Trends Following Health and Wellness Pertaining to Diet and Food

Your health and wellness are directly related with the food that you eat. Therefore, in order to understand the trends that most of the people follow when it comes to health and wellness, you will need to look into the food that you eat and the effects it has on your health.

I like my food thoroughly washed and cleaned properly.

There was a recent symposium in Seattle conducted by the Hartman Group’s A.C.T. or Anthropology, Culture and Trends titled Health and Wellness Now, different professionals and practitioners participated from across the globe pertaining to a broad spectrum of the food and beverage industry.

This is the seminar that deals with the different cultural factors and trends that are changing the food and beverage marketplace. The analysts and executives of Hartman Group provides diverse insights into an assortment of topics ranging from:

  • How broadminded consumers are redefining health and
  • The emerging impactand influence of the Gen Z due to the lessons they learn from the brand disruptors in the health and wellness.

All these affect the food and beverage market.

The seminar talked about the documented consumer journey in achieving their health and wellness. Documents show that about a quarter of a century ago, most of the companies and consumers used to look for solutions that primarily solved the basic and initial health and wellness conditions. It sometimes involved finding new approaches to resolve these issues.

What kind of vegetables do you eat?

At that time, the health and wellness goals typically fell into one of two buckets as following:

  • The first bucket involved health condition management where the consumers typically looked for food and beverage products that may help them treat or prevent specific health issues and medical conditions.
  • The second bucket revolved around weight management to keep it well within their reach though he intensity of such management was not as predominant as it is seen today in the millennials.

Typically, in those times, the primary focus of the consumers was very much restricted to the basics of health and wellness and most of their approaches were typically reactive mode. This means, they only performed the desired acts when they realized the after effects of poor health. It was certainly not focused on the preventive care measures to ensure continual and permanent wellbeing.

Change in behavior and trends

Over time and as event unfolded, there was a significant change in the consumer behavior, approach and trends noticed. Consumers today are much more progressive with health and wellness than people of the past were. For example, marijuana was often frowned upon, now it has been authorized in many places for medicinal use and many people buy hash online canada as part of a de-stressing routine. This is just one of many ways that consumers are using to improve their wellness. According to research, these are some of the reasons this has been facilitated:

  • First, the progressive health and wellness consumers of today are much more influential in redefining their food culture. It may be that they are a minority group when the overall numbers are concerned and they may also be influenced by the food culture which is actually supposed to be misappropriate to the progressive wellness consumers.
  • Second, these progressive wellness consumers are paving the way by sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with the mainstream consumers who are constantly looking for better guidance, solution and direction.
  • Thirdly, as shoppers, these progressive health and wellness consumers no longer restricts their thoughts to condition management that involves lowering blood pressure or level of cholesterol in it or dieting focusing more on consuming low fat and low carb. Rather, they focus now more on real quality of the food they take focusing more on the positive nutrition quotient of each and the freshness. They take in less processed foods and beverages or fun and junk foods.

From the purchase and user perspective, this means that the consumers are now moving away from food products that are fat-free, 100-calorie portion packs, or diet products. Now they are switching to dark chocolate, fruity Vibes CBD gummies, kale – foods and treats with sugar and fats but contain rich nutritional, mineral, or wellness values. They are not necessarily eating unhealthy as you will find them eating nuts, avocados, and butter rather than takeout burgers, takeout pizzas, and carbonated drinks.

  • That means people now will not buy any and every food product advertised on TV commercials or any other forms of advertising and marketing. Instead they will conduct a thorough research about the product they wish to buy before they place an order, online or offline.
  • They will also not buy their products from any and every available store, once again online or offline but will find out about the company and the store from different review sites that publishes honest and transparent third-party reviews.

Not only food, modern consumers are careful in making every purchase, whether it is food, clothing or even any financial product. They will look for reliable sites like and not any ‘ABC’ that comes with a .com in it.

