liquids to keep tabs on appetite and promote nutrient exchange in the cells. In addition to helping you avoid overeating, water will also flush toxins and waste from your body, which is all the more reason to go hardcore with your H2O intake. For best results, distribute your water intake throughout the day and be sure to always have a bottle of water at hand. The good thing is you can never go overboard with daily H2O intake, so do not worry about the negative effects of a higher than usual water consumption.

Achieving top fitness goals is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you have a proper fitness program laid out, track your progress and set objectives that are in line with your physical condition, consider cross-training, and enlist a fitness buddy to help you stay motivated. With your eating and training in place, you can also drink up an extra glass of water as a toast to speedy peak shape results and you might just become a new Novak Djokovic in a matter of months. Good luck!

22 thoughts on “Top Four Tips for Achieving Fitness Success”

  1. It can be tough to stay motivated, and it definitely takes some tips to keep things going. I’ll have to use some of these ideas for my fitness goals.

  2. These tips are all so relatable, as I am embarking on a fitness journey I shall keep all this in mind.

  3. These are helpful tips for success in having a good fitness routine. Drinking water is crucial, and I take lots of water daily. It’s my fav beverage!!!

  4. These are all really great tips! Such a very informative post! I’m surely going to keep these in mind!

  5. I completely agree with all of these, except the fitness buddy. I do better on my own, and I think many people would be the same. Definitely personal preference and what works best.

  6. My friends and I did a pact last Christmas that we will do group Zumba starting January 1. So far, so good! We are very strict in doing exercise.

  7. We don’t usually exercise in Paris because we already walk a lot. It’s nice to walk around my place as I see lots of beautiful people and landscapes. C’est magnifique!

  8. These are such great and practical tips! Especially drinking more water! This week I started infusing my water as a hack for me to drink more 🙂

  9. Great tips! Sometimes I need to have a fitness buddy to stay motivated.
    Water is so important to keep hydrated.

  10. Great tips. It has been such a bum year for me.. First, getting runner’s knee then plantar fascitis. But through it all, I have kept up with exercising. I would love to cross train. Never thought much about it until you mentioned it.

  11. Setting clear and realistic goals is the secret here. Often we fail to achieve our goals because they are almost impossible or too broad and we don’t give ourselves deadline

  12. Great tips! I’m currently drinking a lot of water using cups. Before I used bottles and can’t tell if I’m drinking enough. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  13. great tips! somethings it is hard to stay motivated. I do drink alot of water in a bottle. Sometime I can not tell if I am drinking enough water. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and advice.

  14. These are great tips and I am working on being more active this year. It is hard in the Northeast as its so cold outside…. but venturing out when it is nicer and using my stationary indoor bike when its really cold.

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