Classic Meets Color: Vollaix Review

The Vollaix 2016 kits were a success! I am happy to continue wearing the brand for the rest of my tennis career. I love how simple tennis whites are transformed into something unique and innovative. This year, the concept was classic meets color. The old kits were splashed with spring, summer and fresh colors you can never imagine.

I started the year with Coral Red Ponte Vedra Polo Shirt as what I have shared during the sneak peak preview. I partnered it with Coral Red Naples Jacket and IO shorts.

Coral Red Naples Jacket
Coral Red Ponte Vedra Polo Shirt
My Coral Red Naples Jacket is better than yours
Coral Red Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt in action

During the second quarter, I sported the Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt, Naples Jacket and IO shorts.

Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt
Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt in action
Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt in motion
Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt and IO Shorts
At TLH Open with my Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt and IO Shorts

Remember I talked about the denim shorts that was launched this year. The whole line was called Damian Denim Line (Summer Line) that resembles darkness and mystery. It was named after me. I was so honored to have my own tennis clothing line this year. It was my intended clay and shell court swing kit. I also played on it on hard courts. I paired the California Polo Shirt with Damian Denim Shorts.

Damian Denim Shorts and Black Polo Shirt
Damian Denim Hat
California Polo Shirt and Damian Denim Shorts

There are other kits which I used during practice like the Federation Polo Shirt. It goes well with Coral Red Naples Jacket.

Federation Polo Shirt with Coral Red Naples Jacket
All smiles with my Federation Polo Shirt with Coral Red Naples Jacket and IO shorts

I had injuries during the middle of the season. I had a mini comeback using the Miami Denim Shorts and Aegean Blue Ponte Vedra Polo Shirt.

Miami Denim Shorts and Aegean Blue Ponte Vedra Polo Shirt
Playing in denim like Andre Agassi

At the end of the year, Vollaix introduced the Cumberland Shorts. I paired it with the Black and White Ponte Vedra Polo Shirt. I wore this during my last three tournaments this year. I also used my other previous kits during minor tournaments and practice.

At Aaliyah Natica Open
The Tennis Foodie – Food and Tennis!

I also played with the Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt and White Cumberland Shorts in a friendly game match on grass. This was in Greenwich Tennis Club at North Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt and White Cumberland Shorts
Used my Turquoise Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirt during my friendly game with Andrew Bennett (Ex-ATP Player from Australia)

I think for this year, Vollaix really stepped up and took some major fashion risk. It worked and I really stood out in all of my tournaments. There’s so much in store for next year. I can’t wait to share it to all of you!

To know more about the brand, you may reach them through the following social media accounts:

Instagram: vollaix
Twitter: vollaix

79 thoughts on “Classic Meets Color: Vollaix Review”

  1. I see the classic in the main picture, but where is the colour? 🙂 Black and grey are okay (and I made a rhyme there), but I prefer more vibrant colours.

  2. Lovely tennis outfits… The Damian Denim shorts, hat.. and black polo shirt looks really nice! Good colour combinations too 🙂

  3. I love the Coral Red Naples Jacket. It would be a great gift for a friend of mine. He is an avid tennis player.

  4. Maaaan,
    I love this blog, I feel like going to Philippines, becoming Filipino, becoming tennis player, wear Vollaix, traveling the world, eating all the food, hahahhaah

  5. I’ve not played tennis in many years, but it is good to see the options that are available. I like the look of the turquoise against the court! I know it’s not what matters most, but I still care, haha!

  6. Thank you for the in-depth review. This brand sounds really good for tennis players! And this denim collection is a really nice change in the tennis court!

  7. The clothing line looks classy, different and always makes you stand out as a Player class apart.
    May you both partner to greater heights and greater success! Wish you all the good luck in the world fellas!
    !Salud! to a great year of being together.

  8. I’m more of a bright person so I’m not so fond of the black polo and denim shorts. I love the all white outfit with coral jacket!! Gives it a nice touch.

  9. Love this! The brand is certainly colorful! I love tennis, and the clothes that go with the sport ;)! Are the shorts comfortable to move around in? I’ve never tried denim as an activewear material.

  10. Congrats on being an avid tennis player as well as a foodie. I am sure one balances off the other. I like the Ponte Vedra Court Polo Shirts . They are available in so many colors combinations that as player one can have a fresh look all the time.

  11. This outfit absolutely looks very super comfortable to wear while playing sports such as tennis. It is very stylish as well.

  12. I like the white polo shirt as white reflects more of the sun. White is also one of my favourite colours. So does looking good on the tennis court improve your swings.

  13. This looks like a great brand. I am glad they have varieties to choose from which does get difficult at times with respect to sports. The colors look great too.

  14. My husband and I don’t play tennis but I think these shirt will be great for nights out. I like the look and colors!

  15. For the tennis purest that is looking for top-grade, modern inspired garments with a retro feel that will inspire your daily on court activities, then checking out the latest collection from Vollaix is a must.

  16. I’m actually a fan of Tennis I’ve been following Roger’s and Nadal’s and even Murray and some other players since before. I always adore those tennis “tenu” as Roger said. they look great on you, I love the turquoise one by the way, and what an honor for you to have Andrew Benett as sparring partner.

  17. These all look like perfect tennis outfits. And when I was growing up I adored Andre Agassi. Ha! Those were the days for sure.

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