Where to Try the Best Ice Cream in Australia?

Even though it’s not the case with the rest of the world, the days are slowly heating up in the Land Down Under. And is there anything better to do during the hot days than eating our favorite flavors of ice cream? You might be living in Australia and still have no idea where the best ice cream in your area is, or perhaps you’re visiting this amazing country and you simply want to do your homework and make sure you check all the best ice cream parlors in the country. Well, here you go – this is the list of all the best places to try your favorite cold snack, filtered by different locations. Just pick the one you’ll be visiting or where you live and make sure to check them all out:

Do you love ice cream? The Tennis Foodie sure does!

1. Brisbane

If you find yourself in Brisbane and you want some ice cream, you’re lucky enough because this place has some of the best Australian ice creams! The first place that you should check out is definitely Mister Fitz, located in South Bank and East Brisbane. This lovely ice cream parlor offers a wide range of different flavors, and trying out their spectacular milkshake and pink sea salt caramel ice cream should be your number 1 priority. However, if you’re a vegan and want something that’s organic and tasty, and perhaps something to eat before jumping on the ice cream, then checking out The Green Edge should be your choice. This place offers all the meals – from breakfast to dinner – with a very rich menu for desserts. Many vegans opt to come here and eat their ice cream because, as they say, it’s magnificent.

2. Adelaide

On the other hand, don’t think that Adelaide doesn’t have spectacular ice cream parlors. If you find yourself here, going to Bushtucker Ice Cream is a must. Here, you will have the chance to immerse into some of the best flavors from the Australian bush, such as mallee honey, wattleseed and quandong. If you’re vegan, then your choice should be the ice cream parlor Live a Little – they use organic ingredients free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and that’s what it makes them the vegans’ favorite place to eat ice cream in Adelaide. However, if you’re up for a cup of coffee and ice cream, don’t miss out on the Dolcetti Espresso Bar.

What is your favorite flavor? Mine is dark chocolate, strawberry, pistachio and matcha!

3. Victoria

Probably the best farm fresh and locally made ice cream can be found in Victoria, that is, in Timboon. The Timboon Fine Ice Cream shop is everything someone who’s into tasty snacks might want – it’s extremely delicious, healthy and also very Instagrammable. This place is a must for everyone who happens to be in Timboon, and the best thing is that it’s open every day except for Christmas, Good Friday and Boxing Day, which means that you can hit it almost anytime during the year. Another great place in Victoria is the independent business called Kid Sister Ice Cream, and if you happen to be passing by, make sure to try their salty caramel which is mind-boggling.

4. Melbourne

Melbourne is a big city and a great one for that matter, and there’s nothing that you can’t find there, ice cream parlors included. The most popular one in Melbourne is Jocks Ice Cream, which is practically an institution and many people and especially families have been stopping there to try their waffle cone for many years. If you, on the other hand, want to try something much more original and also photograph-friendly, you might want to try and find the Aqua S ice cream parlor and have their signature sky blue Sea Salt ice cream. This ice cream is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very tasty as it’s very rich in flavor and extremely creamy. A great place to have your ice cream and take a photo of it is in front of their popular sky blue backdrop!

There are so many gelato and ice cream shops in Melbourne for you to try on.

You can find good ice cream everywhere, but you really need to know where to find the best one! Hopefully, we helped you a little bit – just visit any of these places and you’ll see that ice cream really can taste like heaven!

Guest Post by Peter who is a travel editor at Men-Ual magazine. Beside blogging he worked as a travel journalist for many publications around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

30 thoughts on “Where to Try the Best Ice Cream in Australia?”

  1. Sounds like you all have some really tasty flavors! I think the caramel pink sea salt sounds wonderful.

  2. I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia. It’s awesomely weird how when it’s winter here, it’s summer there. And, what a perfect summer treat than ice cream!

  3. That’s nice that there are fun flavors to try all over Australia, and even nicer that they offer vegan options. I never turn away from an opportunity for ice cream, and I’d love to sample as many varieties as possible if I make it there some day!

  4. I love ice cream and all of these locations look amazing. I will be going to Brisbane next year and will have to look out for Mister Fitz.

  5. Ah, I can’t resist ice cream! And if you tell me the best ice cream in Australia can be eaten in Brisbane, Melbourne, Victoria and Adelaide, that’s where I’m going to go first when I visit this great continent.

  6. This all sounds so delicious! I’m always drawn to the more unique flavors, and that sky blue sea salt ice cream is something I’d like to try. Thanks for also including vegan options – I’m lactose-intolerant, so I’m always looking for dairy-free alternatives because I love ice cream 🙂

  7. Although its winter now, I suddenly have a strong urge for ice cream. 🙂 I am nowhere near Australia – but I think my Australian friends there will thank me when I forward them this post. The vegan options are a nice touch.

  8. This is such a yummy post. Enough to make me pack my bags right now. I have never been to Australia but it is very much on my list. And I do plan to visit Brisbane and Melbourne. This post is so helpful because it tells me right where to go for some great ice cream.

  9. This is a great list. Everyone loves icecream. I was hoping there would be a list for Sydney. When next visiting the other cities I will certainly keep these recommendations in mind. Thanks

  10. What an awesome post about my favorite thing- ice cream. It was really fun to learn about the best ice cream places in Australia. My absolute favorite is chocolate 🙂

  11. I am in as there are vegan ice creams as well!!! I have never visited Australia but now as I have the list, I surely know where to go for my kind of ice cream – dark chocolate, pistachio, and certainly vegan.

  12. What a sweet and novel idea to write about. The love for ice-cream is universal and something I look forward to whether locally or during my travels. I’ve tried Jocks in Melbourne. Don’t remember much except for the name and that I enjoyed it. They were up-and-coming back then in 2004.

  13. I just bookmarked this post because I will be in two of the cities (Melbourne and Brisbane) you mention next month! And I love ice creams (who doesn’t!). Love the idea of pink sea salt caramel ice cream – definitely going to give that a try. Thanks a lot for the recommendation!

  14. Our family LOVES ice cream! I know we would like to try ice cream in Australia, and take in the differences between theirs and ours! I think it would be a great experience for our family.

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  17. I am going to Australia on a trip in a year! I am now wanting to try ice-cream in all these places, looks delicious!!!

  18. Ice cream is an all-time favourite for most of us during summer – and on a continent like Australia which has mostly fine and warm days in most of their larger centres, it is very welcome indeed. Good to know of some good spots to try at various locations in this great southern land. Will have to try out some of these options when I am in these areas.

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