Healthy consumer journey

The progressive consumers of today are more focused and intended to take a “new healthy” journey towards their health and wellness. This journey in fact, is full of contradiction and discovery.

What kind of spices do you love adding in your food?

The progressive health and wellness consumers are now keener to find out better alternatives to find better and more effective info in place of those fear-based information they used to receive before from the limited resources available that mostly started and ended with their physicians. This is actually the specific phenomenon that has been driving health and wellness views for decades.

However, over time, the concept of health and wellness have changed dramatically. Now, the type of food and its quality take the driving seat for the health and wellness journey of the progressive consumers.

Food for them is also the most important cultural manifestation that they have because they believe that since they have to eat to live, why not eat good foods to live a better and healthier life. This is a good approach because:

  • It keeps them healthy
  • It reduces doctor visits and
  • It reduces the cost of medical care.

There are two specific modern approaches to eating that that progressive consumers follow and utilize to stack their food deck for optimal results. They are more interested in taking more plant-based and paleo diets. Such eating styles signal the change in wellness and human performance.

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  1. Hopefully, these trends will continue to change the way companies make food and the foods they offer consumers, as well. Great post.

  2. That sounds like an incredibly interesting symposium. I’ve always been fascinated with eating healthy food and how easy/hard it can be to get it sometimes.

  3. We should really promote plant-based diets because these are sustainable and healthy. i love reading blogs spreading awareness about this one. 😀 thank you for sharing!

  4. Love that you included the change in behavior and trends. I find it really interesting. Seems like you really captured the recent market trends. This is very informative

  5. I just wish those 100-calorie packs, fake cheese, and all foods not on the positive nutrition quotient be elimiated from the grocery shelves. It’s causing a health epidemic of huge magnitude. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. you asked what kind of veggies we like and I am a big fan of broccoli. i could eat a bowl of steamed broccoli by itself for dinner 🙂

  7. Interesting post! It is surprising how quickly these trends have taken over. More people care more about what they eat and how it will affect their bodies. It was a minority of the population that was informed about what was in their food. I would how much further it will go!

  8. I am definitely a more health conscious consumer. No I dont just consume and buy anything on the shelf I look at the ingredients very thoroughly.

  9. This is really interesting! I am hoping that more companies take out all the bad stuff in their products as time goes on! I hate having to check every label to ensure there isn’t bad stuff in it.

  10. It’s unfortunate that we can’t just trust the stores to provide healthy foods. Instead we need a degree in food management and discern the good and bad of everything that’s offered if we want to make better choices.

  11. I am a veggie, but I am looking to go vegan, so this is really useful. roll on a plant based diet xx

  12. I have definitely noticed a huge shift in thinking healthier and cleaner among people in general. I love this because I’ve always been this way and feel like I have so many more options!

  13. I’ve been watching my food intake for a couple of weeks now and it’s starting to show. It’s interesting how good nutrition can change how you feel about yourself.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. I am so glad more and more people are focused on paying attn to what they are eating and how this impacts them!

  15. It’s so nice reading and sharing blog like this. I hope these trends will spread more and last forever..? 😁 Being vegan is really great for our body, much sustainable and of course lessens animal cruelty.

  16. I think becoming healthy is a great decision someone makes. It will make you feel and look good. Enjoyed reading this.

  17. Hopefully these trends will continue with more productions driving more demand driving more production etc

  18. you mention people making changes and also mention you love to wash your foods. I think that is one of the ways I have changed the most since Covid-19. Washing everything very thoroughly.

  19. Keeping a healthy diet is crucial to feeling your very best! Personlly, I follow a vegetarian (mostly vegan) diet and I haven;t felt better!

  20. It is interesting how various trends come and go and some stick around. Paleo, Keto, Atkins, etc. But when all is said an done, you can’t go wrong eathing vegetables and exercising, haha.

  21. The plant based diet sounds good but I am not ok with it! But your points are good though…

  22. The quality of our food is so important and I’m glad more ppl are taking notice to this fact! Health trends are moving in the right direction in my opinion.

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