Bari-Uma is coming to Manila!

Ramen has been one of my favorite Japanese dishes along with gyoza. Luckily, Bari-Uma is finally coming to Manila! the brand comes from two words: Bari means super while Uma means tasty.

Bari-Uma originated in Hiroshima last 2003. The refined the taste of the Bari-Uma ramen, the product for which the shops are named, were perfected with the flavor that is loved by many people across Japan. Not only has Bari-Uma been highly touted several times as a recommendable ramen shop, but the branch in Singapore has been rewarded for its excellent service and flavor by being named in the Singapore Top 25 and receiving a Food Excellence Award among other accolades. It has also received high praise and reviews for our shops in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other countries. Definitely, it is something to look forward in the Philippines in the coming days.

Bari-Uma is coming to Manila!

What makes Bari-Uma special are the soups that are sent directly from Japan, the noodles made fresh in each shop, and the perfectly grilled char-siu pork. These are also the reasons why the owners would like persons all across the globe to enjoy the ramen.

Ajitama-Kuro Ton Ramen

“All we have to do is to create if it doesn’t exist…” That’s our policy and we will continue to change the old image of ramen business and prospect the new ramen industry for the 21st century.

Ajitama-Siro Ton Ramen

Additionally, the menu adapts to match with customers’ demands, depending on the region where the restaurant is situated. The perfect original FC package- delivery of 100% pre-completed soup, on site-training system, support system of headquarters, and management system, is creating a sensation for the ramen industry.


Bari-Uma will be opened soon at SM San Lazaro on December 10, 2017 followed by a branched at Serendra next year. Watch out for this space for more updates. For the meantime, you may follow the official social media accounts of Bari-Uma:

Facebook: Bari-Uma Ramen PH
Instagram: bariumaramenph

52 thoughts on “Bari-Uma is coming to Manila!”

  1. Those gyoza look delicious! I unfortunately have not found a restaurant that can make them perfectly in my town, but I’m always on the lookout. Enjoy them for me!

  2. I have never tried this soup I don’t think but by the end of the article my mouth was watering. So i will be in the very near future. thanks for sharing

  3. Even here in the US, ramen has become increasingly popular. This sounds like the most amazing spot. Hope to be in Manila soon to try it myself.

  4. This looks amazing! I am a huge fan of ramen. I always get excited when we get a new location.

  5. Wow! I never heard of Bari Uma but it sounds amazing and like a great place to eat. That’s so awesome that they make their noodles fresh!

  6. Those bowls look super inviting would love to try out Bari Uma Chicken or shrimp ramen bowls. It must be so much fun being a food blogger… you get to dig in all the scrumptious food!!! Would love to do that too.

  7. Singapore Top 25 and receiving a Food Excellence Award wow.. a very superb ramen a must try

  8. I think Bari Uma is going to do very well in Manila. The food looks absolutely mouth-watering. I think people are going to flock to it!

  9. Bari-Uma is one of the best Ramen resto I have been to. Its in Ayala Cebu and I so love their Ramen with their perfectly cooked boild egg. Its always a comfort food of mine especially coming from a stressful day!

  10. Wah so many people are going to be so happy to visit these new places! thanks for putting this together,

  11. Those ramen bowls look amazing, I would have loved to try those out, but it’s a bit a bit of a drive from Sweden 🙂

  12. I love Japanese soups and had my share of them when I visited with my kids. They are healthy and delicious.

  13. Bari-Uma looks like an amazing restaurant! You’re so lucky that it’s coming to the area!

  14. Now that’s what I call a restaurant. I would love to try everything at Bari-Uma. If we had one near us, I think it might be the only thing I ever ate.

  15. Some people think ramen is too simple, too basic to take it seriously. But done right, there are lots of delicious ramen options and this looks like one of them.

  16. Wow, hopefully one of the stops i’d like to visit when I’m back in manila.. missing authentic ramens!

  17. I am not a Japanese Ramen type of person, because I am a fan or Korean Ramen, but I’d love to try Bari-Uma when I get to travel again to Manila.

  18. We love Ramen. There is a great place that opened near to our home. WE go fairly often. It sounds like this is one of those types of places.

  19. Wow! I never heard of this chain before. Hope they come to India some time soon too. I love Japanese food, but restaurants from Japan are rare here.

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